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Season 3

20 Apr. 2013
A Conversation with Chris Carter
Legendary television writer Chris Carter reveals the secret behind the creation and success of The X-Files. Lost and "Prometheus" writer, Damon Lindelof, speaks with Carter on how his use of the paranormal and search for truth have become staples of popular culture. Followed by Todd Somodevilla and Marysia Makowska's surreal short film, "Sea Pavilion".
27 Apr. 2013
Explosive Action Building Action Through Character
The writers behind WANTED, "The Bourne Ultimatum", "Con Air", and "Snitch" discuss how they use action scenes to further the plot, convey tension, and build toward a satisfying climax. Followed by Lucas Martell's animated short film, PIGEON: IMPOSSIBLE, about a trained CIA agent faced with an unexpected sudden threat to national security.
4 May 2013
Re-Imagining the Classics
The writers of re-imagined classics & popular franchises such as GHOST, CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, TWINS and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN deliberate how to keep stories fresh while staying true to the original. Paired with Spencer and Lloyd Harvey's short film JACK & JILL, a fresh take on the classic nursery rhyme that follows a young Australian girl who finds an inventive way to contact her father, a WWII soldier stationed in New Guinea.
11 May 2013
Elements of Horror
Professional horror writers explore how great drama lies at the core of the most frightening films, and discuss the style and techniques used to invoke fear, suspense and thrills that linger long after the credits roll. Followed by Lynne Vincent McCarthy's STRANGEFACE, a haunting and suspenseful short film about a peculiar and defiant young girl who unexpectedly finds companionship.
18 May 2013
Constructing Comic Book Movies
The creative minds behind the films THOR, THE AVENGERS, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, THE GREEN LANTERN, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS divulge the complexities of heroes & villains. Followed by John Mitchell's SUPER POWERS, a short film about a husband & wife who try to salvage their love-life by dressing as superheroes, and find they save more than their marriage when forced out of their home in costume.
25 May 2013
A Conversation with Damon Lindelof
Damon Lindelof discusses his hand in some of the most celebrated and scrutinized works of science fiction over the past five years, and how much of their success is attributed to writing stories that leave a lot up to one's imagination. Accompanied by Dean Loxton's improvised short film, METRO 7 BIS about a woman's encounter with a handsome stranger in Paris, only to find their meeting was hardly by chance.
1 Jun. 2013
James Franco: A Look Inside 127 Hours
James Franco reveals his unique experience working on 127 HOURS, including his faith in director Danny Boyle's vision, and the collaborative approach from cast and crew to fulfill the tension needed to capture this true and tantalizing story. Followed by the allegorical short film, VOICE OVER, directed by Martin Rosete, about a few extreme situations that literally take your breath away.
7 Jun. 2013
The Evolution of Funny: TV Comedy with Larry Wilmore
Larry Wilmore, the Senior Black Correspondent on The Daily Show and creator of The Bernie Mac Show reflects upon different forms of comedy, his own comic influences, and always looking to maximize comedic potential. Followed by two short films about courage and endurance: Chris Bourke and Kevin Harger's LOVE, EMILY, shadowing young love and how to best navigate its awkward terrain, and Andrea Gomez's 036, measuring the fortitude and grit required to survive the paper-pushing, no-nonsense depths of cubicle number 036.
14 Jul. 2013
Heroes and Anti-Heroes: Loving the Villain
The voices behind THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, BRIDESMAIDS, and RACHEL GETTING MARRIED deliberate how the most impressionable characters - both good and evil - are compelling because of their flaws, complexities, and personal truths. Accompanied by the short film, MENTIROSO by writer/director Will Shipley about trailing a young boy whose incessant lies are almost as far-fetched as an astonishing encounter with the most beautiful girl in town.
21 Jun. 2013
Romantic Comedies
The screenwriters behind NEVER BEEN KISSED, SAFE HAVEN, GOING THE DISTANCE and HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU contemplate the important balance of relationship, conflict and originality when creating romantic comedies. Followed by the short film, DO OVER by David Fabelo, illustrating several failed judicious attempts of mastering a first date.
28 Jun. 2013
A Conversation with Brian Hegleland
Brian Hegleland, the creative force behind 42, L.A. Confidential, Mystic River, and A Knights Tale, shares his experience as a screenwriter, director, and producer, along with the ups, down, and left turns of the filmmaking industry. Accompanied by the short film, Hector is Gonna Kill Nate, from Ari Issler about a basketball student that rolls into his High School gym looking for revenge.
5 Jul. 2013
Writing the Fantastical: A Conversation with David McGee
David McGee discusses adapting Finding Neverland and Life of Pi, and how he approached translating such imaginative worlds for screen. Followed by, The Return, Jeremy Mackie's short film about a college graduate that is literally scared off the screen of his first job.

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