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15 Apr. 2017
A Conversation with Jeff Nichols: Bringing History to the Screen
Award-winning writer/director Jeff Nichols talks about bringing a highly charged true story to the screen and finding the personal connection to Richard and Mildred Loving - apolitical people at the center of the landmark 1967 civil rights decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate laws prohibiting interracial marriage.
22 Apr. 2017
The Jungle Book: Justin Marks on Updating a Classic
Screenwriter Justin Marks shares the bear necessities on updating the classic Disney story to the modern screen. Drawing from influences like Westerns, the New York City black out, and more, he takes audiences through the jungle and to the beloved wolf pack that raised Mowgli from a cub to a boy.
29 Apr. 2017
Arrested Development to Veep: A Conversation with Tony Hale
From Arrested Development's Buster Bluth to Veep's bag man, actor Tony Hale discusses meeting audience's expectations, getting into character, making out with Liza Minnelli, and the collaborative environment of comedy.
6 May 2017
I'll Be There for You: A Conversation on Friends(hips) with Marta Kauffman
Marta Kauffman takes viewers into that unforgettable New York apartment and talks about how the phenomenon of Friends came to be, the universal appeal of Grace and Frankie, and working with the network versus Netflix.
13 May 2017
John Patrick Shanley: Writing for the Stage and Screen
John Patrick Shanley holds a unique position as both playwright and screenwriter. The writer behind Moonstruck, Doubt, and others shares how he pulls from real life and makes every action count toward story.
20 May 2017
Comedy is Queen: A Conversation with Paula Pell
With Saturday Night Live and the movies Sisters and This is 40 in her credits, Paula Pell is the queen of comedy. Pell talks about her background in theater, creating characters that stick, and drawing from a funny family.
27 May 2017
Freaks & Muppets: A Conversation with Jason Segel
As charming as any Muppet, actor/writer Jason Segel relays how he was destined for the stage at an early age and how, from goofball to vampire puppet musical to full frontal nudity, he's formed a family of weirdos in film and television.
3 Jun. 2017
Creed: A New Legend
Writer Aaron Covington discusses how he and co-writer/director Ryan Coogler came up with the idea for a unique and personal spin on the Rocky Balboa story and in the process created a new legend.
10 Jun. 2017
Deconstructing Billy Wilder
Inarguably one of the greatest storytellers in Hollywood, filmmaker Billy Wilder's classic films include Double Indemnity, Sabrina, Sunset Boulevard, Some Like it Hot, The Apartment, and more. We dissect several of his films to analyze what makes his filmmaking style so unique and relevant to audiences today.
17 Jun. 2017
Complicated Relationships: A Conversation with Nancy Meyers
From Private Benjamin to Something's Gotta Give, writer/director Nancy Meyers has created and championed some of the most memorable complicated women characters on the screen. She shares her career path and stories of her collaborations with Goldie Hawn, Mel Gibson, and former husband and writing partner Charles Shyer.
24 Jun. 2017
A Conversation with Jim Sheridan
Heavily-influenced by politics and family, the screenwriter of In the Name of the Father, My Left Foot, In America, and more discusses his efforts to do justice to Irish fathers, and translate Irish situations and accents for American audiences.
1 Jul. 2017
Script to Screen: Motorcycle Diaries
Screenwriter Jose Rivera discusses his approach to bringing Che Guevara's story to the screen, balancing Guevara's political awakening with his road trip adventures, and working with director Walter Salles and actor Gael Garcia Bernal.
8 Jul. 2017
Script to Screen: The Revenant
Screenwriter Mark L. Smith discusses adapting The Revenant from book to screen, working with Alejandro Iñárritu, and getting that famous bear attack right. For their work on this stunning - and freezing - historical picture, Iñárritu won the Academy Award for Best Director, Emmanual Lubezki won for Best Cinematography, and DiCaprio won his first award for Best Actor.
15 Jul. 2017
Writing Dumb: A Conversation with Bobby Farrelly
The Bobby half of the Farrelly brothers team that brought us There's Something About Mary, Kingpin, and Dumb and Dumber talks about improv, keeping the material fresh, and what makes comedy funny.
22 Jul. 2017
Psychological Thrillers
The writers behind Red Eye, The X-Files, Disturbia, and Shut In weigh in on the crucial elements for those psychological thrillers that keep you up all night; namely putting regular people into horrifying scenarios - and hopefully getting them out in one piece.
29 Jul. 2017
Deconstructing Jane Austen
The filmmakers behind Sense and Sensibility, The Jane Austen Book Club, and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries discuss the timelessness and relate-ability of Jane Austen's characters, from the jealousies, the romances, the desire to improve one's status, and, of course, Mr. Darcy.
5 Aug. 2017
Trail Stories: The Making of Lonesome Dove
Producer Suzanne de Passe, screenwriter Bill Wittliff, and crew share stories about the making of Lonesome Dove, the movie adapted from the NYT bestselling novel by Larry McMurtry. From Tommy Lee Jones doing his own stunts to cattle stampedes, cowboy hats with personality to confounding Hollywood executives, this episode is full of entertaining stories about the made-for-TV movie that almost didn't happen.
12 Aug. 2017
From the Golden Age to the Platinum Age: A Conversation with Ed Begley Jr.
With hundreds of film and television credits to his name, including Better Call Saul, A Mighty Wind, and Six Feet Under, second generation actor Ed Begley Jr. talks about what he looks for when choosing new projects, finding the pain in a character, and working with Christopher Guest and other comedy legends.
19 Aug. 2017
Treat Yo Self: A Conversation with Alan Yang
Parks and Recreation and Master of None writer Alan Yang talks about making up for lost time, writing for the Harvard Lampoon, and putting stories from his personal life into the show.
26 Aug. 2017
Frank Marshall on Producing from the Creative Side
The producer behind Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, The Sixth Sense, and more talks about starting his career with Spielberg, Coppola, and Lucas, the creativity in producing, and working with writers.

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