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Terra Nova deserves a second season
mvinton119 December 2011
I have watched all the episodes of Terra Nova. The concept of the series is intriguing to me. Do all the people who come to the colony embrace the possibilities of a new life? Will their actions affect 2149? I appreciate that the characters are who they were in 2149, warts and all. When they are faced with seemingly overwhelming circumstances, however, they come together to fight for their existence. Will they move out of the colony to establish outposts? Will there be a dinosaur extinction? Will they write a constitution, establish a court system and a congress? I remember when Jericho was canceled, and story lines weren't completed. I hope Terra Nova will continue into a second season. If the decision is made to cancel it, please tell me what happens to them!
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Really? Now it is over?
mc_croucher14 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched the entire series, and while it was kind of boring the first five episodes, it got so so so much better. Drama, treachery, love, and secrets started to shape and unfold. Terra Nova really started to form a connection with the viewers at this point, you started to get caught up with who's side you're on and who can you trust questions started to form. It is deeply saddening that now the show has come to an end when everything started to get interesting. Terra Nova deserved to continue to blossom. I am really going to miss all the characters, and I now have tons of questions: What happened to Taylor's son? What's in the Bad Lands? What are they going to do without the portal? How is the civilization going to grow? Is there going to be another portal possibly because Taylor's son is still alive? SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!
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