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Season 2

13 Jul. 2012
Waiting for Larry White
Angela doubts Marcus; Marcus is disappointed when he hears Angela doubted him; Tynik is renovating the salon.
13 Jul. 2012
Your Are the Father
Angela is horrified when she see that Tynik's mom resembles M.J.; Marcus, Joseph and Todd are upset by Keisha's presence at the studio.
20 Jul. 2012
The Blind Date
Jennifer reveals she is seeing Tommy's father; Angela and Leslie set Jennifer up on a blind dinner date.
20 Jul. 2012
Just Say No
Angela gives Miss V the day off; Angela finds a joint by M.J. 's door and fears the worst.
27 Jul. 2012
The Will and the Grace
Angela and her old friend Nick go out to dinner. In college Angela told Marcus Nick was gay.
27 Jul. 2012
The Engagement Ring
Richard divulges that he is plans to marry Keisha. Marcus questions Keisha's motives.
3 Aug. 2012
The Grand Opening
Angela celebrates the completion of the salon expansion.
3 Aug. 2012
The New Employee
Keisha's spending habits cause Richard to have financial problems.
10 Aug. 2012
Close But No Cigar
Leslie has a pregnancy scare; Joseph's reaction makes Leslie have doubts.
10 Aug. 2012
Mommy Dearest
Tina's refusal to cancel her party plans to stay home and watch her brother causes irreparable damage.
7 Sep. 2012
Just the Two of Us (Part 1)
Leslie does not want to be reminded that she is getting older.
7 Sep. 2012
Just the Two of Us (Part 2)
Leslie tries to set up a blind date for Jennifer.
17 Aug. 2012
Biological Clock
Jennifer finds out that her son is trying on make-up and heels.
17 Aug. 2012
Jack and Jennifer
Joseph is unable to perform while he and Leslie are being intimate.
24 Aug. 2012
Richard's bachelor party gets going only after Angela, Leslie and Jennifer leave.
24 Aug. 2012
Joseph's Limp
Dominique takes a fall and has to be rushed to the hospital.
31 Aug. 2012
The Bachelor Party
Angela convinces Marcus to spend the weekend with her.
31 Aug. 2012
You Are Not the Father
Angela begins to drive Marcus crazy.
14 Sep. 2012
To Be Born Again
Joseph suspects that Leslie is cheating, but he gets an unexpected response when he confronts her about the issue.
14 Sep. 2012
In the Red
The guys suspect Richard of spending company finances when checks begin to bounce.
21 Sep. 2012
Tall M.J.
Because of M.J.'s short stature, Marcus is worried he may not be M.J.'s biological father.
21 Sep. 2012
Off the Hook
Keisha lets Marcus stop paying child support for Dominique since he is not her biological father.
19 Oct. 2012
When Jenny Meets Harold: Part 2
Jennifer is forced to reflect on her choices after being intimate with a new man becomes a frightening ordeal.
28 Sep. 2012
Anniversary Sorrow
Marcus surprises Angela on their anniversary.
19 Oct. 2012
Momma's Boy
Joseph finds out that his mother, Carmen, is coming to town for a visit, but he hasn't told her that he and Leslie live together.
26 Oct. 2012
Mi casa, su casa
Leslie momentarily moves in with Angela and Marcus after her fight with Joseph, which causes an inconvenience in the Williams' household.
26 Oct. 2012
Leslie's First Date
Leslie goes on her first serious date since leaving Joseph.
2 Nov. 2012
Moving On
Leslie goes on a blind lunch date at Ozzie's pub; Keisha arranges an inopportune meeting between Joseph and Leslie, causing trouble.
9 Nov. 2012
Who Get's the Friends?
Leslie goes shopping to keep busy.
16 Nov. 2012
The Grand Old Opera
Chris, a former classmate of Angela and Leslie comes into town, and coincidentally, is also working with Marcus and Joseph on a potential business venture.
23 Nov. 2012
You Should've Put a Ring on It
Joseph comes to realize that he needs to talk to Leslie about getting back together.
30 Nov. 2012
Keisha warns Chris to get a prenuptial agreement.
7 Dec. 2012
The Truth Stings
Marcus and Angela have an engagement party for Chris and Leslie.
7 Dec. 2012
The Big Day
Chris and Leslie's wedding day arrives.

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