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  • Rhonda and Paul are a loving married couple, but when Paul is infected by an escapee from a secret zombie rehab facility, their lives change forever. After Paul is infected, he instinctively returns home. We he gets there, he finds Rhonda and attacks. But, just as he lunges to rip her open, something stops him and he nestles in the bosom of his beloved Rhonda. Rhonda loves him too much to turn him into the authorities, so she tries to rehabilitate him in secret. At first she is successful, but her success does not go unnoticed, and forces more powerful than she become involved. True Love Zombie is about love, ambition, power and bigotry and, of course, ZOMBIES!!!!!

  • Paul and Rhonda are happy in love, but when Paul is turned into a flesh eating zombie by an escapee from a secret government laboratory, their lives change forever. After Paul is infected, he instinctively returns home, but when he finds Rhonda there, something inside stops him from eating his true love's brain. Rhonda knows she is supposed to turn Paul in, but she can't bear the thought of putting him in a zombie rehab center. So she decides to rehabilitate him herself, in secret. And so together they face the realities of a cold, cruel world............


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  • True Love Zombie is the original Dark, Romantic, Coming of Age, Comedy, Social Satire ZOMBIE MOVIE! C'mon, if zombies were really as stupid as they are in the epoco zombie movies, we'd slaughter them in about 2 or 3 weeks. True Love Zombie tells a story of what it might really be like if zombies walked among us.

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