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Season 1

3 Mar. 2012
Gluttony: Carnal Appetite
A military officer's perverse indulgences take a violent turn when he is accused of rape. To save his reputation he plots to silence his victim for good. A gluttonous love triangle from hell is driven out of control by sex, drugs and childhood demons.
10 Mar. 2012
Greed - Deadly Desire
A lesbian couple hatches a diabolical scheme to cash in on the fortune of one of their wealthy parents. A teenager and her therapist, 20 years her senior, fall in love and marry. Their relationship, rooted in deep emotional greed leads to tragedy.
17 Mar. 2012
Envy - Green-Eyed Monster
Driven by envy, a young con-man with a family of five stops at nothing to live the party lifestyle he'd always dreamed of. / A young mother consumed with jealousy over her best friend's idyllic life, hatches a murderous plot to acheive the the same.
24 Mar. 2012
Lust - Insatiable
A lecherous psychopath's lust for adolescent girls ends in the destruction of five innocent lives. And a young man stops at nothing to satisfy his lust for sex, power and money.
7 Apr. 2012
Pride - Mother of All Sins
A mobbed-up punk prides himself on taking what he wants until he takes the life of an innocent victim. And a businessman proud of his achievements believes wealth is worth more than the lives of his family.
7 Apr. 2012
Lethal Entitlement (Sloth)
From an early age, Ernest Scherer III cheats his way through life. Instead of working, he becomes a professional poker player. When his parents cut him off, Ernest goes after his inheritance - by eliminating them.
21 Apr. 2012
Reckless Abandon (Anger)
A spoiled 16-year old cheerleader becomes pregnant by her 21- year old boyfriend and is prompted to commit bloody murder. And a guy who has it all decides to kill his wife and the judge overseeing his divorce when things just don't go his way.

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