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21 Feb. 2015
Dancing on Her Grave
Jason Griffith is a dancer who moves to the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, landing a choice role in the Cirque de Soleil show. When he meets dancer Debbie Narvaez, in Luxor's Fantasy show sexual appetite leads these dancers down a horrific path.
28 Feb. 2015
Teen Carnage
A twisted teenager manipulates her guilt-ridden mother into allowing her supposedly "gay" friend to move in with them. But when the true nature of their relationship is outed, the teen seduces her friend to murder her mother.
14 Mar. 2015
Episode #4.3
A creepy voyeur teams up with a thuggish burglar, and together their lust, wrath and greed ruin one Connecticut family forever.And then...a Christian counselor lets pride turn him into a vengeful brute blinded by wrath. He's left with nothing,
21 Mar. 2015
Don't Make Me Kill You
Rising NFL star, Rae Carruth, had all the talent on the football field...and also in the bedroom. But faced with the consequences, he decides to eliminate anyone who gets in his way the only way he knows - with murder.
28 Mar. 2015
Two Deadbeat Ricks
A Texas Boy Scout transforms into a high-flying dope dealer but when the wannabe Scarface smokes up all the profit and piles up dangerous debts, he decides to shoot his way out of the red.
Head Games
A young army private with delusions of greatness has a lusty affair A young army private with delusions of greatness has a lusty affair with an underage tart. Nothing will get in the way of his illicit affair- including his loving wife and infant son.
7 Mar. 2015
Lethal Love Triangles
A hotshot entrepreneur buys Silicon Valley's most glamorous nightclub and falls for one of its sexy cocktail waitresses. But when he learns that she's sleeping with the club's ex-owner, he orders a hit on his rival.
11 Apr. 2015
If I Can't Have You... (Cindy Grant-Chase and Seth Mazzaglia//Katherine McDonough)
A love obsessed former prostitute can't take no for an answer. When her parole officer gives her the slip, her obsession kicks into high gear. A community theater loser with delusions of grandeur traps teenagers in his perverted web.
15 Jan. 2015
Miami Con & Swindle
A struggling single mother is given much needed help by her boss- a prominent psychiatrist. She pays him back by stealing from him and orchestrating his murder.
25 Apr. 2015
Sunshine State of Delirium
A boyfriend's lust for sex and money turns to murder.

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