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'Bring me my cougher or I'm gonna cut your arm off!'
siray16 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Trevor is just love!! He has these tough guy looks and energetic and humorous dialog that makes him better than the other two characters. I think I'll spend the first few weeks playing only him before Michael and franklin.I laughed so hard when he was shouting at the cops chasing after him,he isn't much of a hot-headed guy, he's cool most of the time(at least for the time I was free roaming).Most of the gta fans see him as a sociopath but I think Michael deserves to be called that too.A big thumbs up to the voice actors for bringing life into these characters.

I started exploring the massive world GTA V offers and I must say the craftsmanship is simply stunning. It is clear that it was designed and implemented by people who really wanted to produce something that was revolutionary, and without skimping on the details.It seems almost limitless. From AI cars flashing their high beams when you're driving on the wrong side of the road on a collision course with them, to the seamless integration of the radio stations with the world you're in, to . . . well, a dozen pages could be written on the details alone.

The world is massive! If one word could sum up the game I think it would be 'detail'. Every aspect of the game is as detailed as possible and it is easily the best game ever made respective of the technological possibility in 2013. For instance, the AI of the people walking down the street is almost creepy, it seems like these are living people. The dialog is truly impressive, I believe that this game could compete with some of the best films around.Fantastic acting, worthy of film awards, breathtaking graphics, beyond realistic physics, and just enthralling game-play make this the first truly next-gen game that goes beyond just better graphics, pushing the limits of what I thought was possible.

Rockstar is genius for a making this game so immerse, so realistic, but yet manages to keep that funny, satiric GTA feel. Congrats Rockstar, you deserve your success.
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Welcome back to San Andreas
copperfox21 September 2013
If I had to pick the best PS2/Xbox generation game, I wouldn't have to think twice before choosing Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas. While GTA 3 redesigned the whole open world gaming and Vice City took that even forward - it was GTA San Andreas that revolutionised it. It was groundbreaking achievement in game industry and I can't recall a PS/Xbox game that I have played more than GTA San Andreas. It was just that good.

When you have that as background one can understand my expectations for GTA IV. Long story short, I felt like with every step forward Rockstar took also one step back when it comes to GTA IV. Don't get me wrong, it was still a great game - but it didn't strike me the same way as San Andreas did. I felt like the story didn't for some reason pull me in, I found the characters lacking depth and the gameplay feeling less free as it was before. As great game as GTA IV was, I was still disappointed.

When I heard that GTA V was on it's way I had mixed opinions. I was eager to get another great game to play, but I was worried about the direction Rockstar was going to take the game. Was it going to be more like San Andreas or more like GTA IV? Well, now that I have about 10 hours of GTA V under my belt I can honestly say that I am not disappoint. Funnily enough, I'm impressed. Considering the expectations I had set for this game I didn't believe I could be impressed. I can't say if GTA V is more like San Andreas or GTA IV. It's like both of them. The best parts together.

First of all, the game FEELS like San Andreas. Right from the first mission to the opening credits - the gangbangers street talking like you would hear on The Wire. At this point I have to say that the voice acting is superb. All of the characters show emotion through their voice and the dialogue is absolutely brilliant. It's not often I find myself actually laughing when I'm home alone. And most importantly - they feel real. You can actually symphatise and feel emotions towards these characters. Something I didn't for some reason really feel for Niko Bellic on GTA IV.

Driving cars, planes, boats, bikes and motorcycles is super fun again. The vehicles seem to turn and maneuver a lot easier than in GTA IV. Nothing beats the feeling of driving a freshly stolen sports car wrong way on a highway while Queens "Radio Ga Ga" plays on the radio. Just watching the cars hitting each other, while your character yells them that it was all their fault. With a proper car you can really feel the speed while you're going. And as cars are actually easy to control, you can really speed through miles without hitting anyone. It's just super super super fun to slalom through the traffic. You feel like a stunt driver in a movie.

Storywise the game cuts all the unnecessary. No more delivering packages to friends or picking someone up to learn the controls. Right from the bat you're thrown in the middle of a bank heist and it doesn't really get less hectic from there. The missions are creative (yet pretty much what you can expect from a GTA) and have nice twists and turns as you go along. If you fail a mission they have enough checkpoints to make trying again more fun than a chore. So far the missions I've seen have gone from stealing cars, robbing stores, chasing things to assasinating people. Just to name a few. The missions are interesting and they can take quick turns just as you was expecting something easy. For example at one point I was simply driving back to the safehouse when next thing I know I'm drugged up on a LSD trip.

One of the main features with the game is switching playable character from the fly. All of the characters have different story lines, backgrounds and skill set. Franklin is a gangbanger used to stealing cars, Michael is a retired bank robber and Trevor is just Breaking Bad. All of them are fun to play with and changing between them is easy during or between missions.

Difficulty level seems to be just fine for a casual player, but I can understand if someone playing a lot would find it a bit too easy. If you just take cover and follow the instructions you can down 15 guys in a row. With your starting pistol. It seems a bit unrealistic, but hey it's a GTA. Don't expect too much realism from either the missions or the actual gameplay. Your one man army can take 15 bullets in the chest with actual holes coming through your shirt - as long as you remember to take cover and breath every now and then. The passengers on the sidewalk don't seem to care much if you drive over someone or hit someone elses car. You can go three times the speed limit to the wrong way on highway and even the police doesn't seem to care. As long as you aren't firing weapons or hit a police car. But if you have played GTA before, you should be familiar with this.

The game is so massive that there are so many things to write about and I must have forgotten many important things too. All I can say is that go buy the game and see for yourself. You won't be disappoint. Except for the fact that once you start playing it's really hard to stop. So if you have something important to do in your life, you should do it first. Buy the game and enjoy few days of no social interactions. That being said, I need to get back to playing.
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Outstanding, Rockstar you've done it again!
AndyDufresne9517 September 2013
One of the most highly anticipated games we have seen ever and it has not disappointed. I have been a fan since the very first GTA entered my console a number of years ago and have played them ever since with great enjoyment and GTA 5 just tops the rest.

From the characters to the amazing graphics it is easily the best game I have ever played, after playing The Last Of Us I didn't think the graphics could be topped but they have and then some.

With the selection of 3 characters to play it adds that little bit more fun and you get a more in depth view of the person you're playing, and of course GTA would not be the same without the crazy dialogue and damn right funny events that happen.

Borrow,Beg,(don't steal) and get yourself a copy. 10/10
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The gold in Rockstar's mine.
DrRedMustacho26 December 2013
This game is absolutely beautiful, even the most minimum detail in the game is amazing. Rockstar has carved a beautiful sculpture over the last years. The beautiful storyline, graphics, characters, EVERYTHING. Now GTA not only has 1 as said before, but 3 characters, Franklin is struggling the life in the hood with his home Lamar Davis, while also fighting The Ballas. Michael is a retired bank robber and a father of 2 kids, James De Santa, and Tracey De Santa, with her wife Amanda. Trevor is a psycho trying to sell drugs and nuclear weapons to the Chinese. They will team up to: Steal banks, work for the FIB, hang out, and more! Also I can honestly say. This game, is one of the MOST detailed game since Red Dead Redemtion. The weather effects, dynamic events, Strangers and Freaks, and ACTIVITIES! But also there are a lot of COOL Easter eggs. BUY THIS GAME NOW!

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This has to be the best game I've ever played!
Snyder-matthew2320 September 2013
I just want to start off with this: BUY THIS GAME! This is just brilliant with beautiful graphics and great, fun, and hilarious characters. By reading the other reviews I'd think that they really love this game too. My favorite characters are all of them. I think they all have great stories and fun to play with. The cars are really fast and awesome! The weapons are awesome! Everything is just amazing. My favorite part of the map would have to be the beach. I just love going there and stealing bikes and making Chop chew on civilians! I would like to finish this by telling you to tell your friends about this and buy this game now!
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Great story mode, weak online mode
ejharriseh26 January 2019
The story mode of grand theft auto 5 is a very enjoyable experience, with likeable characters, fun missions and a vast open world to explore. However, I feel like the online is very overrated and no where near as polished as the story. The online is in the same map as story mode, but it's littered with trolls, hackers, glitches and microtransactions. ALOT of microtransactions.
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The Best Game I Ever Owned That I Don't Wanna Stop Playing!
Marcusrecon1812 October 2013
I been Playing Grand Theft Auto since the Series was first out. Its been like in my whole life. But Grand Theft Auto V, Is an Awesome, Hilarious, and Shocking Game I have ever Played. First of all, The Graphics are Amazing. The every bit of details on the characters is outstanding. The Graphics of the City, so Realistic. Now, The Story is Excellent. I found myself Laughing, Sad, And sometimes very shocked. The story has a good plot and and nice characters to begin with. The Intro, Best Intro in the GTA Series Ever. The Freemode is fun. You always have something to do. Its Fun and Exciting. Now, GTA Online is the Best Online Yet. You can Freemode in Online and drive around the Los Santos or Sandy Shores. I like that you can customize your own Character. The Non-Stop fun doing missions and Buying House or Pimping your Ride. You can Have Non-Stop Fun in this Game. Grand Theft Auto V is a Very Fun and Excellent Game Worth Buying. Thats why I give it 10/10.
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Game of the year, 2013.
The_Light_Triton19 September 2013
The Grand Theft auto series is a juggernaut of everything - Money, Fun, Controversy, Sex, drugs, the works. But us fans of the series would not have it any other way. every time, Rockstar always hits the jackpot.

In this 5th installment of the series, Protagonist Michael De Santa is a retired criminal who committed a series of heists and bank robberies in his past, and has retired to a more desired life up in the hills with his family. But not all is as it seems. His wife is more attracted to the young tennis coach and the yoga instructor, his daughter puts herself out like a prostitute, and his son is an overweight Generation Y bum who doesn't work, but has plenty of time to smoke weed and insult other gamers on FPS games. He himself is miserable, drinking during the day and starting arguments over nothing.

But not only is Michael a protagonist, so is his old friend Trevor, a maniacal redneck who lives to cause chaos and anarchy, but making money in the process by selling crack and arms. But to Trevor, Michael might as well be an angel, because Trevor is a real maniac.

The last protagonist is franklin, a streetwise hustler who repos cars in a time of economic uncertainty, as well as deal with his homies in the hood as well as his strange aunt.

I want to review this game, piece by Piece

Story 6/5

I'm sorry, but this game's story is just so complex and amazing that you can't help but think rockstar went the extra mile. they did an amazing job, and it shows. No matter what kind of hero you like, this game gives you 3 choices. Me, personally? I like playing as Michael or Trevor, but franklin just isn't my kind of guy. There's one mission early in the game where Michael does yoga, and it's probably the most boring mission yet, but the other crazy missions and moments in the game more than make up for it.

Gameplay 5/5

This game's gameplay is almost perfect, albeit a few skips in the framerate when things get hot. other than that, good cars spawn often enough (Much like in 2002's Vice city) and car customization is great. You can also buy clothes and do haircuts for the characters, but some are limited, like Trevor, who can only have a mullet and a bushman beard as special haircuts.

there are lots of fun additions to the game, like animals and scuba diving. so if you're a sadistic maniac and love hurting animals (which look like they were copy and pasted right from Red Dead Redemption) or maybe you're an aquaphile and want to go for a swim, this game has lots to offer. look around and see what you may find.

And oh yeah, this is the first GTA game that gives you 3 different characters to pick from. So switch between characters and check out what they're all up to at the moment.

Music 4/5

This is the first grand theft auto game in which rockstar has created an original soundtrack, giving it a red dead redemption feel during missions where tension runs high. Hearing a fast paced techno tune while running away from the police is always a good time.

The game's OST is actually the weakest link in the chain, as a majority of tracks will not appeal to the game's main fans. There's no lack of pop music, With Britney Spears and Rihanna (Niko Bellic: Hooray.) but a big lack of thrash metal. That's where thrash originated, and that's where it should at least have a station! The game at least doesn't have Taylor Swift. Thank God.

There's a classic Punk Rock Station and a classic country station, which in it's Advertisements, claim that modern country is full of sissies and crybabies. I could not agree more.

Controls 5/5

The game's engine is the same as GTA IV, but with a few improvements. these ones take time to get used to, but once you do, just hit the gas and go crazy. the fighting mechanics are the same, but this time, you don't have to scroll through your weapons like in IV. This time, you can pull an RDR and bring up a weapon wheel, and pick your gun from an array of choices.

Overall - 10/10

I think this game will get Game of the year from whatever awards show gives those out. with 4 years of development, a $265,000,000 budget, and a massive storyline which will take a while to get through, there will be no shortage of fun for those who play it.
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Best Game Ever Made, Grand Theft Auto V is incredible.
jadmolga14 July 2014
Anyone who gives this less 9, there is really something wrong with that person, seriously. The great soundtrack, "multiplayer", many customization options, controversial missions and lots of mini, complex places, amazing graphics, the actual contemporary story and pretty much everything its just beautiful. Being honest, since Grand Theft Auto San Andreas I haven't been this satisfied/happy for a video game and worth it. The faults in the system aren't reason enough to hate the game. I've actually spent dozens of hours with Grand Theft Auto V, and I definitely plan to continue. GTA Online in one word: perfection, your ambitions are the limit and basically you can do whatever you want. I can't wait to see whats next with Rockstar and of curse the actualizations of the game.
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GTA 5 still holds up
moisesfajardo11 August 2018
They did a great job making it look real. Especially the traffic.
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Greatest game ever created!
schooled_penguin20018 September 2013
I've been waiting for GTA V for two years now. I just bought a copy yesterday after school. I bought the Collectors Edition which grants me a lot of cool stuff. I open the disk and feed it to my PS3 and couldn't believe that I finally have possession of GTA V.

I find all my friends online and under their accounts was written Grand Theft Auto V. Every person on my PSN friend list was playing Grand Theft Auto V. I start the game and I am bewildered by the graphics. The details, everything! I have not finished the game yet. But, it's obvious that this game is a 10/10.

I thought that Grand Theft Auto IV could not be topped, but it has been. Rockstar Games you did it again! Thank you for this game Rockstar! I love you!!
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saeched15 November 2014
This is more than just a game, it is cinema on a dramatic sun-filled LA stage - except this is satire, LA is Los Santos and the drugs, guns and violence are kicked up by steroids and testosterone. Every turn in the wonderfully complex city brings you to new scenes of a dystopia merely a step from our own. Each twist in the story slings you to new corners of an open world stretching from Mediterranean coastline to sun-bleached peaks, desert hamlets to bohemian suburbia.

The story is rounded and well voice-acted with stand out performances from the three leads - especially the deranged Trevor. With everything from fighter jets, to bank heists, to street races this game has everything for the action enthusiast - each textured with stunning visuals and layered with comic relief. However for the more adventurous there lies a wealth of opportunity for exploration in a dynamic world of both high-rise tower blocks and detailed oceans. The added touch of wildlife, individual personalities for resident AI and constant city commotion makes the game immersive and each hour spent thrilling.

However there are flaws. As a game of such magnitude, there are issues with glitches. Sometimes landscapes do not load, characters can appear from nowhere and the controls can feel unyielding and driving sluggish. Furthermore parts of the game can become repetitive, with difficult firefights followed by long, slow drives - I'd recommend you take your time between missions, treating each almost like a weekly TV show to keep them separate enough to feel interesting each time.

In conclusion this is a stunning and ground breaking game, both satire and action. Controversial as it is, it is thrilling fun and as open as ever. Buy it.
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The Perfect Game
djb199517 September 2013
back when GTA San Andreas came out i thought that I will never be surprised or love a game as much as that one. But GTA five has done it, it the closest thing to a perfect game. New features: it has animals including dogs it has more activities and mini games than a arcade it has skills and rank up levels for just about everything it has a insane amount of customization it has new fighting control mechanics it has a map 5 times bigger than red dead redemption it has over 500 missions that can be done individually or with a friend and the list goes on all i'm saying is if this game cost £100 I would pay that no problem my advice is buy the game and by the time you stop playing it you will a shave (super addictive game) 10 out of 10
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More than perfect
bkbcruise10 January 2014
People often say that NOTHING is perfect. Well GTA 5 proved us all WRONG. In fact it makes the saying look so silly, & stupid. Thats because hell yeah, GTA 5 is perfect. The graphics though beautiful, is yet not comparable with newer games like Ghost, or Battlefield 4. The game play however, if I may call it-is indeed PERFECT. I especially liked the switching between characters. The injuries of people are exposed so stunningly that I cannot explain it in mere words. Besides the eye popping environment detailing is worth mentioning. Oh man we are so lucky to have been born at an era where something like this was released. If there's ANYTHING even more than perfect, then it's got to be GTA 5. Recommended for all gamers. Believe me, it is a once- in- a lifetime experience, because a game like this may never be made again. I usually download games, but for this one, I bet no body will regret buying it. Buy it if you haven't played it yet.
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Amazing to say the least
velde123412 November 2013
Grand Theft Auto V is one the best games I have ever played, bar none. Throughout playing the game I was sufficiently entertained with all of the things I could do in the world. The attention to detail Rockstar puts unto this game is unlike anything I have seen in any other game. Like driving around in a car you never see two places that are the same in the whole place. A few little details that caught my attention were when you are driving and talking on your cell phone, you can't adjust your lights on or off because your hands are occupied with driving and holding your phone. Another was that there were some places in the city that are pretty much identical to landmarks in the real world.

I found it pretty awesome that I was really getting into the story and all of the characters and all of trouble they cause and get into together. The first part of the game you are thrown right into the action and are shooting up the place. The craziness never stops and you never know what is going to happen next. The story of the game is like a really good movie and I found myself have some feelings for the characters. The story was very well thought out and I am sure it took a lot of thinking to create such a masterpiece of a video game. Every mission was so fun and it was always something different. One time you steel cars the next time you rob a bank and there is a part where the military is trying to stop you, and so many other things. I still have not heard anyone say that they wish there were things different about the game.

One of my favorite parts about the game is that you can just pick it up and do whatever you want in the world of Los Santos. You can buy cars online that get delivered to your garage and you can customize all of your cars to make them look great and make them preform better. Your start riots in the streets and the cops will come and you can fight back against the cops and they will eventually bring in helicopters to try and take you out. I love how intense things can get when you keep fighting and the police start bringing in the swat team. I just always find ways to entertain myself with the thousands of things to do in the game.

All around Grand Theft Auto V has to be one of the greatest games made in the last few years. I do not know of any other game that can compare to the unique game play and story as this. It is very easy to get into the flow of the game right away when you pick up a controller. I never found the controlled to be overly confusing. That made me feel better right away
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This game is pretty grand. It's worth playing.
ironhorse_iv9 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I had a blast, playing this game. It was very wicked! The games of Grand Theft Auto has anyways been like that. It also known to be very controversy, due to its violent criminal themes, scenes depicting torture, and the game's treatment of women. It makes sense why, certain people don't like this game, all. After all, the point of the game is to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld, by stealing stuff and committing acts of violence. Still, it's no different, than reading a crime novel or watching a gangster film. Yes, there are those that will act upon what they see, but for the majority of people, playing it, just need a safe outlet to outset their disturbing thoughts about society. After all, we humans, aren't known for our sainthood. Everybody has a dark side. There are a lot of things, human do that makes people, angry. I would, rather have people take out their anger on a game, then do harsh things to people in real life. Grand Theft Auto V takes the concept of nonconformist to a large epic open world scale, allowing the gamer, nearly free range in the fictional world of San Andreas. Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, the game allow the player to play as any of the three criminals; first is Franklin Clinton (Voiced and motion capture by Shawn Fonteno), a young inner city street thug, trying to move up, and away from his dangerous ghetto street lifestyle. Then there is Michael De Santa (Voiced and motion capture by Ned Luke), a retired con man in his 40s, going through a mid-life crisis with his family, whom takes Franklin as an apprentice. Last is Trevor Phillips (Voiced and motion capture by Steven Ogg), a redneck meth dealer that is so crazy and dangerous that he might be a threat to his old partner, Michael. The missions flit between their individual stories and an overarching plot line that involves all three. This three-character structure makes for excellent pacing and great variety in the storyline, but it also allows the actual act of switching between them. It's cool when you pick a character and the camera zooms out over the San Andreas map, closing back in on wherever they happen to be, where the character could be doing nearly anything. Each one has their own skill set. Michael enters bullet time in combat, Franklin slows down time while driving, and Trevor deals twice as much damage to enemies while taking half as much in combat. Each character has a smartphone for contacting friends, starting activities and accessing an in-game Internet. The game can played from either a first-person or third-person view. Players complete missions—linear scenarios with set objectives—to progress through the story. Players can do, nearly anything from melee attacks, to firearms and explosives, or take selfies with their camera, to fight enemies. They also can take vehicles, such as airplanes, cars, tanks, and others to travel, across its large map. Players may purchase properties such as homes and businesses, upgrade the weapons and vehicles in each character's arsenal, and customize their appearance by purchasing outfits, changing haircuts, get tattoos and others. There are rarely any restrictions, although story progress unlocks more gameplay content. Developed in tandem with the single-player mode, the online multiplayer mode Grand Theft Auto Online was conceived as a separate experience to be played in a continually evolving world with up to 30 multiplayers. Additional content has been add, since the release, allowing more things, to do, such as The Beach Bum, Christmas, Valentine Day, and other update, that added more jobs and customization content for players. The gameplay is very challenging, but not complicated. It's a lot harder to get away from enemy AIs here, but it can be done with sneak attacks or stealth. The police force is bit more gun-ho trigger happy than the previous games. Even the minor touch against them, could spark a- all out 5 stars brawl. The game is beautiful to play, as you can notice a lot of detail and work where into making this place into a reality. This game is light years ahead, compare to a lot of recent games, in its digital technology. The story, they have is gripping, thrilling, and yet darkly funny. It is a leap forward in narrative sophistication for the series. It's astounding, how intelligent and sharp-tongued the satire of contemporary America is. I love the spoofs of entertainment shows, social networking, politics and life, itself. The game has tons of interesting supporting characters, both allies and enemies. Some of my favorites are: Lazlow (Voiced by Lazlow Jones), an insecure radio host and Lester Crest (Voiced by Jay Klaitz), a computer hacker. Others characters are somewhat annoying like Franklin's friend, Lamar Davis (Voiced by Slink Johnson) & Trevor's lackey, Wade Hebert (Voiced by Matthew Maher). I really wanted to shoot them. Without spoiling it, I like that others characters from the previous games in the series return in Grand Theft Auto V, as well. Overall: Grand Theft Auto 5 feels like breath of fresh air, compare to the grey and gritty world of Grand Theft Auto IV. It is one of the very best video games ever made. I do recommended. Check it out, when you can.
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i love this Game in 2013 Best game ever made better Fifa 14
nikola1726 September 2013
i love Grand Theft Auto Franchise i love Vice City,San Andreas,Liberty Stories was pretty good and this one had Amazing graphic like Pain and Gain Movie same shot and Bad Boys like Miami Awesome Idea and you get to play 3 Characters in this game you can switch characters who to play with that is better idea i don't know person hate this game for ? he said it was crap i am like Really ? <3 i love this game and storyline i loved the storyline in game it's like almost movie but of Crouse all GTA Have stories and good,Funny Characters i liked in start when you rob bank and getting away form cops that part in start of mission was amazing part you get hit by train but your still alive running away shooting all cops that was awesome fun start ever made and characters were Michael,Franklin,Trevor crazy dude. the game was made complete Realistic turning on the lights of car,turning the roof open and close they made the game so much better it's Like San Andreas in Realistic way. Michael Character was funny,Better Character and Entering like in movie he Looks like Michael Madsen to me and i think his son was Played by Jonah Hill i knew it was him he was funny as well and this game has big map a big map like San Andreas this game is fun,Action Packed,Entering, you can't hate this game never would this is Awesome game you will love to play 10/10
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Driving, Shooting, Sports... Everything... This game is not just a TPS game.
Shyinx18 June 2019
I'm not talking about we have a FPS camera. I'm talking about this game is the biggest game still. Extremely hard to make this game. After 6 years this game is the still the biggest one and I think it will be for a long time. Only one game can break this... The next GTA. I think story about Michael and his family and story about Franklin and his gang members is not cool. It can be better at this. The storyline is immersive but not good as GTA IV actually. Amazing details in this game like I modded this game and I have a gravity gun that I control every vehicle with that gun... I was controlling the helicopter and I bring it to ground and the landing skids are bent with my action. But at normal game this won't happened but they did this detail. Because they know we will mod this game.
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I love this game
diazmanuel83611 August 2018
This is my favorite game ,it has been 5 years since it was released but i still play this very often and it never gets boring,i really love the story mode and the online mode,can't wait to see if red dead redemption 2 will top this or at least be equally as good as this
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hyperzephyrian24 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
There isn't much more to be said about this game, other than it being nothing short of flawless. Exceptional storyline, graphics, and controls (at least, on the PS3.)

The game easily receives a 9.5 solely because of the storyline. Adding all the other components, Strangers and Freaks, all the little side missions, the Rampages. Especially all Three Character's Special abilities, being able to slow down time, and weave in and out of traffic with Franklin, being able Rage and take less damage with Trevor, and being able to pinpoint targets with Michael, the game exceeds expectations Ten-fold.

10/10 without hesitation, or second thought.
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flawless and full of flaws
kailomonkey30 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love Rockstar Games and the whole Grand Theft Auto series. I'm a fanboy. And this is the most beautifully stylised and replayable GTA game yet! But all that polish is hiding some flaws.

The state of San Andreas is gorgeous but the previous San Andreas housed 3 cities whereas this focuses on 1. This makes sense to focus play and development but was still a disappointment.

The 3 single player protagonists are great in representing the before (Franklin), after (Michael) and player (Trevor). They represent 3 types of GTA protagonist in 1 game but Franklin's story seems kind of tacked on. He has an enemy at the end we've hardly been affected by, he quickly abandons his ghetto home and hood life removing the potential of that side of Los Santos and he's generally easy going all the time.

The multiplayer is great and well supported bringing the game replayability beyond GTAIV. You can live there. You can act like a GTA thug (most seem to anyway). For me I just like to drive, race and develop my own races. And I still do that years after the game was released. But the online takes so dang long to connect and load, sometimes timing out or crashing. Just getting a race going can take you 10-20 minutes sometimes and as for heists, there's always more people hosting than joining resulting in constant stalemate unless you have a real world crew to work with... and then it can crash anyway.

The 100% completion in single player is varied and vast but fatal game bugs can halt side mission progress leaving you at 98% after days of hard work and the golf club businesses cost so much the ONLY way to get the cash is to rig stock market during certain missions. Did you miss it? Tough poop. Play the whole game again and do it by the guide if you want to complete it fully you lazy beach bum!

Return of kill frenzy, improved strip club, animal hunting, psycho Trevor and his torture techniques, Michael's stressful family, flash cars, more guns, LA beaches... So many plus points it's no wonder the flaws are easily ignored. And I still love it. GTA San Andreas might still be the best single player GTA game but it's looking dated now, and GTAV is still looking fresh and being played. Good for you voiceless online protagonist, good for you.
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One of the two best games I ever played. GTA IV was the other.
tempacc-4511128 December 2019
GTA 5 is an amazing game. I am not a gamer really. I am in my 40s and can say without a doubt this is probably the best game I ever played. It is either this game or GTA 4. It is so hard to choose which was the best.

I like the story line better in GTA 4 I think, but the story line in GTA 5 is almost as good. You will become invested in the characters.

The game play is better in GTA 5 and it shows you just how good this series can get. There is still so much more they can do.

It all adds up to the best game I have ever played. My only complaint is it is too short. I wish it was double the size. The game is that good. I have replayed it two times now and it is still great to play.

I don't often tell people to buy something, but if you are interested in some fun --- buy this game. It is better than going to the movies and cheaper!! Rockstar often has sales during the holiday seasons.
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Very enjoyable gaming experience with lots of character, color and fun
bob the moo13 December 2013
In the city of Los Santos, a young hustler falls under the wing of a former criminal living a difficult retirement. Circumstances lead to the pair to have to do a job to pay off a debt – a job which gets national coverage and draws unwanted attention from a former partner, corrupt cops, ruthless movie moguls, rival gangs, aggressive fitness fanatics and many others.

I have played this game series on and off over the years but (criminally) did not play the former one based in Los Santos but instead rejoined with GTA4, a game I enjoyed but not one without its flaws. The good news with V is that the game keeps the strengths of the fourth game but makes many improvements which produce a much more fun and enjoyable experience across many aspects. The first thing to say is that the world of LS is technically amazing in terms of its attention to detail and beauty – it is hard to describe to people who decide they do not like these games, but to see a glorious sunset from a hillside, with perfect shadow effects and vegetation movement and know that someone designed and made this, not just filmed it, is something that hit me over and over throughout the game. The map is enjoyably large with diverse landscapes and character and I still find great pleasure in just going around in it even if I have nothing specific to do.

The story is solid enough for the game even if it is rather generic and overblown. The characters are quite clichéd in some regards. Michael's story for instance is not so imaginative and generally I found him the least of the characters. Franklin is similar but covered by him being the "intro" character, so I stayed close to him throughout. Trevor is a wonderfully violent and funny character and his entrance is memorable and really shakes the game up. The events of the story are necessarily overblown but this is part of the fun and generally I liked the flow to it. The many supporting characters are great fun and the energy and color of it all does cover up for the fact that the story is not really that complex or engaging at times. As it is though, it is about events and set-pieces and the game provides plenty of fun memorable missions (admittedly as well as a handful of awful ones), and in this way there are loads of missions to replay and enjoy and, most importantly, this game actually allows you to load them to do just that.

Side missions add color and fun and, although I do miss ongoing missions like the vigilante ones from IV, there is still plenty to do. The range of vehicles adds to this and I also enjoyed how much easier they are to drive than in the previous game. Weapon customization and the range of them provide fun destruction, although the police are a lot more aggressive in this game than in IV, so it is harder to go on a rampage and make it last. In theory the Online world offers endless gaming – I tried it for one evening and it was fun despite all the issues, but the community seemed messed up and very reliant on having an existing group of players – it looks fun but I'm just more of an offline player these days.

Grand Theft Auto V is a great game, even if you "only" play the days and days of content in the single player game. Technically the game is astounding with its attention to detail and just the sheer beauty of the audio and visual design of the whole world. The plot is solid enough to do the job while the characters (main and supporting) are colorful enough to engage while playing through missions which are mostly enjoyable and offer plenty of big set-pieces that are overblown and fun.
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The setup is a beast song.
DustinRahksi23 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've been playing GTA for a long time now, they all featured the same format and play style, point a to point b. None of the games raised the bar as high as this game. The biggest improvement is the story, I felt previous games were more enjoyable when you're a blood lust madman, but this games story was addicting unlike any other. I love great stories, and this one is one of the finest of the generation. I'll talk a little about the mechanics, but mostly about the story and characters. The main story will take you around 24 hours to complete, pretty standard. I did it over the weekend, three days of noon till midnight.

The game play: It's pretty much GTA 4 style controls aside from a few innovations. You can actually customize weapons in this game, considering games like "Scarface the world is yours" had this way back when, it's too little too late, but appreciated. The stats boasts for characters is back. The graphics are almost identical to Red Dead Redemption, aside from the facial animations, here they can pull off more realistic expressions. The feature to switch between characters at almost any point is a great new mechanic. Got nothing to do, lets go see what Trevor is up to, oh he's throwing someone off the side of an overpass, cool. I haven't noticed any new cars yet, in fact they took away my favourite car, the black Sabre GT. And finally an open world game that allows property purchase, if you can make the money the business is yours. But 150 million for a golf course is a ridiculous amount to earn. The map is about the same, if not bigger than Red Dead. You spend most of your time just driving though. The game does look beautiful at times, especially when you factor in night time or when it's lightly raining. The game physics are nothing new, but it does frustrate me to unbelievable levels when the cars spin out from hitting a pebble. The animations for Chop, are probably the best for any dog in a video game. The presentation is double that of previous entry's. I'll add some more here when it comes to mind.

The missions: Wow, they really improved the missions ten fold. There some big set piece moments that are great, without distracting you from the game. I can only remember one mission from GTA 4, the bank heist. But here there were at least a dozen. The heist at the bay town, was crazy. Securing a prisoner from atop the FIB headquarters, while switching characters, was a brief but memorable moment. Sometimes it's just the dialogue or actions from the characters can make a mission. My favourite was Family reunion with Michael and his family. But there were a few times it got disturbing. When Trevor is sneaking around The Lost's trailer park killing them, and the whole thunderstorm going on at the time, it's just great. The torture sequence of the prisoner was a bit out of place though.

The characters: I'm just going with the three main protagonists. I liked all three of them, even when Trevor is being a psychopath, it's hard not to like him. Franklin was the most stable out of all of them. Michael seams to have been based off of Michael Madsen, even down to the way he walks. Trevor is the most memorable, one of the best characters in the franchise, even probably best character of the year. He's a madman in ever way shape and form. The banter between M and T is all over the place, one second it's a nice moment, and the next they are at each others throats. The writing is really well done most of the time, but there was a few moments that didn't sit right. I was appalled there was even an option to kill Trevor and Michael.

Now I have only played through the single player missions, so that's all I can say for the game. I haven't done any of the side missions, leisure activities, or even watched TV. That will be added in here once I have completed those. Is it game of the year, well it's a close second to The Last Of Us, both of these had phenomenal stories and characters, but TLOU played my emotions much harder. Anyone that gives this anything lower than a 9 is just kidding themselves, Rock-star put years of hard work into this game, every aspect is top notch, aside from two glitches that required a mission start over. It is by far the best GTA game ever, it raised the bar, and set a new precedent of quality.
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moviedude2234514 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The only word I can sum this game up with is wow. Grand Theft Auto V, the pinnacle of gaming itself. Now, I'm not going to go into any detail with the story line, all I can say is that I have never been more dragged in by a story line in a game ever. The characters, you... you just fall in love with them. Michael, is a man in his middle ages, he's rich and miserable. His family doesn't love him and he spends days on his back patio, soaking in the smuggy air that is Los Santos. Franklin, is a gangbanger, looking for more money and something to do with his life, along with his best friend Lamar. Then... then there's Trevor. Trevor Phillips. Probably the most scary character ever in a video game. Trevor is a psychotic, meth dealing and hilarious character who is basically really mad because he can't sell drugs to a Chinese drug lord. What do you expect from this trio? I tell you. Planes, gang wars, boats, fire, gasoline, kidnapping, betrayal and torture.

The world! Oh wow I cry seeing it. The little reflections on your windscreen and the bullet holes in your shirt if you get shot is just exquisite.

I should sum this up.

This is a game for all GTA fans across the globe. Buy this. And play it 12 times like I did, (embarrassing I know.)

This game is to die for.

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