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  • Deacon offers to help talk Juliette's mother into rehab. Rayna says no to a Greatest Hits album again. Rayna is recording one of her and Deacon's songs for a commercial, it was altered and Deacon won't sign off on the change. Teddy and Coleman debate the baseball stadium. Teddy meets with Peggy and we learn it's not an affair they are hiding, it's a crime. Scarlett and Gunnar get an audition for one of their songs. When they need another guitarist Avery steps in, but he gets jealous and takes over the song by playing a flashy lead.


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  • "Nashville" - "Move it On Over" - Nov. 7, 2012

    We open on Juliette recording in the studio, an uptempo hand-clapper singing about yelling from the rooftops. Deacon is playing guitar with her band. Her producer Randy doesn't look happy.

    Outside the studio her publicist brings Glenn some coffee and says they need to put out a release noting Juliette's back in the studio. Deacon comes out to get Juliette's coffee. Apparently the session has been endless because Juliette doesn't want to go home. Glenn tells Deacon that the problem is her mom who is staying with her until her sentencing hearing or if she goes to rehab. Deacon surmies rehab has been a non-starter.

    Back in studio Randy says they are getting diminishing returns and there have been perfect takes. Juliette says she''ll tell him when they have a perfect take. Deacon tries to talk to her about her mother. With his history of addiction he says he can help her. She just wants to stay out her way. Deacon pushes. Seh decides she's done and leaves. Deacon asks where she's going. She says doesn't know.

    Across town Rayna's trying on dress for a commercial shoot. Joe likes it and wants her to wear it on the cover of her greatest hits album. She says she doesn't want to make a hits compilation til she's old. He points out that this label head Marshall Evans' peace offering. She appreciates that but wants to make a new, original, great album. Teddy calls, he's on his way to debate Coleman. She offers to come. He tells her not to. They exchange I love yous. As Joe leaves Rayna reminds him she needs a new collaborator and a new guitar player.

    Teddy meets Peggy. She's nervous about going to prison. It has to do with the audit of the credit union. Apparently, they "borrowed" over two million dollars. Teddy points out that they returned it. She says it's still embezzlement and if they go to Feds now they might be able to cut a deal. He says no and asks for a day to figure it out. She says she's scared. He says she'll be fine.

    Rayna shoots the commercial lip-synching a song, maybe called "American Beauty.' She shimmers and shimmies in a red dress. Bucky returns, they have a problem. Deacon's lawyer called to say he doesn't like the tweak to the first verse to make it work for the commercial. Bucky tells her to call him. She says that's what he wants.

    At the publishing house Hayley tells Gunnar she doesn't want to get into the middle of anything with him and Scarlett. He says there's nothing to get in the middle of. Scarlett has a boyfriend and he has her. She says she wants to keep it uncomplicated. Scarlett arrives with Jeannie to announce that they've got a private audience for Lady Antebellum's producer Paul Worley the next day to hear some of their song. Jeannie wants to add another guitar to round their sound out.

    Juliette goes home to her too quiet house. She calls out to her mother whom she can't find. She and her bodyguard find her mother passed out in bed with a skanky dude and with bottles of booze and pills strewn about. Juliette kicks the skanky dude out. Her mother follows her out in her underwear asking why she's so mean to her. Juliette calls her embarrassing and to back her up people on the street are stopping and gawking. Her mother retorts she's not the one who stole a bottle of nail polish "and you call me pathetic." (Um, yeah.)

    At the Coleman-Teddy debate, Teddy does boilerplate "new Nashville" stuff. Coleman points out that Teddy is classic "old Nashville"and goes back in a long line of old money and even though he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth he's dug himself a financial hole he might never got out of. (Apparently his dad had similar problems.) He brings up the baseball stadium that he says will drain the city of money. He says the only thing Teddy has ever done is inherit money and lose it. (Wow, ouch, Coleman don't play.) He says Nashville deserves better than that.

    Back at the Barnes house Juliette apologizes to Bo her bodyguard. He says family is complicated. Juliette says she's tried ot get her clean 100 times but it never works. Bo says maybe it's time for outside help. Seh calls Deacon.

    Avery comes home to Scarlett on the phone to her mom talking about the next day's guitar pull. She's making him dinner. He notes she's really excited. He offers up his services as her extra guitar player. She doubts his sincerity but says having him there would help her nerves. He says yes. They make out in a way that suggests they'll be skipping dinner.

    Deacon comes home and Rayna is waiting for him. She asks him about the commercial. He asks her about changing the words and how it ruins the song. She says he knows she doesn't want to do this but she needs the money for her family. He says music's all he's got and it means something to him. She says it means something to her too and that's why she's trying to figure out how to afford to keep playing it. He points out he didn't cancel the tour. She says he knows why she canceled it. So now he figure she's selling songs to the highest bidder. She thinks it's ironic that he doesn't want his song in a commerical but it doesn't offend his sensibilities to play with Juliette. This touches a nerve. They argue more. She asks him to sign the release. He says no. She asks if this is how he wants to do this. She says 'nice to see you Deacon.' He replies in kind.

    Rayna has lunch by the river with Bucky. He says all the writers want to work with her but the good ones have commitments. She muses that maybe she write herself, to prove to herself she can and not be beholden to other people.

    Teddy goes to Lamar and tells the truth about the "busted real estate deal." He says he ran out of capital waiting for the permits, the markets crashed, the bills piled up so he "protected my investors" by embezzling cash. Peggy found the money and he didn't ask questions. Lamar wonders why. Teddy suspects that Peggy wanted "more" from their relationship but that was strictly on her end. Lamar says Teddy should've come to him. Teddy thought he had it under control. So Peggy buried it until they paid it back but she's scared by the audit. Lamar says he'll make sure Peggy feels safe and to keep his head in the campaign. Lamar tells him that he is not going to be his father.

    Juliette brings Deacon to meet Jolene. Deacon tries to talk to her. Jolene denies, denies, denies. Deacon says he just wants to talk.

    Over at the guitar pull Scarlett and Gunnar, with Avery's help sing their song for Paul Worley. They make eyes at each other as they sing "loving you is the only way..." Avery even sings a nice back up vocal. But then he also plays a showy lead guitar bit over the final verse. The producer compliments Avery.

    Deacon talks about everybody needing a little help and if she could do it on her own she probably would've done that by now. Juliette snarks in a corner and Deacon sends her off. He says he doesn't know what will happen if she gets clean but he knows what will happen if she doesn't. He says he knows a good place and her daughter needs her clean. Jolene cries and agrees to get help.

    Gunnar is about to confront Avery about his stunt but Avery says "you're welcome" implying he's owed a thank you for helping them out. Avery complains they were "making eyes" at each other. Gunnar says it was acting to sell a love song. Hayley watches this from the door as Avery said it was pretty damn good acting. Hayley clears her throat and Gunnar says he doesn't need this and stalks off. Scarlett is in the hallway and she overheard. Avery just walks by her.

    Bo, Juliette, Deacon, and Jolene arrive at the rehab. She tries to beg off. Deacon gets her out and grabs the pills that fall out of her purse. She starts to waffle as they walk towards the door. She turns to Juliette, slaps her and says "you can not force me to do this." Jolene turns around and heads back to the rehab. Deacon follws her in.

    Later, Deacon and Juliette debrief on his front stoop. He reassures her that she's done all she can. He asks if Jolene was always abusive. She says once in a while. He puts his hand on her arm. She tries to kiss him. He stops her. She says she's just trying to say thank you. He says she could just actually say, you know, thank you. She says she never thought of anyone like that. This makes him sad. She says everybody she knows just wants something from her. He says not everybody wants something from her, and if she does maybe she needs to spend more time alone. She says he sounds like a shrink she went to once. Once. He offers more help, she says she'll be fine.

    Gunnar and Scarlett pick up their paychecks at the Bluebird. She says she wants to clear up that there's nothing between them, she's with Avery. He says he's with Hayley. At that moment, Hayley texts. She's heard back from Paul.

    Teddy heads home and finds Rayna up late, 2:30 a.m. He says he's trying to turn things around.She asks if he wants to talk about it. He doesn't. He asks her what she's working on. She says she's writing a song, by herself for a change. He says he'll leave her to it. She looks at him funny as he walks out. He asks what happened between her and Deacon, why did they cancel the tour? Did she sleep with him? She says no and wonders if he really thinks she'd do that. He asks if she wanted to. She says they have to put the past behind them. He says he's trying to.

    Deacon meets with Coleman in a diner in his sponsor capacity saying how hard it was to go back to that rehab, the sights, smells. He apologizes to Coleman for having been the one to drag him there all those years ago. Coleman points out it was Rayna who was the one who saved his life. Coleman says he's holding on to something and it's time to let it go. He puts Jolene's pills on the table and exhales. He says he counted the pills over and over all night. He leaves. Coleman asks where he's going. He says he doesn't know.

    On an dark road Lamar meets with Peggy and says he can help her and make sure her audit interview never happens. Lamar tells her he needs one thing from her: stay calm, tell no one. He quietly scares her into silence.

    At the Bluebird Deacon plays a midtemp ballad called "Sideshow" about an alluring woman. A heckler asks where Rayna is saying he likes it better when she sings. Deacon says most people do.

    At Juliette's house she wants to move out, leave everything and just go, leave it all in her rearview mirror like Deacon counseled.

    Scarlett comes home pissed. The producer loved the song but the back up guitarist hijacked it. She says it wasn't his big shot it was their and he screwed it up because he's so jealous. She says she told Gunnar that she chooses him and that she doesn't know when Avery is going to start believing it himself and stop making her prove it all the time. He's got no comeback other than a not very sincere apology. She says she doesn't want to be a couple that fights all the time. He says he wants them to be the couple they've always been. She says in that couple she's a woman who writes poems and keeps them to herself.

    Outside the Bluebird the heckler tries to apologize and Deacon punches him. They throw down.

    In the middle of the night, Rayna's phone rings on her night stand. It's Deacon making a collect call from jail. She is offered to press one to accept and two decline. Rayna declines. Teddy wakes up and asks who it was. She says "nobody."

    The next day at the publishing house Gunnar tells Hayley he want to go legit, make it all complicated with feelings and stuff. She asks how complicated? They start making out right there in the hallway.

    Deacon walks out of jail with a new shiner. Juliette is there to pick him up. He thanks her. She says that's one that friends do, bail each other out.

    Lamar and Teddy look at negative ads. Teddy says if they do this Rayna will flip and Coleman will release the hounds. Lamar says if they don't he'll lose. He asks Teddy if he wants to win. Teddy says he does.

    In the studio, Bucky tells Rayna he loves her demo of her self-penned song. She is thrilled and tells him to tell Marshall Evans they have the first tune for her next album.

    Deacon calls Bucky and leaves a message letting him know that they can use the song for the commercial. He says he's letting it go.

    Juliette walks into her new house. It's beautiful. It has an infinity pool. She looks happy about it.

    Peggy and Teddy meet again. She says Lamar is a genius and the auditors are gone. Teddy says everything is going to be fine. As they exhale a photographer in a nearby car snaps photos of their clandestine meeting.

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