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This is the Worse!
linda-price9529 October 2014
I am a Tyler Perry fan but this has to be one of the worst written & acting shows I've scene. To have all the money Mr. Perry has, you'd think he'd hire better writers or maybe take a few writing courses himself. This show is just awful!!! The characters have no substance. Luckily for Mr. Perry, Oprah Winfrey is one of his closest friends, so she'll probably never cancel this program or the other ones she carries on her network. I'm watching it now which compelled me to write this review. That laugh track is so annoying also. Mr. Perry needs to be a little more realistic with his scenes. How many hairdressers stand on their feet, doing hair all day in 6" heels like Angela does? This is just my opinion but this show is awful.
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Great show
rustyman826 December 2013
First of all, this show does not deserve low marks. We all know why it does has a low rating though. Certain people don't want to see other people that are different than them doing well if you know what I mean. Just weird how all black comedies get 3s and 4s while white comedies that aren't even funny get 8s and 9s. Honestly the show is pretty good. I love the characters, YES even Keisha, though I want to put her head through a wall sometimes. Todd is constantly mixing things up and keeps the show funny. Marcus is my boy, always been a fan, and the girls are great. Great cast , great clean comedy. Guys keep doing what you are doing. The wife and I are out here in Japan. My wife is Japanese and loves the show. Constantly asking me to check for new episodes. Thanks again for a good show. 10/10 for me.
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Pretty Okay
AnnaShade2 September 2012
I'd give this a 6/10.

The acting isn't bad really, which was what I was worried about at first, but it's honestly not (not amazing, though). They don't have a laugh track, which I love.

The writing is...okay. It's not bad, but it feels like watching an actual person's life going on, only simplified. The scenes aren't snappy or very interesting, but not boring either. It's like the conversations actual people have - only the kind of not so interesting ones you'd never put in a show.

They spend too long on the same scene on the same set. Some of the characters overact their comedic moments. The comedic timing isn't that great.

But it's not bad if you want to kill some time and want something kind of bland to give your mind a rest.
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Not his best work
gapeachgirl-5134727 September 2015
I am a big Tyler Perry fan but this show is so-so. I believe that the concept is great, the marriage issues that arose were great, and the atmosphere is good. But there were MANY times the actors were off topic from an original line and it made it hard to watch. And during that period they were off topic, they tried to add humor but it was very dry humor. It wasn't the actors that were bad, though some of them really tried but lacked full acting potential, it was the script that was actually bad. The script became silly like many other TV shows that are out now. I think this show could have been on longer had there been better writers. I love Tyler's work but I really can't get into his TV shows. It's like, with his movies he can take more time to write. With a TV show you have to come up with hours of scripts so it feels like they tried to fill in where they lacked ideas.
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It's a shame
cbwillallen253 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This show actually could be better, if the acting was consistently better, the dialogue didn't drag, and the scenes were improved. The topics can be good. The issue is this show, like other shows of Tyler Perry, take time before it gets to the point. I want Tyler Perry to succeed in all he does, and think it's great he's done well for himself coming up from a very tough childhood. This show though needs work in certain areas.

There are things in this show that can be/are funny. OK, we can laugh, now move on. In this show, it's like the Character or someone else has to try to drag out the joke. For instance: You know, that chicken crossed the road because there was a KFC where he started to walk. That's the joke, but then someone will go into detail how KFC can deep fry chicken and prepare it many other ways. Then that chicken would be eaten. OK, we got the joke/punchline already can we move on?

Another issue is dialogue. It's a show and people are watching it for a purpose. We don't need to see dragged out daily conversations. "Hello" "Hi" "How are you?" "fine, How are you?" "OK, how was your day?". Then God forbid there were arguments or disagreements. Dialogue for 10-15 seconds could be a back and forth "No I didn't" one-two second pause "Yes you did". It wasn't natural and just seemed forced.

Lastly, it shouldn't have to take an entire episode for someone to have a problem. Then next weeks episode is other people finding out. Then next week it's how do they tell people about it. Then it's how to solve the problem. And there you have too much time wasted on something that could've been shown in one episode.
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Definitely better than previous Perry shows
ltc092827 July 2012
To my surprise, For Better or Worse isn't as bad as House of Payne or any of Perry's movies (with the exception of Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion - I'll admit those are my favorites). Is it an amazing show? No of course not, it's Tyler Perry; we all know 90% of his work is garbage. But the show does have an interesting storyline that has gotten me through 6 episodes of the first season so far. The dialogue is... okay. It's not the best script, but I feel that the actors have enough on-screen chemistry to make it work. The cast can act pretty well also.

The only major problem I have with this show is the two supporting cast members, the "funny" characters - the intern and one of Angela's best friends. They're not funny at all. Although, they both did have one line each that was pretty funny. I feel that the main problem is that they overdo it to the point where it gets annoying. Perry could've done a better job casting them. I get that you need the comical character or two to help the cast and show flow, but those two definitely aren't helping. Whenever they appear on screen, I find myself wishing they'd just stop talking and go away.

Overall, I can see the show keeping a decent viewer rate. I don't think it's worth running home to set your DVR or buying the season on DVD. It's a simple, sometimes funny, decently scripted and acted show that I can see sticking around for two or three seasons.
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I'm a Man, I'll Laugh When I Want to Laugh!
bblack1-699-9685771 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw this show, I was impressed. The production of this show was different, the style was different, and there wasn't a laugh track! I loved it! Aside from that, the stories and the characters were great! Aside from Angela's friend and co-worker, Jennifer, and the intern at Marcus' TV show, Todd, I really enjoy these characters. I wouldn't mind Jennifer or Todd if they weren't so obnoxious or abrupt and annoying. But the other characters are great. The situations that are created for them are very good. I love these stories and plots, and, again, they all seem totally realistic.

I didn't like the addition of the laugh track in the second season! I was really disappointed when that was added. The first season looked like it was taking a more mature tone with how this was shot and without the track. Every time I hear it in the other seasons, I hear "You're watching a sitcom! Laugh! We want you to laugh now!" Uh, NO! I'm a man, I'll laugh when I want to laugh! Aside from that, though, I really don't have any problem with this show. I think it's really good, and I hope it continues to go in the mature, good route...Just beware of the evil laugh track. BOOYIKA!
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