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7 Jul. 2017
Conspiracy of Sinners
A church becomes a bloody battlefield when a rage-filed woman & her dysfunctional family come to town. Then, a woman meets a surgeon on the hunt for perfection, she will discover he has a lust for blood, and she is his prey.
14 Jul. 2017
Lethal Misconduct
A shy Marine wife's loneliness lands her in the center of a deadly love triangle and cheating can have deadly consequences. Then later, a young nurse and a taboo romance blooms but, it leads to the ultimate betrayal.
21 Jul. 2017
Vicious Vices
An egomaniac spins his secrets and lies into a deadly web and pride turns a heart to darkness. Then, it's a love triangle with razor-sharp edges; with lust and greed feeding the flame, someone will end up in ashes.
28 Jul. 2017
Sinning on the High Seas
Julie's the kind of girl everyone wants to be, but forbidden desires can lead to horrifying ends. Then, the future looks bright for a pair of lovebirds, Sophie and Tony, but good things don't last forever when envy takes hold.
4 Aug. 2017
Killer Grudge
A California hair stylist has it all: a loving family, a great career, and a new man who hides a dark side, but madness sparks into rage. Then, a triangle of lust, pride and wrath will tear them apart forever.
11 Aug. 2017
Next of Sin
A young woman thinks she's found true love, but her ideal man has the heart of a monster. Also: a video game junkie is locked in a lonely world until the perfect partner leads him to the darkest place of all.
18 Aug. 2017
Sugar and Spite
A father has his daughter's life all planned out - with secrets hiding at home & high hopes for the future, it will end in terror. Later, when sinister forces are at work, even a father's love to his daughter has its limits.
Breaking Point
He devoted his life to helping people and upholding the law. But somewhere along the way, he turned from savior to monster. Then, a match made in hell. And when envy is pitted against pride, it's a battle to the death.
Spider's Kiss
A self-made mogul retires to Florida to live out his life in luxury. When his relationship sours, the days in the sun are numbered. Then, well-loved lawman's dream life ensnares him in a gold-digger's lethal web of lies.
8 Sep. 2017
Kiss 'n Kill
A highly successful couple is the envy of all their friends. But an insatiable lust for fame will end in anguish. Then, a pious woman begins a storybook marriage, until an unholy secret takes root.

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