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Season 2

14 Apr. 2012
Golden Radiance
Rider is shifting Caster into his Reality Marble to buy some time. He asks the other Heroes to come up with a plan to finish Caster off. A phone call from Kiri gives them a fighting chance, but it comes down to Lancer making a difficult choice.
21 Apr. 2012
The End of Honor
Kayneth visits Risei and asks for his reward for Lancer's role in defeating Caster. Risei agrees to reward Kayneth with a Command Seal, but after receiving it, Kayneth immediately shoots and kills him to ensure that no other Masters can get one.
28 Apr. 2012
The Eighth Contract
With rules being broke and new players entering the tournament, the remaining Heroes and Masters are entering a new phase of the tournament. What Tokiomi does next will affect everyone.
12 May 2012
Where Justice Is Found
After leaving the island, Kiritsugu began living with Natalia, who trained him to become a mercenary like her and travel around the world as a hired gun.
9 Jun. 2012
The Sea of the Ends
As Kiritsugu and Saber arrive at the theater on separate paths, Saber is attacked by a gun-wielding Berserker in the underground parking lot. Meanwhile, Rider and Waver encounter Archer on the bridge. As they share a final toast before their duel, Rider asks Archer to join forces with him and conquer the world and beyond, but Archer politely declines. Saber manages to destroy Berserker's gun, but is startled to find he knows the exact length of her sword. She ask for his true identity, and Berserker removes his mask to reveal Sir Lancelot, one of Saber's most trusted ...
16 Jun. 2012
The Last Command Seal
With Kiritsugu and Kirei fighting with all of their skills, Saber finally kills Lancelot where they share one last talk together. As both Kiritsugu and Kirei are about to give each other the finishing blow, a black ooze from the Grail's spreads over them.
23 Jun. 2012
Saber destroys the Grail along with the theater before disappearing. As the smoke clears, Kiritsugu bears witness as the Grail's curse pours from the sky, consuming Archer and rapidly flooding through the city, bringing utter destruction to everything it touches.

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