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Season 3

5 Apr. 2015
A Gentleman's Bet
Frank and Steve compete over their annual "Gentleman's Bet"; The Dean & The Mayor solicit Pony & Baby Cakes' help for a Think Tank.
12 Apr. 2015
Best Face Forward
Frank's anus learns to speak, and quickly becomes a world-famous stand-up comedian.
19 Apr. 2015
Steve, Frank and Baby Cakes start a band in order to finally get the attention of the most beautiful celebrity in the world.
26 Apr. 2015
Crow College
The Dean introduces crows into the classrooms.
3 May 2015
The Mayor bans eating anchovies in China, IL, while Trump's Kid joins UCI as its newest student.
10 May 2015
Parent's Day
It's Parent's Day at UCI (for faculty, not students), but Baby Cakes can't attend because he has to visit his mom for the weekend.
17 May 2015
Displays of Manhood
Frank proves his masculinity by challenging a boxing legend to a fight, while Baby Cakes and Pony battle in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.
31 May 2015
Life Coaches
Steve, Frank, Pony & Baby Cakes become life coaches for each other.
8 Jun. 2015
Gummie World
Steve and Baby Cakes strike it rich, while Frank falls in love with a piece of a movie star.
14 Jun. 2015
Magical Pet
In this one-hour musical episode, Baby Cakes wants a magical pet; Frank discovers why women find him unattractive; and Pony & Steve do horrifying things to prove to each other that they are good people.

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