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20 Jun. 2014
The Girlfriend
Adam brings new girlfriend Emma to dinner. She has a good sense of humour and is not deterred by seeing Martin wash dog mess from his foot in the toilet or his asking if any of her family has been murdered. Things go downhill for Adam though when Emma's sister sends him a series of sexy texts, which are seen by eight year old Katie, whom Jackie is baby-sitting, and who blackmails Adam - to whom she has taken a shine - into playing with her or else she will tell. Emma feels neglected and is puzzled by Adam's strange actions but worse is to come when she sees what Jonny...
27 Jun. 2014
The Fox
Dad is secretly hiding a dead fox in the outside freezer as he wants to get it stuffed. But when Mum needs to use the freezer, Dad is desperate in his attempts to hide it from her.
4 Jul. 2014
Mr Morris Returns
Grandma turns up to dinner sporting a new hairdo and ecstatically happy though the Goodmans are horrified to discover why. She is engaged to the odious Mr Morris, now a widower, who also arrives at the house, claiming to be a changed man though there is little evidence to this effect. He takes them all out to the bowling alley, where it is apparent that not only is he still extremely rude but insanely jealous of anybody he thinks is eying up Grandma. This includes Jim, dressed as a dog to raise money for charity, and a fight breaks out. Sadly this does not seem to ...
11 Jul. 2014
The Anniversary
It's Jackie and Martin's twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. As a present he has painted a portrait of her which is as unpopular as Jonny's new tattoo and Jonny takes a watery revenge on Adam for exposing it. Order restored the Goodmans sit down to dinner but are interrupted by Jim, who has accidentally taken too many sleeping pills and promptly nods off. Then he starts sleep-walking, locking the family in the spare room until Grandma arrives to rescue them. He does however sort out the problem of what Jackie should do with her portrait.
18 Jul. 2014
The Piano
Jackie is having a night off from cooking as the family go to a Chinese restaurant but the evening is anything but relaxing for her as they have left a blind, sarcastic piano tuner called Mr Greencock in the house who has walked muddy foot prints all over her newly cleaned carpet. The visit is cut short due to the sight of Aunty Val with her toy boy and a domestic crisis when Jim sets his bath on fire. Val's husband Larry arrives mistaking Jim for Val's lover and though the couple make up Mr Greencock's sarcasm prompts Jackie to throw him out. Unfortunately he returns...
25 Jul. 2014
The Big Day
Grandma's wedding day arrives and the Goodmans are not happy at the thought of having Mr Morris as a new member of the family with even Grandma nervously knocking back the sherry. Everybody arrives at the synagogue for the ceremony though Jim is not allowed to bring Wilson inside. The rabbi asks the couple to exchange vows and then something happens, something which, thanks to Grandma's quick thinking, will mark this down as one of the family's happiest days ever.

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