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5 Jan. 2017
Kristen Wiig - The Volvo-ness
Jerry Seinfeld with Kristen Wiig in a 1964 Volvo 122S Amazon getting coffee.
12 Jan. 2017
Norm MacDonald: A Rusty Car in the Rain
Norn MacDonald having coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.
19 Jan. 2017
Cedric the Entertainer: Dictators, Comics and Preachers
Cedric the Entertainer joins Jerry in a 1958 Bentley S1, and they discuss the "pre-laugh," the survival mindset of comedians and more.
26 Jan. 2017
Lewis Black: At What Point Am I Out From Under?
Jerry picks up eternally exasperated Lewis Black in an appropriately black Cadillac Eldorado for a drive to the legendary Junior's in Brooklyn.
2 Feb. 2017
Christoph Waltz: Champagne, Cigars, and Pancake Batter
Rolling up in a 1957 BMW 507 roadster, Jerry whisks "Inglourious Basterds" star Christoph Waltz off for an international feast -- IHOP-style.
9 Feb. 2017
Bob Einstein: It's Not So Funny When It's Your Mother
Bob Einstein returns to the show. He talks about his career and the death of his father, the comedian and broadcaster Harry Einstein. Car: Acura NSX.

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