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Darkly funny and deeply twisted, 13 Sins grabs you from its startling opening sequence and doesn’t let go.
Creepy enough to get the job done, but not sufficiently extreme to fulfill the initial setup.
Village Voice
[Webber's] performance is crazy good, and so emotionally charged that viewers may be forgiving of a finale overloaded with silly twists.
Slant Magazine
Daniel Stamm's film is solidly helmed, if expectedly over-reliant on unnecessarily grisly comeuppances that leave nothing to the imagination.
The horror flick 13 Sins is passable enough when it comes to dialing up the suspense, but the “Saw” formula of a mysterious voice guiding our hero through a series of depravities has gone a bit stale.
13 Sins is occasionally inventive but mostly uninvolving.
When the fly trapped in the spider's web is as clueless and selfish as the sap played by Mark Webber in 13 Sins, it's hard to muster much sympathy.
Achieves a modest degree of tension and dark humor before tilting into gory overkill, while its diffuse central ideas — about materialism, the dangers of playing God and the latent human capacity for violence — never really take plausible shape.
The Dissolve
This ultimately isn’t a film about human fallibility, but about high-concept grotesquerie for its own sake.
A "Saw" knockoff without the torture porn.

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