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It might be slight, but Loitering With Intent is fast, funny, and incredibly heartfelt. And sometimes that's enough.
Slant Magazine
It's a comedy concerned with myopia that doesn't succumb to the self-obsessed pitfalls of that subject.
Any movie with a cast that includes such live wires as Marisa Tomei, Sam Rockwell and Natasha Lyonne is bound to have something going for it. But the actual stars of this film, directed by playwright/novelist Adam Rapp, turn out to be two veteran second-tier players making their feature screenwriting debut.
The pic works best when it's least self-referential, focusing on romantic attractions in many stages of development. Though it won't do for its authors what Swingers and Good Will Hunting did for theirs, Loitering is smartly written enough to further their off-camera careers; thanks to predictably winning performances from Marisa Tomei and Sam Rockwell.
A snappy start gives way to an unfocused second half, which devolves into a walking tour of indie-film clichés that make the 80-minute run time feel overlong.
Village Voice
This is an indifferently filmed, sloppily conceived story that finds infrequent life through resourceful production design (Gigi's house is strewn with Modelo, Red Bull, and scribbled-on note cards) and on-edge work from Tomei and Rockwell.
The Dissolve
The film’s sketchy conception is a telling sign that Martin, Godere, and director Adam Rapp have nothing particularly funny or insightful to say about the creative process.
The title may suggest acts of indecency, but if there’s anything this mild dramedy could use, it’s a little more raciness.
The movie has no apparent destination in mind; it ends with a complacent shrug having barely reached feature running time. Ms. Tomei, Mr. Rockwell and Mr. Geraghty get stray laughs, but “Loitering With Intent” mostly plays like an excuse for its makers to hang out.
Loitering With Intent is essentially a 75-minute hangout movie, which would work better if the characters were worth hanging out with.

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