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Nashville Pilot
dalydj-918-25517510 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mrs. Coact Taylor is out of that house and now she is a famous country singer. Juliette gets a call from her Mom and she is a very mean women who doesn't really care for anybody other then herself. Everyone seems to love Rayna because she is a legend. Rayna and Juliette meet for the first time and you tell their fighting will be so covered up but funny at the same time. The team behind Rayna tells her that she will be opening up for Juliet now because her music is not selling as much as Juliet's is. When in the car with her finds Rayna does not like listening to the music of Juliet even though her children do. When Rayna goes to visit her friend she does not know Juliet is in the next room. Juliet try's to get Rayna's guitar player to join her by using the one talent she really has which is appealing to all the men with her sexuality. Rayna talks to her lead guitarist about him going to Juliet's band. It seems that Juliet has her own problems which include a drug addict mother who keeps looking for money. Rayna does not react well to the mayor talk as she thinks it's a bad idea. Rayna then meets with her record label saying she has so many awards for her work over the years. Rayna walks out on the label as they do not think her music fits into this decade. At the club and we get a performance from the waitress who works there. Great pilot with Britton making a strong impression and she is a much better singer then I thought she would be. Hayden was also good but her character is very unlikeable. The writer of Thelma & Louise knows how to mix comedy and drama and that will help the show I think.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Connie Britton)
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