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  • "The Voice" - "The Battles Begin" - March 5, 2012

    Carson explains that the 48 members of the 4 teams are about to head into the battle rounds against their own teammates. The coaches will mentor the contestants as well as celeb mentors.

    Team Adam:Robin Thicke and Alanis Morissette Team Blake: Kelly Clarkson and wife Miranda Lambert Team Cee Lo: Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and Ne-Yo Team Xtina: Jewel and Lionel Richie Each judge/coach will eliminate 6 of their team members.

    We start with Team Adam. His first match-up is Tony Lucca vs. Chris Cauley, they will be "singing in harmony and trying to kill each other" as Adam says. They'll be doing "Beautiful Day" by U2. Adam coaches them and says it will be a tough choice. Alanis arrives to offer advice to Tony. Adam tells him to not strain so much, not work so hard. Robin Thicke helps coach Chris. Robin tells him to open up his body language. Adam tells him to imbue the lyrics with more emotion. They enter the ring. Tony begins and sounds good even though it's a bit low. Chris chimes in and also sounds good but his body language is still receding. They sound lovely together as well. This is going to be a tough decision. Blake says to go with Chris for pitch reasons. Christina likes them both. Cee Lo likes Tony. Adam liked them both and says it was very close but he ultimately picks Tony. Chris leaves saying he's a big a fan of Adam as a man as well as a musician. He says very gracious things about Tony.

    Next up is Team Blake. The first match up is Adley Stump vs. RaeLynn. They'll be doing "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty. Blake chose them because they're very different. They rehearse the song and Adley is much stronger. The mentors will be for Raylin and Adley will be Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson. Blake tells Raylin to concentrate on being solid and Miranda tells her to be herself. Kelly tells Adley not to be nervous and to also go soft and show she has dynamics like Raylin. They get in the ring. RaeLynn comes out swinging, way off key and doing the hitching voice thing. Adley comes in to harmonize and sounds a little off because RaeLynn. She's great on her own and when RaeLynn comes in it's not so great. RaeLynn improves a bit but each time they come together it is rough. Adley is clearly the winner. Cee Lo thinks it should be Adley. Adam is all for RaeLynn because she's more unique. Blake inexplicably picks RaeLynn. Adley says her goodbyes sweetly and thanks Blake for believin g in her.

    Next up is Team Christina. Her first match-up is Chris Mann and Monique Benabou and they'll be singing "The Power of Love" by Celine Dion. They start working on their song and Monique is intimidated by Chris's experience but Christina is impressed by Monique's power. Lionel Richie comes in to counsel Chris and he's freaked out, Lionel tells him to stop being such a perfectionist because that's where the magic is. She tells him to be in the moment. Jewel comes to talk to Monique, and they watch her blind audition. They get in the ring. She starts off a little shaky vocally but looks smashing. He's much stronger at the start. They have nice interplay. The chorus harmony feels a little off but it's hard to tell who, until it's clearly him. She kills the bridge. And so does he. It's very sweet. Cee Lo says to go with Chris. Adam also goes with Chris. Blake goes with Monique. Christina goes with Chris. Monique gives big ups to Xtina.

    Next up is Team Cee Lo. His first match-up is Cheesa and Angie Johnson. They'll be singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart." They rehearse at the piano and Cheesa wants to sing it up a half-step. Babyface comes in to help Cheesa. The key is now too high for her and he wants her to hold the end notes and she probably won't be able to. Ne-Yo comes to help out Angie and he likes that she has tough and gentle parts to her voice. He tells her not to hold back onstage.They enter the ring. They both start off well enough. And they actually make their way through pretty equally. It's all a little melodramatic but, hey, that's the song. Adam says they were both really powerful but says he'd pick Cheesa maybe. Blake would go with Angie because she had better diction. Christina would go with Angie. Cee Lo picks Cheesa. Angie thanks Cee Lo for the shot.

    Next up is Team Blake and he matches up Jordis Unga vs. Brian Fuente to sing "Ironic" and Alanis Morissette. He calls them his "rockers" and wants to be throwing up devil horns and "I Love You" in sign language. Brian is worried about the key and that he's the rocker. Jordis seems to be struggling more she says she needs to "become" the song. Brian gets advice from Kelly Clarkson, she says he seems hesitant and needs to commit to the notes. Blake tells him not to hold back or he will get steamrolled. Miranda helps Jordis. She's worried about hitting the notes and Blake tells her to get out of her head. They enter he ring and she seems a little nervous. In the chorus she has a leg up. He's much softer and more off key during his solo portion. This is not a good song for either one of them and it ends weakly. Christina says there were pitchy and shaky in the whole performance and says she'd pick Jordis. Cee Lo would go with Brian. Adam says he'd pick Jordis. Blake thought the whole performance was kind of a mess and he picks Jordis.

    Next up is Team Christina and she's pairing Anthony Evans and Jesse Campbell and they're singing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. They both seem nervous. They rehearse and Jesse seems to do some intimidation tactics. Lionel Richie counsels Jesse not to "outdo" and tells him to take his time. Anthony's adviser Jewel. Jewel tells him not to do extra runs and trills for vanity but to have that emotional. Jewel thinks he has an advantage being considered an underdog. They get into the ring and both sound great from the get go. Their harmony is also lovely. This is the toughest call of the night. They get a standing ovation. Cee Lo was blown away. Adam also thinks they're insanely good and can't choose and will only say Jesse because he wanted him. Blake also goes with Jesse. Christina says she's so upset to make this decision but she chooses Jesse. Anthony has no regrets which feels like winning to him.

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