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Frank gets sent to prison
Tweekums21 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Frank's latest pick-up doesn't quite go according to plan; at the first meeting point there is nobody there apart from a beggar, to whom he gives five dollars. Carla gives him a new meeting point where he ends up helping a man load a washing machine into a car, this man shoves a fifty dollar bill into Frank's pocket but he returns it. Then things get really strange he sees a man in a green car he assumes is his contact but his hands are taped to the steering wheel; this man drives off and Frank follows. Soon a large number of black cars start chasing and cause the green car to crash. Frank gets the man out of the car then finds himself arrested! There is a body in the boot and he is being accused of murder! Everything that happened before is part of an elaborate set up by a corrupt cop to get Frank into jail. A day later he is told it was all an embarrassing mistake and he is released and told not to open the envelope containing his possessions till he is out of the building. Not surprisingly it does not contain his belongings; surprisingly it does contain a severed hand! This was all a ruse to get it out of the jail… but why? Frank will have to deliver it if he is to figure out who was messing with him.

This was a solid episode with a good sense of mystery and some fine action. The mystery starts early on as we can guess that the people Frank meets aren't what they seem but have no idea what they are doing. When we see the same faces in prison with Frank the mystery only deepens. The action includes a couple of car chases that lead to crashes. There are also some enjoyably fights; before the credits we see Frank deal with a man trying to rip off a woman whose car has broken down and later he has fights in jail and in a gym. Away from the action we get some comedy from Dieter who has to deal with a client with no respect for his car. Overall a pretty exciting episode.
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