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This show really grew on me...
ashlon329 September 2013
When I first watched this show.. I was thrown off about the animation at first. Slowly it started to grow on me, and although it's simply animated, it has a lot of motion and its easy to watch.

The characters were by far my favorite part. All the characters were very memorable and are so witty. I loved the professors and the whole set up. It's got a balance of simple humor and ridiculous violence. I wasn't sure how to feel about the show when I saw the first episode (had the same feelings about Superjail) but after getting into the show, I love all the characters and the way they interact together.

It is a hilarious show, and it'll really grow on you if given a chance.
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This really is a "Hidden Gem".
kyleconnolly131 October 2013
I'm not going to lie here in saying this is easily one of the better shows on television at the moment. The humour might not be for everyone, but for those with a strong sense of it, you will die laughing at almost every episode.

The characters are all very well developed, and have been "evolving" for many years on Brad Neely's web-cartoons "The Professor Brothers", and "Babycakes". Frank and Steve, brothers and history professors, seem to be the shows major focus though, which is fine because they are two of the funniest "caricatures" of College Professors every created. Although they are both extreme in their own right, almost all of the characters on the show are.

Steve is highly intelligent, although lazy (maybe bored?), and is a frequent womaniser - often seducing female students. Frank, on the other hand, is very stupid, but is always scheming, and he is the my personal favourite character on the show. Babycake's, or "BC" for short, is another fan favourite - a dumb witted gentle giant, who often shows signs of wisdom, although most of the time he has no idea if he does.

This show is quite a bit more intelligent than what appears on the surface as well. All of the guys in power, such as "The Mayor", or "The Dean" are stereotypical Alpha Males. Ripped muscles, booming loud voices, and willing to "rip your frigging head off" if you falter or screw up in anyway.

Although the storyline in most of the episodes are a little "out there", they are still fairly easy to follow, and absolutely hysterical. There are is almost always a moment of wisdom in each episode, or a lesson to be learned. One of my favourite quotes from Season 2, Episode three, was when Steve, replying to a a conspiracy theorists statement that it was impossible for us to create some of the monolithic wonders of the ancient world, said "Nerd, Don't estimate all humanity on the limits of your own capability".

Well said, Steve. Well said.

Anyway, check out this show. It's fantastic... and although it's not for everyone
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I love this show!!!
anelson86893 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you like dark and witty humor that's littered with sexual innuendos, this show is a great pick! There are tons of recurring jokes and themes in each episode (I've watched them all several times and I always pick up on another joke or reference that I missed before) and the writing is great! I love the way the show pokes fun at the bureaucratic structure of academic institutions and the narcissistic nature of people in general (like when everyone started having sex with the robot clones of themselves). China, IL can be a bit violent and grotesque at times, but it sort of just adds to the uniqueness of the show. Steve is definitely my favorite character -- he has all the best lines!
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this show is DOPE
tharealhiphop26 February 2012
wow i was amazed that this show got such a low score. at first i thought the animation wasn't too good but the more i watched the more i realized how funny and strange this show actually is. The voices are amazing, each character is extremely memorable the only thing i don't like is that its only 15 minute episodes. my favorite episode so far was the one with the killer hippies. lots of violence sort of like super jail. i also like that this show is about really crappy college teachers who don't really give a crap about anything but themselves. Babycakes is the man!!! looking forward to tonights episode, if you don't like this show ur lame ;)
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One of the funniest shows on Adult Swim...EVER!
nasdagoodshepherd2 June 2019
China, Il is considered to be one of my favorite Adult Swim animated shows I have ever watched in my life. It's about 2 college professors, Steve (The coolest professor in college) and Frank (The guy who is Steve's brother, and wants to get some attention from anyone and get laid) and 2 college students, Pony (A Mexican girl who sometimes has dating issues) and Baby Cakes (A grown man with austim and has a baby for a face) going on sorts of mishaps along with The Dean, (One of the strongest men on the face of Illinois and sometimes a little corrupted towards anything and anyone.) other college professors and students. I do mind the cheap animation and also the great parts of animation ( characters moving in fantasic soild animation) the songs and music are fun to listen and the writing is sweet. Give this one a 8.8/10
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wndsr-247502 September 2018
If you enjoy surreal and witty animation with interesting art direction watch this show.
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I was reluctant to watch the show the 1st time I saw the commercial.
reidrediferd-6732928 February 2015
However, I'm so glad I gave it a chance. It quickly became one of my favorite shows. I really hope it comes out on DVD I would love to buy all of the seasons to add to my anime and cartoon collection. Ecstatic about hearing that season 3 has been ordered. I was worried after it being gone for so long that it wasn't going to come back. Keep up the great comedy guys. I recommend this show to all of my friends in hopes that the show will continue for a long time. I also recommend making a Facebook page and adding funny memes and clips from the show. I share a lot from YouTube but my Facebook friends are limited. Even without a real fb page the Wikipedia linked one made because of people searching for it already has over 6,000 likes.

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Underrated and misunderstood
samgabella14 November 2019
Too many people see the crude animation and don't understand what makes this show so wonderful. It isn't bound to reality and it explored surreal concepts, while also remaining sensical to its own universe! The characters all work well together and each episode combines the right amount of stupid humor and character growth. Some people critique the animation but it's very fluid considering how choppy the art-style is. This show needs more recognition! Plus, can you get the "I see you at UCI" song out of your head from the ads? Great show. Great characters. Great comedy.

8.5/10 -- Rounded to 9
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Amazing Show
chefty32102 March 2012
This is one of the few shoes I currently watch that if canceled, I would be extremely upset. At times, it comes off as a little weird but that is part of the beauty of the show. The voices are really well done and it is really easy to connect with the characters despite the very short run time. The creators have managed to pack 15 minutes with an amazing amount of quality humor that can appeal to a wide array of audiences while at the same time maintaining an great flow and plot lines that are easy to follow. When I watch this show, I get the impression that it is actually longer then it is due to the amount of depth that is explored in each episode. Steve and Baby Cakes are my favorite, listen for the raps Baby Cakes does. They are pretty good. I give this show a 9 because there is always room for improvement, but really the only thing I want to see continued/changed is increasing the run time and keeping the episodes coming.
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Dumbed Down Version of the Web Cartoon
jstreets5 April 2013

The problem is that this show could be really good. If you were a fan of the old Professor Brothers web videos that Brad Neely put out, and then transitioned into the show, you'll notice it lacks the smartness and wit that probably got it put on television to begin with.

I was extremely excited that one of my favorite online sources of entertainment finally got lifted out of obscurity and projected to a larger audience. But all the things I liked about the web cartoons were missing from the television show.

The Professor Brothers web cartoons were smart. Funny. Especially the parts where Frank was lecturing (The story of Lot, Helen Keller) - not to mention the multi part Funeral episodes were in my opinion were not only smart but profound. Another thing I liked about the web show that I thought was refreshing is that it was a cartoon that didn't involve characters exploding, or other non possible surreal things that is so prevalent on adult swim. It was a smart cartoon, that was hilarious, and sometimes moving when it brought up certain aspects of this world we live in.

Then it went on TV, and boy was it way different. No more smartness, no more profoundness. The disappointment was great. It was just another surreal, ridiculous thing I'd seen before. The web episodes were different. They were special, they had a quality and rarity you couldn't find anywhere else online or on TV.

Basically my point is Neely totally sold out, bro.
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Steaming Pile
somestupidnewbie23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible. Not even remotely funny, witty, or smart. There is nothing to see here, folks. I marked this as a spoiler, because I feel to fully appreciate the worthlessness of this show you should walk into it without warning.

First, you'll notice the god-awful artwork and seizure-inducing animation. It is almost literally painful to watch. Then after the "charming" intro song (couldn't get a real band?) you realize that the garbage qualities of the art and animation carry over to the voice-acting crew as well. Apparently nobody who is on this show can speak clearly or directly into a microphone. It is like the whole show is completely devoid of emotion.... The artwork is so bad that the characters cannot express emotion, and the voice crew is so amateur they have the same effect. It's like they are reading the script for the first time, and calling it done in one take.

Finally, you'll turn up your system loud enough to hear.... and wish you hadn't. There is nothing funny or profound or even entertaining about the show. It is a literal waste of time. It's almost like a bunch of words were thrown at a wall and called a script. Maybe 15-20 years ago this would have shocked people, or angered them, but we are treading on a pretty well beaten path now.

Avoid this trash at all cost.
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