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Will Sam survive?
Tweekums26 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Working undercover in the Turner house things are starting to get more dangerous for Sam; especially after she follows Jack one evening and witnesses him battering a man to death. She is spotted but manages to get away; she is not out of danger though as Jack knows a woman was there and he is paranoid to suspect it was her without evidence. Jack's associate Lewis Conroy, who was also there, is certain that Sam was the woman concerned although she obviously denies it when questioned. The dead man had been involved in the creation of a program called Kismet which would react to news events to help investments; the problem was he didn't like that Jack was using it to make his fortune by engineering disasters that would obviously affect the stock market… and as he needs to get thirty million pounds over night it looks as if he might need another disaster. Meanwhile Aidan has discovered Sam's secret room and found the word 'Hour Glass'… on the face of it, it doesn't lead anywhere; just an old cold war file from the seventies… a file concerning his MI-6 handler's boss.

The action certainly picked up a bit this week with a brutal murder, a dramatic fight with security men in a skyscraper, a massive explosion and a finale which suggested our protagonist might not be long for this world! With the high level of drama it was easy to overlook the fact that things were all rather far fetched. It is good that we are finally learning a bit about Turner's operation although we still have no idea what Byzantium really stands for; there is certainly something shady about it. Having got to the half way point I'm finding myself enjoying this more than I expected and after the dramatic ending I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next… I'm glad that the 'what happens next' preview didn't feature either of the characters that appeared to be in extreme danger; it is nice to be kept guessing even if it is unlikely either would really be killed off.
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