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Josh Gad: Ludlow Lamonsoff



  • Professor Iwatani : Pac-Man is not bad. You'll see.

    Sam Brenner : Professor Iwatani, what are you doing?

    Professor Iwatani : I will talk to him, he's my son.

    [to Pac-Man] 

    Professor Iwatani : Hello, my sweet, little boy. Look how big you've grown.

    Ludlow Lamonsoff : That's so sweet, he's so sweet.

    Professor Iwatani : I know, you're a good boy.

    [Pac-Man bit his hand into pixels, then he and the genius scream] 

    Professor Iwatani : Somebody kill this stupid thing!

  • Sam Brenner : Why didn't you call me then?

    Ludlow Lamonsoff : Because the CIA has been tapping my phones ever since I found out the Zapruder film has been edited, JFK shot first.

    Sam Brenner : Ludlow, it is you.

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff : [Surrenders to Lady Lisa]  You win, I'm not gonna fight you anymore. Ok, I know that you have love in your heart and I know that I could make you happy but if you need to kill me, you're just gonna have to go ahead and kill me. At least I can die a happy man knowing that I found true love.

    [Lady Lisa drops her swords, Ludlow stands up and they kiss passionately] 

    Eddie Plant : And I couldn't even get a handshake from Serena Williams!

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff : What am I looking at right now? Are you guys, soldiers or the casts of Magic Mike? Are you gonna fight or dance naked?

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff : Look at me, I'm delicious. They'll gobble me up like space dimsum!

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff : I believe that some alien life-force, has sent real life video games, to attack us.

    [Scene cuts to Pac-Man attacking the firefighters truck] 

    Sam Brenner : [Thinks for 4 seconds]  That makes sense.

  • Eddie Plant : Pac Man? Boom! That's my jam. Let's get us some light cannons and blow this sucker back to whatever planet it came from.

    Ludlow Lamonsoff : No, no light cannons don't kill Pac Mac. Those... those little ghosts do.

    Eddie Plant : Boom! Let's get us some little ghosts.

  • Eddie Plant : Let's hit it!

    [a chase begins in their cars as ghosts as Pac-Man moves around the city] 

    Sam Brenner : Pac-Man's faster than I remember.

    Eddie Plant : Pac-Man's always been faster than the ghost. We're gonna have to outmaneuver.

    [the chase continues until they got Pac-Man cornered] 

    Ludlow Lamonsoff : We got him! He's got nowhere to go!

    [Pac-Man moves and eats a power pellet, causing the cars as ghosts to turn deep blue] 

    Sam Brenner : Oh, god, no!

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff : Hi.Ludlow Lamonsoff. We'd actually met before but you will not remember because it was in the back of Brenner's van and I was watching through the window. *sniff* You smell so nice like the book of Genesis.

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