Parker (2013) Poster


Jennifer Lopez: Leslie Rodgers



  • Leslie Rodgers : How do you sleep at night?

    Parker : I don't drink coffee after 7.

  • Leslie Rodgers : Do you ever feel bad about what you do?

    Parker : Everyone steals, Leslie. Some people admit it to themselves, some don't. It's what human beings do. That's why we invented locks.

  • Leslie Rodgers : I'm sick of chauffeuring these fucking entitled wannabe playboys who have never worked a day in their life. Showing them houses that I could never afford. Laughing at their jokes that I can't stand. All while fending off their gropes. But not all their gropes. Because you never know, one of these days I might just might get a full commission.

  • Leslie Rodgers : Are you crazy? You almost died! Well, you have a, a mangled hand, a broken rib!

    Claire : Four this time.

    Ascension : [under her breath]  This is a real man.

  • Ascension : [Leslie signs for a package, opens it, and wads of currency fall out. Her mother calls out from upstairs]  Leslie, who was that?

    Leslie Rodgers : It's the mailman. Nothing but bills.

  • Jake Fernandez : [after Leslie buys a large cup of coffee]  Hey, you have a cupholder in your car, or you just keep that between your legs?

    Leslie Rodgers : Well, it's large and black, Jake. Where do you think I like it?

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