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Terrific performances
purrlgurrl8 August 2013
Trojan Bellisario and Jennifer Beals are simply terrific. With lesser performances, this would be a sappy soap opera. But these are women warriors, and both actresses portray them that way. Beals has always been a much better screen actress then many of the insipid and silly roles she's played throughout her career. It's good to see her once again surprise us with her talent. Despite being Hollywood second generation, which can indicate nepotism rather than talent, Trojan Bellesario has the goods, and she delivers them in every one of her scenes.

The show's theme could have easily been ripped from today's headlines, and it's the only show or film that I know of currently that dares to deal with this subject.
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nad2104 July 2013
Actors are amazing and really captivate the audience! Such a good show, and great that it's only 10 minutes per episode-helps the plot move along and not drag behind but also without overlooking important information for the audience. Love the dynamic between characters and the entire theme of right v. wrong, passion v. power, etc. PLEASE GOD PLEASE LET THERE BE A SEASON 3!!! If it's not approved for the next season that will be SUCH a's entertaining and inspiring, and deserves not to be left hanging like it would be without another season! So, whoever is in charge of that, if you're seeing this, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Please and thank you :)
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Networks need to pick this up
arlenepena58 September 2014
This show needs to be picked up by a network. These issues are very real issues. I am hoping there will be a season 3 and soon. Jennifer Beal has been one of my favorite actresses, since Flashdance, this show just bumped her up to the number 1 spot. It would be a sad day if this show isn't continued. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a realistic drama that touches on an issue very rarely discussed, but is sadly very common. My reviews are few and far in between, because I only review shows that I am extremely passionate about. This is definitely one of them. The writers at WIGS did an amazing job with the narration of Lauren. I watched it on HULU at the edge of my seat. Troian Bellisario, Jennifer Beals, and Lesli Linka Glatter did a stand up job on portraying all the emotions that comes with this common issue in our military. I just hope that my review entices you to watch it- because it definitely is a must see.
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The Military Way
Left_back29 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What a wonderful portrayal! The characters and the acting reached out and grabbed me by the throat. Troian Bellisario is to be commended for the honesty and realism in the role of Sgt Lauren Weil, and certainly Jennifer Beals is no slouch either as Major Stone.

From the small to the wide, the context of military as family, judge and jury is well known; and like a family the recognition of misconduct by its members is extremely hard to reconcile when the subject is sexual assault. In 'Lauren' it's clear that no one wants to rock the boat, so silencing dissenters and 'problem' people is being done systematically and in the interest of maintaining the status quo.

How Lauren manages to keep her dignity and pride intact despite the roadblocks thrown her way was riveting.

WIGS certainly has thrown the spotlight on a topic which the US military tries hard to keep quiet. My thanks and appreciation for giving us a glimpse behind the curtain.
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zazadunord23 February 2019
Amazing series, the story is strong and significant. The actresses are incredible. The scenario, unveiling bits by bits the horror of this common female story is fantastic. Why is it only a webserie ? it deserves to be seen by a large public
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