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Season 2

7 Oct. 2012
The boys are already bickering when they arrive for dinner and Martin, stricken with a cold, sneezes all over them. However when Jackie produces their box of childhood belongings and Jonny learns that Adam binned his toy panda when he was eleven, all hell breaks loose with Jonny setting out to destroy Buggy, the toy rabbit that Adam still owns. For safe keeping Adam gives Buggy to Jim who gets rather attached to it and whilst he returns Buggy an accident with a Flymo precludes a happy reunion.
14 Oct. 2012
Mr Morris
Grandma brings her boyfriend Lou Morris to dinner. He is a rude,critical man - likened by Jim to Hitler - who crashes his car into the front of the house and demands the Goodmans pay for his headlight. Furthermore he is still married and is having an affair with Grandma so Jackie asks the boys to find out his intentions but they are all too cowardly to cross him - until he goes too far. Fortunately Grandma knows how it will end.
21 Oct. 2012
The Loft
Jonny is pretending to have dislocated his shoulder to get out of helping Martin clear the loft but when Adam threatens to expose his deception he counters by threatening to tell Jackie about the blind date Adam dumped because she smelt like her,forcing Adam to give in. The boys are puzzled by the fact that their parents are not speaking having rowed over 'something sexual',Jackie inviting her friend Val round to support her. Things escalate with Jackie throwing the menfolk out of the house,Jonny really dislocating his shoulder and the reason for the parents' row ...
28 Oct. 2012
The New Car
Martin,put on a diet by Jackie but eating goodies smuggled in by his sons,has bought a Fax machine. Jonny has a company car but it turns out to be little more than an advertisement for the estate agents who employ him and the family are unimpressed. Jackie is even less impressed to learn that Jonny is having an affair with his boss Liz,who is forty-three. After another bizarre visit from Jim,who has bought a cake for Wilson's birthday,the family goes for a spin in the car but on their return see a burglar making off with the Fax machine. The police are called but fail...
4 Nov. 2012
The Yoghurts
Martin is drying fish in the cupboard under the stairs whilst Jonny is fretting as he wants to split with Liz but is scared to tell her and asks Grandma's advice. This,however,is to take her dancing and then make love to her. After Grandma has accidentally got locked into the faulty boot of Adam's car with a box of yoghurts for sustenance the family eats the burnt fish and Liz arrives,causing Jonny to panic. Eventually he breaks the news to her,with devastating results - though Grandma,who had initially mistaken her for a boy through her short hair-cut,offers her the ...
11 Nov. 2012
The Mouse
Thanks to cowboy builders the house is in a mess and Martin in charge of cooking as Jackie is hiding in the shed from a mouse - which the lads believe they have squashed. Jim comes by to help but has an accident caused by the building works which leads guilt-stricken Jackie to ask him for dinner. Her menfolk goggle - and no wonder,given Jim's strange eating habits and desire to appear Jewish. The reappearance of the mouse means the meal is finished in the shed but,on returning to the house,Jim has a more spectacular accident - this one involving large amounts of red ...
24 Dec. 2012
Christmas gets off to a bad start for Jackie when Martin brings a huge tree into the house. It gets worse for everybody when, along with nice grandma, Martin's mother Horrible Grandma arrives for the day. She brings no presents as usual but her own sherry and her own turkey as Jackie's is too dry, along with her dog Boudacea, who is so old and ill she needs an oxygen mask. Sadly Jackie's turkey is indeed dry, causing Adam to choke and Martin to use Boudacea's oxygen mask to revive him, which does not please her owner and leads to a fight between the two grandmas. ...

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