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7 Jan. 2019
The Great Train Robbery
Mrs McCarthy and Lady Felicia are held hostage by a bumbling pair of train robbers.
8 Jan. 2019
The Passing Bell
A disliked bell ringer is found murdered in the belfry.
9 Jan. 2019
The Whistle in the Dark
A professor in serious debt invites collectors to his home to bid on an ancient whistle that summons the dead.
10 Jan. 2019
The Demise of the Debutante
Three murders occur at a finishing school and Father Brown sends in Bunty to investigate.
11 Jan. 2019
The Darkest Noon
When Father Brown and Mallory go missing, it is up to the gang to save them from a man hellbent on revenge.
14 Jan. 2019
The Sacrifice of Tantalus
When Mallory's pursuit of a fugitive ends in disaster, a familiar face returns to hunt the culprit.
15 Jan. 2019
The House of God
Suspicions are aroused when the holiest house in Kembleford is linked to the death of a wanton woman.
16 Jan. 2019
The Blood of the Anarchists
A troupe of radical Anarchists come to Kebleford to do a outdoor play in a field at a local farm and start getting murdered off one by one.
17 Jan. 2019
The Skylark Scandal
A bird watching group cross over land off their map, and the Lord shoots at them. Later, the Lord ends up dead at the locked in hostel the group is staying at.
18 Jan. 2019
The Honourable Thief
Lady Felicia's diamond is stolen by a Russian who wanted to buy it, but she refused. Father Brown calls in Hercule Flambeau to steal it back from him. Flambeau also empties out the Russians safe and double crosses them.

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