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Lidia Cooks Up a Tour of Multicultural "Freedom & Independence"

While her son Joe Bastianich lives it up in primetime on MasterChef, Lidia Bastianich contents herself with a far more low-profile and easily kinder type of programming on PBS. Her Lidia Celebrates America series has covered a number of different special events iconic in Americana like weddings and holidays, and this time she takes a more patriotic turn (for a few countries) with the theme of "Freedom & Independence". Her 4th of July special looks not only at American freedom and independence, but the legacy of celebrations for new citizenship, the liberation of slaves, the French equivalent of our independence day (Bastille Day) with Jacques Pepin, and the similar celebration from the Philippines. It's a mix of cultures that sees Lidia trying a truly diverse collection of dishes while learning about worldwide traditions for celebrating independence.

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TV on Tap: Scott Speedman is “Open” to HBO and Lifetime’s Anna Nicole Smith Movie


Open, the human sexuality drama Ryan Murphy is producing for HBO, has cast Scott Speedman as its second male lead, according to Deadline. I am now eagerly awaiting the gifs to flow on Tumblr.

Scott Speedman

In the latest news of real crime to take notes from Breaking Bad, an Idaho man killed his girlfriend and tried to dispose of the body by soaking it in acid. When police checked his DVD player, it had been left at the scene where Walter instructs Jesse on the kind of plastic tub to buy for that kind of disposal.

I’m debating how I feel about the news that The Price is Right celebrating the anniversary of Plinko with an all-Plinko episode. I love Plinko, and when I manage to catch Tpir, I’m thrilled to see the Plinko board — but I’m not sure if it’ll work with no
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