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it was okay but a little boring. Not a comedy.
reaseltbim25 May 2014
I think the movie had some interesting ideas, I liked that it dealt with secret identities, it dealt with friendship, and they even had a mystery in the story. I also liked all the actors in this.

Sadly the problem is that it takes too long to get going. I did not laugh once. I wish this was made as a serious movie and not a comedy because sometimes when it was dragging a lot it was because of the attempts at comedy. Seems like if you tried to take out the "funny" parts, the movie would only be half as long. They should have developed the characters more, or explore their back stories more as well, You don't really know anything about these guys.

They had an interesting concept and some pretty good ideas but that gets lost on the way. I don't understand why it says it is a comedy.
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Bottle Rocket in Hampton Bays ... with Superheroes
matthew-bonness21 November 2012
It's a lot like Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket, only set in the northeast, with down-and-out superheroes and less than super powers. Not-so-superhero Fridge clings to his super identity even though the world has moved beyond him and his ilk. He and fellow traveler C-Thru are temporarily holed-up at a Hampton Bays inn, tasked with nothing less than reviving the fortunes of the underfunded SuperCorp superheroes collective. But Fridge is more concerned with his relationship problems and the charming desk clerk. The whole thing is winningly underplayed and sincere. It could almost work as a modest stage comedy.
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Genuine and original
I have only one wish regarding this movie. In my opinion, I would have liked a bigger budget for the costumes. But, that is not to say that this movie was anything other than flawless just the way it was. A little humor, a good story and an excellent cast for an intimate tale of identity loss and reclamation. Love lost and found, jealousy, and redemption. In the end, whomever was responsible for this will undoubtedly have a future in film making. Bravo ! Or, as a no longer fat man in an overcoat might say,
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Very low budget but creative superheroes movie
KineticSeoul30 January 2013
This is a superheroes movie that is a independent film so of course it's not going to have a large budget. And I think that is where most of the negative reviews for this movie is coming in. Because there isn't enough superheroes action with superpowers. But that isn't the intention and direction for this movie. Usually superhero movies that have superpowers cost a lot of money to make. That is why quite a bit of independent superhero or superheroes movie has vigilantes with no powers. In this case superheroes does have powers but they just don't have the support of the people or financial backup from the government anymore. If your looking for a superhero movie with a lot of action and fighting with superpowers you might be disappointed. What this movie does off is cleverly integrated story about superheroes and their relationships and what happens behind the scenes. There is quite a bit of effort that has been put into this movie and it just didn't seem like the makers make this movie just for the sake of making a movie. But carefully planned and put it all together with the limited resources they had. The actors and actress are not well known or anything but they put on fine performances and matched the tone of this movie. One of the actors really reminded me of Robert Downey, Jr. This is a low budget superheroes movie that doesn't have a lot of action but has a creative premise and certain charm to it.

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Perfect for the right audience.
porovaara1 December 2012
Alter Egos comes at you with the full understanding that you are a comic shop/scifi type person from the very start. For the niche who this film was presumably made for, it has everything and the kitchen sink. However, for others who aren't in the same social spaces most of the movie may fall flat or seem tedious or just out-right silly.

The actors/staff/crew did amazing jobs considering the very low budget of this film.

TLDR; In-joke movie only appeals to very specific fans.

... and of course everything is left open-ended so perhaps we shall receive a sequel!
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a great hero sandwich
charlenerose26 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this quirky and fun film at Fantasia Film Festival, which played to a sold out audience.

I loved this fresh yet retro take on the heroe genre. It is a hero movie for this generation of Dr. Phil type of pop psychology/reality TV. The costumes and special effects had a retro feel to them, the sort of thing you saw on the Batman series that I see on retro stations.

The scene with the hero kvetching about his love life in the Hampton's café was hilarious. The way the plot dealt with the heros love life dilemma.. was such a fitting movie for our times..the costumes and dialogue were so unique and you never knew what would happen...unlike most hero films that rely so heavily on special effects,and shallow dialogue..this dialogue was so witty and funny..The funny special effects were made to obviously add to the campy feel of the movie,which the audience found hilarious.

highly recommend this as an alternative to the cookie cutter hero movies out there. I also really enjoyed the perky and Danny Elfman like soundtrack by Sean Lennon..would love to see this movie parlayed into a TV series.

If you are looking for a movie that is a fresh take on the whole super hero genre with a lot of original dialogue then this film is for you. i actually hope jordan galland makes a sequel to this!
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Surprisingly Clever Film
gavin694222 May 2013
At a time when superheroes have lost government funding and public support, a superhero meets a girl who can help him overcome his own emotional crisis.

I absolutely love the concept of a woman cheating on her boyfriend with a superhero, who is her boyfriend in a cheap mask. Is it really cheating? And how do superheroes get away with that -- not being recognized behind such a small piece of fabric? While there is not much plot to this one, there are plenty of gags to make it worthwhile. Even just the various brief television segments that have taken popular culture and combined it with superheroes... very, very witty and clever.

Despite being distributed by Smodcast, Kevin Smith seems to have had no direct involvement in the picture. This may be for the best. Yet, it definitely has the sensibility that I think old school Smith fans will appreciate.
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its a bad film seriously
bennysbeast19 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
after seeing respectable reviews i was sort of expecting something along the lines of kickass, so i thought id give it a shot, its terrible, its low budget, the acting garbage, and the story in just rubbish, the cover makes u think that theirs multiply hero's, after near 50mins id seen 2 in the film(only 1hr 20mins long), 2nd theirs no real super powers used, 1 guy can c through walls, which he uses maybe 2x just to stare at his friend talking to a girl at hotel counter,and the other guy uses ice power .. which he freezes an empty glass at the motel counter, thats it.. i was expecting even comedy basis in it, but seriously it didn't make me laugh 1ce.. any1 who rates this film over a 5 is blatantly just trying to boost its score, seriously don't waste ya time on it.
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alternate superhero movie
thisanant17 January 2018
If you have a stomach for something different or even if you can digest a little not-so-fancy superhero fun , this movie is for you . it is a low budget , little action comedy with a lot of laughs .
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The worse movie ever
meir-amzallag25 September 2012
well, I am not anyone with special taste, I will even like a movie that some people will say is under average, but this movie is plain boring, slow annoying with cheap effects. if you really have free time and don't mind spending it, I would suggest staring at a wall as more enjoyable activity than watching this film. The movie start slow. looks like it had a $100 budget looks like it had a $50 script and unfortunately the girl there plays well, just really shouldn't have been on that file doesn't matter how talented the actors might be,

this film can even kill an A list stars so in 4 words STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!
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Twist on the hero genre
nicholls905-280-54691116 February 2020
I'm on two sides of the fence with this film. On one side I wanted to love it and enjoy the indie style of storytelling, but on the other it never delivered. I feel as a comic book fan this was fun and unique. It attempts little and that's not the problem, it's the pacing. Uneven and a lot of the attempted jokes fall flat. There was a better film available, but it feels a little flat. Good cast, but a fast love storyline and poorly developed story beats hurts the film. Fun enough to recommend for fans, but it's not the anti hero film we deserved.
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I liked it!
miaaacameron29 September 2019
This movie was so good to me, that a whole hour and 17 minutes (the duration of the film) for some reason felt like it was only 20 minutes. The world that they construct is so intriguing, and the reality is one that you want to delve further into. Although the film just focuses on a few superhero's and their stories, I just wanted them to keep developing and spin-off to tell the stories of others. Great movie: the sequencing of everything made sense and wrapped it up perfectly - but gosh darn it do I wish there was more!
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scythertitus19 May 2016
This Indie movie hopefully won't confuse anyone simply because it concerns superheroes, it is definitely on the small-scale and personal side. That does not mean it is a bad movie and it uses the superhero genre to explore different sides of personal relationships, but if you are expecting epic action to any degree then look away.

There are probably other ways you could have told this story, but the colourful costumes and dry wit of the situations work well together and creates an enjoyable atmosphere. Perhaps the best part of the superhero structure used here is that the main character's confusion over his own identity. Not only is it compelling, but it makes him diverse and both likable and dislikeable at the same time, avoiding the trap of creating a bland avatar or annoying totem to preach from.

Overall this is an enjoyable movie that is hard to classify as any one genre, I will say that there is more romance and comedy than drama or action, although it has smatterings of all four. I would recommend this movie for a casual watch as it is enjoyable, but doesn't really have any stand-out moments to make you rush out and see it right away.
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A pleasant surprise
the_number-evil_d10 February 2014
This movie looks incredibly cheap and I'm sure it is, but don't let that ruin your experience. The characters come off as being likable and endearing. The comedy shows through even though there are no laugh out loud moments. The story is weak but at the same time, it's clever, witty and relies on the character development to carry it through.

The main character is dealing with issues everyone has thought of in real life in a satirized manner. His girl friend is cheating on him with his alter ego (there's the title). His friend (also a super hero) is on a mission to create a purpose for super heroes again since all super villains have been caught. Our main hero meets a hot motel clerk that, after some effort to talk to, seems to like him for who he really is. That's the most of what happens. I'm not going to ruin it.

No one is going to win any awards for this movie but I was surprised at how enjoyable it was and can recommend it to others.
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Funny, clever, low budget entertainment on the superhero theme
perkypops6 January 2014
It's a bit strange to have a superhero film with sharp dialogue, few set pieces, and a lot of innovative comedy based around what could happen when superheroes lose their mojo. The plot focuses on two out of fashion superheroes battling against disillusion, depression, and rejection. It looks and feels like these guys have been shunted off to a workfare programme and it is starting to grate.

With some great energy from the cast, some very sharp dialogue which can be surprisingly easy to miss (watch it a second time perhaps) and some bizarre situations, the eighty minutes passes quite quickly. It isn't achingly funny like some but it is good enough to feel this outfit have a lot to offer the cinema circuit.

Eight out of ten because it does all the important things really well.
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