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Michael's efforts to call a truce with Gerard Findlay are vitiated when Grantly interrupts their meeting to protest that Gerard's pupils have vandalised his car. Ultimately however the two older men ally as Gerard implies to Grantly that he knows a secret from Michael's past. Tom is more concerned with the disruptive behaviour of Congolese Lula Tsibi at Denzil's memorial ceremony. Her uncle Lionel has told her that she is possessed by a demon and must be exorcised though Tom learns he is playing on Lula's belief that she was responsible for her father's death and gets Lula's mother on side to prevent the exorcism and banish Lionel and his negative superstitions. Connor takes drastic action to expose his mother's alcoholism though he gets no thanks for it whilst Madi turns up to join Sian and Josh tries to encourage the wheelchair-bound Tariq to entertain outside activities.

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