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Stylish Neo Noir
messiercat7 April 2012
Samuel Jackson shows off his acting chops in this gritty action thriller, with supporting actors doing a great job. He plays a man fresh out of prison after twenty five years who wants to go straight, but as it's mentioned in the movie, cons always say that at first. His past catches up to him in a huge way. Sure, we've seen plenty of this before, but the action moves right along with suitably dark sets and mood music to accompany all the nifty twists and turns. A nice surprise is young Ruth Negga who more than holds her own with the veterans. All in all a good effort, well worth the time to seek out, especially for Jackson fans.
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kosmasp14 October 2012
Samuel L. Jackson and his "rival" in this movie bring their A-game for this. I can only imagine that Sam read the script and went "Holy ..." when he read one of the "turning points" in it. It's really something, though maybe not completely unpredictable, it did catch me by surprise and was a nice thing.

While the cover might be suggesting more action that is actually in this, it still is highly thrilling and tries to stay as grounded (in reality) as possible. It achieves that more often than not and will surely not only appeal to fans of Mr. Jackson. Maybe the bad guy here will get a few new fans as well. It's not an easy task to hold your own against the sheer ferocity and will of Sam. A nice little thriller that can ...
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Very good film noir
mizwright22 April 2012
Samuel Jackson, executive producer, takes a big gamble with this movie because of its genre: film noir. These movies aren't made anymore. At one time they were prominent with stars like Barbara Stanwyck, Jimmy Cagney, Humphrey Bogart. The bad girl, the man she strings along, the steal, the con. Film noir is one of my favorite genres and I'm sorry that we don't have the pleasure of seeing them like we did.

This is an indy film, and will probably be released to the art houses. It's a good movie. Smart script, good acting. Twists and turns and a major surprise about mid-way that may make you stop the tape, walk away take a breath, come back and continue watching. I saw this video on demand. Jackson gives a worthy Oscar-rated performance, but I doubt since this is an indy movie and won't be seen by many he will get it. The main female actress, Ruth Negga, is a standout as the lost soul who gets used by man after man and finally with the help of the con Foley (Jackson) gets a second chance in life.
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Surprisingly good.
kimjarman195 July 2012
I started to watch this film not really knowing what I was going into, I had watched the trailer and it looked good, but I didn't expect all the twists!

Samuel L Jackson is one of my favourite actors and he definitely delivers in this film, as do the rest of the actors.

It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and if you like films of this genre then you should enjoy it too. There were a few bits of the film that I guess weren't explored far enough (for me anyway, I pay too much attention to detail perhaps) but all in all I enjoyed it enough to want to watch it again sometime in the future.
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Wonderful movie I'd never heard of
yvette20007 October 2012
After seeing "Meeting evil", I was concerned this was another dud for Samuel Jackson. He always gives a great performance, but the story isn't always up to par. I had never heard of this movie so I had lower than low expectations. Wow, I was pleasantly surprised. Shocking twists and turns kept me interested from beginning to end. I don't want to give a synopsis because I think it's better if you go in green like I did. But now I'm struggling to fill 10 lines without any spoilers. Glad I didn't check the reviews on IMDb else I would have never would have rented it. The 5.5 is totally undeserved, but I understand it. Many judge movies based on how many explosions and CGI it contains. And I've never seen Oldboy so it didn't feel like a remake. Bottom line, this is a great drama and all the characters are believable.
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An Ex-Grifter Forced Back into the Grift
Chris_Pandolfi18 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Foley (Samuel L. Jackson) is a former grifter who has just finished a twenty-five-year prison sentence for murdering his best friend and partner in crime. This wasn't a case of one turning against the other. Quite simply, he was given a choice; he either had to kill his friend or resign himself to the fact that both of them would be killed. He chose survival. Serving time has given him time to think, but it has also left him with nothing. He has no family. Most of his friends, grifters like he was, are dead. The rest are either lying in a coma or wishing him dead. He doesn't understand the ins and outs of city life. He is, in fact, quite used to having his day strictly regimented. Nevertheless, he has been faced with starting a new life for himself, and he's willing to give it a go.

Here enters Ethan (Luke Kirby), the son of the man Foley was forced to kill twenty-five years ago. He learned of his father's double life after years of collecting newspaper clippings and personal photographs. Now he wants to know more, specifically how the grifter game is played. He already has the perfect mark: His boss, Xavier (Tom Wilkinson), a man respected and feared in both legitimate business and the criminal underworld. If Ethan plays his cards right – which is to say, if he can convince Foley into helping him pull off a grift – he can easily walk away with $8 million. Foley wants absolutely no part of this. He's out of the grifting business. But Ethan can be very persuasive. He knows, for example, that Foley is now in a relationship with a young prostitute and junkie named Iris (Ruth Negga), who is herself an unfortunate victim of circumstance. If Foley doesn't play along, let's just say that their hopes of starting over will be dashed.

Describing the plot of "The Samaritan" does not adequately convey how successful it is as a film. That's because it isn't about the plot so much as the stylistic nuances and the depth of character, both of which are superb. Here is a taut, suspenseful, intelligently structured thriller that pays homage to con movies without having to spoof them. The screenplay by Elan Mastel and director David Weaver is filled with dialogue that's just heightened enough to be interesting but not so heightened that it comes off as phony. We hang on every word, in large part because we become hopelessly wrapped up in the story. The screenplay also features some genuinely good plot twists, and contrary to how most films such as this operate, they're not all saved for the final act. And in a genre that easily lends itself to theatricality, we're treated to performances that are rich and convincing.

Some of the best scenes are reserved for Jackson and Negga, whose characters are essentially two wounded animals turning to each other for healing. One scene sticks out in my mind. We're in the bathroom of Iris' apartment the morning after she and Foley first make love; in order to get herself back up to normal, she has to shoot up, and Foley decides to be in the room as she does it. We've been conditioned to expect scenes like this to be dark and gritty, but in the case of this movie, we witness a tender moment between damaged people. Foley is not enabling her. If anything, him being there brings her self-destructive behavior into perspective. He's seeing a fragile young woman in need of help. Their relationship will quite suddenly and irrevocably become complicated, although it's for reasons I wouldn't dream of giving away. I won't even do what I usually do and supply you with vague hints.

Kirby makes Ethan a surprisingly compelling villain, for he's not motivated by money so much as revenge. He talks all the big talk about getting rich and being exactly like his father, but in reality, forcing Foley into this grift is a calculated power play stemming from anger over his father's murder. What makes this character even more interesting is that, despite his rage, he isn't as in control as he thinks he is. Remember, Foley was once a professional grifter. He knows the schemes inside and out. He has also picked up a few survival skills in prison. This grift will happen, but only under his rules. Of course, no one, not even a desperate man in a desperate situation, has the ability to always think two steps ahead. And of that, I will say no more.

The ending is the only aspect of "The Samaritan" that made me take pause. Although there is emotional closure, there is the nagging sense that, on a technical level, a piece of the puzzle was missing. Obviously, I cannot delve into this without issuing a spoiler warning. What I can say is that everything leading up to the ending was immensely satisfying. This film represents a dying breed of crime thriller in which character and plot take precedence over action and special effects. It could have drowned in a sea of car chases, shootouts, brutal fistfights, and even gore. Whatever we do see in those respects is used only when absolutely necessary. That's good – when those moments finally happen, they will elicit authentic shock and excitement from the audience. No one will be numb from scene after scene of mindless violence and choreography.

-- Chris Pandolfi (
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Better than I expected
bowmanblue8 February 2015
I can't work out Samuel L Jackson - he's an A-list actor, who repeatedly turns up in these 'straight to DVD' type films. Fury has received no theatrical cinema release, no real marketing campaign and little online publicity except simply appearing among countless other releases.

Jackson plays an ex con who's spent most of his life in prison and is now trying to go straight in his old age. Guess what, he doesn't. He gets sucked into a web of blackmail by a face from his past and soon he's involved in a dodgy and dangerous scam. Okay, so the plot isn't that original, but maybe that's the point. There's nothing new here, but that's not so bad.

Fury ticks all the boxes. It has plot twists, shoot-outs and some double-crossing. It'll never be a classic, like Pulp Fiction, but if you like heist, gangster or con-artist movies (as it borrows from all genres), you may get something out of this. Plus it has Samuel L Jackson, who always puts in a good performance.

Not amazing, but enjoyable if you're in the mood.
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Please if you must see this movie, WATCH OLDBOY FIRST
CizzyMonster19 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start off by saying I never comment on movies on IMDb but I felt it was my duty to warn anyone before they watch this movie that they will be cheating themselves to watch this piece of crap without seeing Oldboy first.

I figured this was going to be the standard "revenge of the wronged man" flick. Most of which all seem the same to me because if you've seen one you've seen them all but it had Sammy in it so I said I'll give it a watch and sometimes you can find a gem. I was legitimately interested in it until roughly the 40 minute mark when they dropped the bomb on me. At that point I was simply mortified when I realized that this movie was a remake/knockoff of the movie Oldboy. The audacity of whoever made this to even try to recreate what in my opinion is one of the best revenge flicks ever made is down right offensive. If you are hell bent on watching this movie I beg you for the love of the film gods see Oldboy first. You're only cheating yourself if you don't
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Pastiche of film noir and crime thrillers
krachtm9 January 2013
The plot: An ex-con looking to go straight is blackmailed into one last grift.

I'm a huge sucker for film noir, so it's not like I could pass up a chance at watching a gritty crime thriller with Sam Jackson. I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the critical disdain, but I figured it'd be worth a try. I think some of the critics were a bit harsh, but this isn't really a great movie. There are certainly some good aspects to it, but the aggressively derivative elements really drag down the score. If it had been less of a pastiche (and outright ripoff) of certain movies, this could have been good. Unfortunately, to mention its primary inspiration would be a huge spoiler.

If you're tolerant of "homage", not looking for a unique story, and are a fan of either noir or Sam Jackson, then there's a fair chance that you'll enjoy The Samaritan. I found it quite watchable, but I was not impressed with the directing or writing. The acting, on the other hand, was fine. There are only two or three scenes with Sam Jackson's trademark outbursts of angry yelling, so you might want to load up Pulp Fiction again if that's what you're looking for.

Any true Sam Jackson fan has sat through some really terrible movies. This is nowhere near the bottom, but it's somewhat frustrating in that you can see how this could have been a good movie if they'd tried a little harder.
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the twist wasn't bad (pretty good actually) but the loose end was DUMB
Pussy_Connoisseur10 April 2012
the built up story line was a let down...i wasn't expecting much BUT in the middle of it as the plot thickens things get interesting then it gets a bit better, then it just flops the jack and jill nursery rhyme.

the way the story builds up is a standard cheat(common in thrillers, especially in TV series)you know that feeling somewhere along the line things were brought up out of sheer laziness, yea thats it. a cheap way to end a good build up. anyway thats all. do not watch this seriously for entertainment. just sit back and do not pay much attention even if this is a thriller...quarter way though will most likely disappoint.
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an americanized Korean "oldboy"
rightwingisevil7 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
by the time when i watched this movie about 40 minutes, i realized it was just another americanized Hollywood version adapted from the Cannes festival awarded best film, 'oldboy', an extremely sad and sorrowful movie about the redemption, revenge, generation gap, the unknown factor of the fatal tragic doom, yet both of these movies were adapted from the Greek tragedy, 'oedipus the king', with a little twist of the involved characters, but nonetheless, still on the same family tree.

this American version is in general, not a bad adaption, it's as dark and dangerous as the 'oldboy', using the same core of Athenian tragedy that human beings are nothing but the puppets manipulated by the goddess of fate, and nothing you encountered later in your life was not originated from what you did in the past. life is a terrible joke that you play to yourself, no matter how correct the palm reading told, you just can't avoid what must, should and would happen in your whole life. everybody already got a fixed screenplay of fate, fortune, luck or misfortune, you have to play it as it has been pre-scripted, even the Greek king couldn't get away from it.

i strongly recommend both, watching 'oldboy' and read the Greek tragedy, because this is the only way to make you become more pessimistic (but of course i'm joking).
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Sam, I cram to understand...why??? Warning: Spoilers
This movie was awful. Those expecting Marcellus of Pulp Fiction Days or Carl Lee Hailey in a Time to Kill or even Lazarus from Black Snake Moan will be sorely disappointed. Sam, sometimes I cram to understand why is it quantity over quality with you? Yes, you are the hardest working man in Hollywood but you don't have to do every damn movie that comes your way. The Samaritan's plodding, meandering storyline with improbable/illogical plot points does not hold anything to the film noir of yesteryear. The only twist(spoiler alert) was incest and that was played for cheap effect. Do not pay 9.99 or even 13.50(if you live in NYC) to see this movie. I wonder if Sam might have dropped a bit from the 1% in having to do movies like this. Sam, your agent ran the grift on you when he passed this script along, Sam's agent, Elan Mastai and David Weaver grifted you, lastly folks out there-don't let this movie grift you.
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Suprisingly I liked it.
mnparke3 October 2018
Great movie, ratings are off on this one. Would give it at least a 7. Gave it an 8 to make up for the low ratings.
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Hillbilly America
bobbybits14 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What would you do if your daughter is a drugged up prostitute? Well if you have just come out of prison you would f..k her or so this film would have it. Having little reason outside this twisted incest concept with not much else in the way of the plot. The action is minimal and only begins in the last quarter, by then it is just the dumb and the dumber. Total nonsense that really begs to ask the question of the logic behind its story. Any ex con would have ended this minutes after leaving prison. The title is deceiving being called by another name and so is the write up on it. A disappointment knowing these actors can act, but a failure seeing them reduced to this weak plot.

4 out 10 if your hillbilly you might enjoy it
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Where an old grifter is forced into his last con
RJBurke19428 November 2013
This story is a pleasant surprise: not only because it doesn't deserve the low score at IMDb, and not only because Samuel Jackson provides an excellent characterization of an ex-grifter and ex-con who is forced into another caper. It's also refreshing, paradoxically, because the story echoes aspects of that classic Korean flick, Old Boy (2003).

If you haven't seen Old Boy, however, then you can still see this as a credible piece of entertainment. In a nutshell, Foley (Jackson) is persuaded by Ethan (Luke Kirby) to conduct another grift – upon a thoroughly unpleasant Xavier (Tom Wilkinson), a high-powered business mogul, crook and murderer who is always looking for ways to turn a few million bucks. Foley is unwilling, but Ethan prevails – because he has an advantage Foley can't ignore. Ethan brings in two women – a working girl, Iris (Ruth Negga) and Helena (Deborah Unger) – to assist with the grift. On the night of the caper, though, it all begins to unravel when Helena can't make it...even when eight million is up for grabs.

Jackson is excellent as the tired, old ex-con who just wants to be left alone; Kirby is perfect as the wanna-be con artist who needs help from an old grifter; Negga does a good job as a possible love interest; Wilkinson overacts somewhat as the heartless bad guy; Unger, though, acts as though she's in a trance, the only sour note. Watch, especially, for Foley's parole officer, Deacon (Tom McCamus), in a small but effective part – with a decided twist.

The plot moves quickly for the most part. And, it has sufficient surprises and twists to keep any viewer's interest. Be aware, though, this is not to the standard of, say, The Sting (1973) or that other classic, The Spanish Prisoner (1997). That said, Samaritan deserves more than five.

I give it six out of ten. Recommended for all adults.

November 9, 2013
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Very Twisty Story
bob-rutzel-129 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Former grifter (con man) Foley (Samuel L. Jackson) has served his 25 years for killing his former partner and is released from prison. Ethan (Luke Kirby), the son of that murdered partner, wants Foley to participate in a con and uses Iris (Ruth Negga) to pull Foley in, but Foley wants nothing to do with Ethan.

I know, I know you are probably thinking there will be the word "Good" before the word Samaritan in a matter of time. But, the Samaritan is the name of a con. Exactly how it works is hinted at and we never see the full version because this is a very twisty story where almost every character's utterance changes the direction of what we thought would be the main story. This type of story is reminiscent of a Charlie Chan movie where clues keep showing up that change everything. But, in here, it's not clues but a character's priorities, compulsions and aspects of revenge that are the overriding factors. So you are never sure where we are headed. As I said "very twisty."

Spoiler Alert: I have to give something away because I do not want you to be misled and shocked when you discover that Iris is Foley's daughter. When Foley finds out the truth he, too, is shocked and will not continue in that relationship. Oooops! Yes, Ooops, but there it is. This is only one of the many twists and the most shocking.

The acting all around is exceptional. And, yes, Mr Jackson does some bellowing from time to time. That's his shtick. It's a kind of subdued bellowing if that is possible. But, it works in here.

When you get to the end, you may insist the word "Good" should still come before the word "Samaritan" and having nothing to do with any con.

Violence: Yes. Sex: Yes, but nothing is seen. Nudity: Yes. Language: Yes, but not too many f-bombs.
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Not a bad Friday Night Movie
FilmPulse13 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
David Weaver has said that brilliant films like Neil Jordan's Mona Lisa and The Crying Game as well as Jonathan Glazer's Sexy Beast were primary influences on his new film, The Samaritan. There are other phenomenal films I can think of that are comparable, but the big secrets in those films would reveal a secret in the current movie. These masterpieces (or near-masterpieces depending upon one's persuasion) neither dominate nor diminish Samaritan. In fact, the film's greatest strength is that it works as a stand-alone, neo-noir movie about a grift despite its many influences and similarities with other well-known works of cinematic art.

"If you keep on doing what you've always done, or keep on being what you've always been; nothing changes unless you make it change." This line opens and closes the film and it is an interesting and powerful statement about evolution of the human spirit. Samuel L. Jackson plays Foley, a former confidence man who kills his partner in order to avoid being killed by he and his partner's mark. His partner's son, Ethan (Luke Kirby), is (a) out to get his revenge on Foley and (b) use Foley as part of his own grift. When Foley gets out of prison after 25 years for killing his partner, he wants to make a change for the better alluded to in the opening line above. But his past haunts him in the form of Ethan who will not let go of Foley because he knows the older man is a great grifter and wants him to play one more confidence game on a mark of Ethan's choosing. The way in which Ethan has Foley trapped is a fascinating one, and I will leave the details for the film's viewers as I am not one to issue spoilers in a review. But I can say that we meet an interesting woman named Iris (Ruth Negga) who becomes involved with Jackson in more ways than one. Is she also involved with Ethan? Others involved in the grift? There's much to question about this mysterious woman; her mystery drives key moments of the film.

The grift goes forward, though not exactly as planned. The "inside man" (Ethan) is present, the "outside man" (Foley) is present, the "mark" (Tom Wilkinson as Xavier) is present, but "the catch" presents a bit of a twist that appears in the last quarter of the film. Had the grift gone exactly as planned – even with the new twist of the catch – the film would have been wholly satisfying. In fact, it is the way the film ends that lowers its overall rating for me.

Weaver has given us an expertly-drawn character study and well-plotted film about a confidence game and the players in it. Jackson underplays nearly every second; when was the last time you could say that about Jackson in a leading film role? Kirby, Negga, and the rest of the cast are also at their peak here. Unfortunately, Weaver just gets a bit "too cute" at the end of the film giving us a wild time that is not terribly necessary. Still, what has come before is so terrific, I can forgive the last several moments of the film. Other may find the end exhilarating, and I can understand that perspective as well. I would definitely put this on your "nice for a Friday night" movie list.

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Not terrible, but quite familiar
Wizard-816 October 2012
I am stumped as to why an actor like Samuel L. Jackson, who regularly appears in big budget Hollywood movies, would be doing in a low budget Canadian movie. Apparently he was very attracted to this project, since he's also listed as one of the movie's producers. And the movie does have some positive attributes. Though low budget, it looks pretty slick, with good cinematography and intricate camera techniques. The acting by Jackson and the no-name Canadian cast is also pretty good. However, the screenplay is kind of inadequate. To be fair, it puts in a couple of twists that I didn't see coming. But for the most part, the movie travels down a very familiar path that will have you repeatedly saying, "I've seen this before." This isn't a terrible movie, but it's not very successful. By the way, this is one of the few Canadian movies to be set in Canada and involving Canadian characters... but the Canadian aspect of the movie is presented in such a soft and blink-and-you'll-miss-it manner that most viewers will think the story is taking place in the United States with American characters.
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Something of a little gem
justin-200-52804213 April 2012
Whilst the plot at times seems rushed and the execution of the story the same you can't help but love the noir elements of this film. There's also a clear love of mood by the director as the film is soaked in atmosphere helped by a fantastic soundtrack, brilliant lens work and strong performances by the two main leads.

I was expected low rent B movie fodder but instead managed to really involve myself in 'The Samaritan' (Called FURY for some stupid reason in the UK). I loved the mood, the styling, Samuel L Jackson's performance. The film has it's heart in the right place and I think with a bit of tweaking could have been genuine neo noir classic.

I enjoyed it!
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jmason-6499419 November 2016
The background music far too loud to hear the mumbled dialogue in many scenes. Plus the background music is horrible, often vibrating in my head completely distracting me from the dialogue. The plot is disjointed and barely believable, yet predicable. The grift twists were not believable, in fact the grift itself was too simple to be realistic. Too many scenes are in the dark or weird yellow light. The 'surgeon' must been absolutely brilliant to work in the dim yellow light of his room. It's very hard to say more about this movie as it was pretty much a yawning waste of ninety minutes. Samuel L Jackson is an excellent actor, I'm a fan but I'm surprised he made this movie. The English actor/master criminal Tom Wilkinson wasn't believable, he looked more like a merchant banker. Very disappointing.
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Samuel L. Jackson & Ruth Negga as Confidence Artists
enteredapprenticering9 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This plot has it all: action, drama, unexpected twists, love, murder, living between hope & regrets. Jackson plays Foley, who after coming out of prison after 25 years having killed his best friend, tries to catch on with friends and acquaintances from the past, who are all long gone or live normal lives. Only the son of his former partner, whom he was forced to murder, is interested in getting Foley to participate in a confidence act in order to trick 8 Million Dollars from a very dangerous man. Each confidence artist sets up the the other player with not only dirty tricks but also with unforgivable consequences: Foley is setup to fall into love and a sexual relationship with his own daughter, which gives the twist a quite shocking taste, not only to the viewer but also Foley after discovering it. Trying to protect his daughter he tries to put distance between her and himself without success. She is drawn herself into the world of confidence artists and both father and daughter must fear for their lives to get out of this dangerous web of deceit. How will it end?

You need to watch it in order to find out, I give this one here an honest 8 of 10.
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Atmospheric, allow the narrative to unfold. Good noir.
sincfam11 November 2017
Misunderstood. Jackson encountering evil incarnate. Nuanced performances. Credible and paced. There is a nice embracing of ambiguity, subtlety. Unless he had thought it out beforehand, being put in the position of such a dilemma is difficult. The resolution is appropriate. It is atmospheric and with sufficient intensity to hold your attention. An alternative narrative that takes chances and doesn't succumb to obvious stereotypes but gives them a fresh perspective.
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A movie with an overused idea that really drug in the beginning but the last 15 minutes was pretty good. It's OK. I say C+.
cosmo_tiger10 July 2012
"Nothing changes unless you make it change." After 20 years in prison for killing his friend Foley (Jackson) is out and is determined to go straight. Less then a day after being released he runs into some old friends and discovers the old life isn't easy to escape from and the only way out is to go back in. I have to start by saying that I have never been a Samual L. Jackson fan. I liked him in "Pulp Fiction" but he plays that character in every movie that he has done (except "Resurrecting The Champ"). This movie is no different, although for some of it he is toned down and isn't screaming every line. The movie itself is really not original. Guy gets out of jail and wants to go legit...meets people he used to know...has to pull off one last job...yada yada yada. While the ending of the movie is really good and helps the movie getting to the end is a struggle. Some parts are good while others are pretty boring and tends to drag on. There are really interesting plot points that are brought up and forgot about which makes no sense. The movie isn't all bad though and if you are a Sam Jackson fan you will really enjoy this one. For me the last movie he did "Meeting Evil" was much better. Overall, not a bad movie but nothing to rush and see. I give it a C+.
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cmoyton26 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Of course the major selling point for this movie is Samuel L Jackson in the lead role. Even in a low budget b movie like this he gives a solid performance. The standard of acting is also pretty good from the supporting cast. I would love to find a bar like the one owned by Gil Bellows' character - no customers - excellent. Instant service. Or was it that they couldn't afford any extras? The major sticking point for me was that neither the characters nor the story engaged me enough.

Believability also went out of the top floor window about half way through. At this stage a major plot revelation is made which is clever but the way Jacksons' character reacts to the revelation defies belief. The plot then dovetails into the second half grift operation. Just hearing the words "grift" and "mark" rings alarm bells - the words are used so often in the film - OK i get it. its still no Grifters or House of Games though.

Just another tragic film noir.
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This movie will make a change
adi_20029 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After twenty-five years in prison Foley has given up his life as a crook. This life has left him without a home, friends and family. He is ready to start a new life and get a job on a construction site but thing don't go to well when he makes a mistake and it's close to be fired. He is visited by the son of his ex-partner who has been killer by him when he has the choice for his life or his partner. Now Ethan looks to revenge his father death and want to use Foley in a scam that can make them eight millions richer. He has a secret that will assure him that the plan will go as he wants when he introduces to him the beautiful Iris, a girl that works for him and she has a debt to him and the perfect way to get even is do to this service for him. Xavier, the man who is the target is a power full man of business and ruthless when it comes to peoples that steals from him. The plan goes almost perfect gut Foley finds out a secret about Iris who has already has an relationship and when she makes a mistake revealing to Xavier what they want to do for real, they are put in the situation when must brake and partnership and fight for their lives.

The Samaritan is a very well designed thriller although Tom Wilkinson appear for a very short amount of time at the beginning and the end but the rest of the cast makes the film to be one of the best thriller from 2012 with a good story, a fact that will fool many of us and a surprised twist that never expected. Definitely a must see.
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