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  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Former paparazzi Thomas Grady's most recent photo, a scandalous shot of the First Lady, is certainly worth more, a lot more.

  • Thomas Grady (Zach McGowan)'s a former paparazzi, who inadvertently captured a scandalous shot of one of the US's most prominent and beloved figures; the First Lady (Joyce DeWitt). What ensues is a conflict of morals, love and money, while examining the line between an individual's right to privacy and the public's right to know - a parallel between the damage which can be inflicted by shooting someone with a camera instead of a gun. How far would a person go to protect their privacy?


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  • They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Former paparazzi Thomas Grady's (Zach McGowan) most recent picture is certainly worth a lot more! Thomas has been out of the paparazzi business for some time, struggling in his new life. When it appears he has bottomed out, down on his luck and losing most of what he owns, he inadvertently captures The money shot - a scandalous, revealing photo of one of the world's most prominent and beloved figures - The First Lady (Joyce DeWitt).

    Thomas comes to the realization that shooting The First Lady with a camera could cause as much collateral damage as if he had shot her with a gun and it will clearly unsettle The President (Michael Pare). It's an assassination of sorts, but Thomas never thought he might be the one in danger. What ensues is a terrific conflict of morals, love and money. Selling the picture could resolve all of Thomas's professional and financial troubles, but it will also force him to confront the love of his life (Angela Gots) his father (Robert Loggia) and his brother (David Chokachi) as this photo puts the true nature of their relationships to a test.

    The choices aren't clear for Thomas as the blurry line between the public's right to know and an individual's right to privacy is crossed. The offers are rolling in for really big money. His assistants, Casey (Nina Transfeld) and Randy (Michael Rivera) add an unexpected twist as the drama unfolds.

    Then there's the President and The First Lady, who want the embarrassing picture back; how far do you think they will go to protect their privacy? Not to mention this could cost the President the upcoming election. Their henchman (Martin Kove) steps into the fray and things get interesting. Of course the powers that be are not the only ones who would like to get their hands on this photo; the media and the President's enemies among others, are doing their best to be first to embarrass the Presidential couple . What would you do if it was your Privacy for Sale? How far would you go? Then there is the big surprise ending, which is reminiscent of 'The Sixth Sense' leaving viewers asking themselves 'How did I miss that?'.

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