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BandSAboutMovies19 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Declan Holmes is about to graduate college and head into the real world. But to get there, he has to experience losses beyond what he's ever felt before. This movie is all about his journey through the most difficult time of his life and the relationships that will either make or break him.

Delan has it rough. His dad is dying but they haven't reached any resolution beforehand. He's broken up with the love of his life. And most importantly to him, he has a script that he just can't finish.

This is a pretty talky affair and I found it difficult to connect to the hero, but that may because I've lived more life than he has and know that the issues that make you feel like its the end of the world in your 20's are nothing compared to the pain and stress that you'll feel in your 40's. I'm certain I'll feel the same way twenty years from now as I look back.

This was shot right in my home area of Western Pennsylvania, so it's cool to see movies coming out of the region. I'm looking forward to seeing where Matt Croyle's work proceeds from here.
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