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An insane fun horror anthology. Deserves more attention
coolsavon15 July 2013
~I want to start off by saying that V/H/S 2 is a huge step up from its predecessor. It delivers more chills, thrills, action, and what we enjoy most...FUN! I was completely thrown off when I first watched this movie. I didn't know it was going to be so insane. ~For the people who haven't seen the first V/H/S, basically the movies are about a bunch of 'found-footage' short horror stories played through VHS tapes by people in a house. While they are watching these VHS tapes, something spooky is also going on in the house as well that stretches through the whole movie giving you updates on what's happening in the between changing of tapes. Now let's get to the tapes which is the main focus of this film. I won't give super spoilers, but i'll just give brief description of each tape.

TAPE 1 - "Phase 1 Clinical Trials" This ghost story tape is the only one that made me jump a bunch of times. It will be the jump scare tape and that's what it heavily focuses on in scaring you. I enjoyed it for it's jump scares, but there is a questionable scene in there that doesn't make any sense, but luckily, I, a horror movie fanatic, knows that you aren't suppose to take horror movies that seriously or think SUPER deep about it. This one gets a... 8/10 (generous)

TAPE 2 - "A Ride in the Park" Ever wanted to see through the eyes of a zombie? Well this is your lucky short. This is a pretty cool zombie short. It could have been just a little bit better, but it is still pretty good thanks to a few awesome scenes in it. This one gets a... 7/10

TAPE 3 - "Safe Haven" This insane short is definitely the best out of the bunch. It is completely insane, bizarre, violent, and fun at the same time. Easily the most craziest, but enjoyable short I have ever experienced. If you see this film, make sure you watch this tape. It's long, but the crazy ending is worth it. This one gets a... 9.5/10

TAPE 4 - "Slumber Party Alien Abduction" Well, the title of the tape speaks for itself. This short gets pretty fun and intense, but the most noticeable aspect about this tape, is the unique way that it's filmed. The camera is actually attached to the back of a dog, so we see what the dog sees and I had to give a big thumbs up for that. It's pretty creative and actually works out well enough. This tape will have you wondering what the f**k is going on but keep you thoroughly entertained. This one gets a... 8/10

Wrap Around Tape/Frame Narrative - "Tape 49" As I said before, this is the story that plays on while the tapes are being watched. Two private investigators are searching for a missing college boy. They break into his house, search for him a little, then start to watch the tapes (which are the horror shorts) that he has. This story had a pretty clever twist in it that leads up to it's ending (which ends the whole film). This one gets a... 7/10

OVERALL - 8/10. It's fun, has some scares, is over-the-top violent and insane, and a lot better than the first one. V/H/S 1 fans will LOVE V/H/S 2 and horror fans will love this as well.
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Better than the first because of Safe Haven
andrewbarry633625 November 2013
I liked the original and this one surprised me. While not every story was top notch one stands out as original and had great direction.

Tape 1-Phase 1 Clinical Trials, This was a decent Ghost Story but was not very memorable. Did have a few scares and was fun to watch.6/10

Tape 2-A Ride In The Park, This one was fun and creative. Wasn't scary but I did like the set up and actually seeing the perspective of a Zombie was real cool. It has a lot of gore and while I don't really like zombies this one was nice to watch. 7/10.

Tape 3-Safe Haven, This is the best out of the bunch. Details an investigative team going into a religious cult and the outcome is insane and over the top. Has the best pacing and while there aren't many jump scares, it really manages to creep you out the whole time through. Also it is directed by the Mo Brothers who also did the ABC's Of Death letter L which was one of the best on that horror movie and did Macabre which I will link my review to that movie in the end. 9/10

Tape 4-Alien Abduction, Most people consider this the weakest of the bunch but Tape 1 was the weakest in my opinion. This has a nice set up and the effects are good for a short. Wasn't creepy like Safe Haven but it kept me interested in till the end. 8/10

Tape 49- The main story about two private investigators watching the tapes in a house where their looking for a kid from the first VHS. It was OK and while not the best story, it did give us a reason for watching the tapes which is nice. 6/10

Overall this movie gets a 7/10. Safe Haven was great and I never knew it was by the Mo Brothers in till I watched Macabre. That was great knowing that. My link to Macabre and my review. http://imdb.com/title/tt1447791/reviews-16

Check out my review for that movie as it is my surprise of the year for 2013. If you liked the first VHS then you will like this one. I find this one to be a little better and more creative. Not sure if they will do a third one but I would be open to it.
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Bigger, Better, Scarier, Funnier
moviewizguy15 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
V/H/S/2 is one of those rare sequels that improves on the original in almost every way. Everything is bigger, funnier, bloodier, but also shorter, with one less segment compared to the last film. However, less is more when it comes to this sequel. From the four segments that are included in this anthology (excluding the wrap-around segment), two are excellent, one is good, and the "worst" one is pretty entertaining, providing a more consistent quality of shorts as opposed to the first. Although I enjoyed the first one greatly, I must admit it doesn't hold up as well on repeat viewings. Nevertheless, whether you enjoyed or hated the first film, V/H/S/2 is a clear improvement, fixing some of the major problems that were in V/H/S. In fact, some might be glad to know the misogyny that plagued the first film is toned down tremendously here. Additionally, the less you know going into this, the better, so I'll keep my reviews for each segment as vague and general as possible. They are shown in the following order:

1. The wrap-around segment: Unfortunately, this segment doesn't add much to the overall narrative that was established in V/H/S. Everything is still pretty vague as to what the tapes are and where they come from. However, it's better than the wrap-around from the first because the ball gets rolling much quicker to get to the tapes that we all paid to see. 6/10

2. A guy gets a robotic eye implant that allows him to see ghosts. Directed by the talented Adam Wingard, this is the "worst" of all the tapes that are shown, but it isn't bad. There's an obvious gimmick here in the way the POV is handled, evoking the style of "Enter the Void," blinks and all, but it's entertaining and fun to watch as everything unfolds. 6/10

3. A guy rides his bike in a forest until he comes across some zombies. Just when you think the zombie genre is out of ideas, this segment provides a nifty twist to the situation, which I will not reveal. Although the idea is better than the execution, the segment is funny and very enjoyable, with an ending that will surprise you. 7/10

4. As we get to the latter half of shorts, things go into full throttle. A group of reporters interview the leader of a cult when things suddenly go downhill. Directed by Gareth Evans ("The Raid") and Timo Tjahjanto, this is the best and the longest of the bunch, running about 30-40 minutes. To reveal anything about this segment is a sin, but I will say that it's one of the best horror shorts I've ever seen. The slow buildup and expert pacing allows time for the characters to grow before all hell breaks loose, and when I say that, I really mean it. What follows after cannot be described in mere words, but trust me when I say V/H/S/2 is worth seeing just for this segment. To say the least, my visceral reaction would be hilarious to see. I was dying. 9/10

5. While it's obvious to say this last segment won't top the previous segment, it's almost as good in a different way. A group of kids have a slumber party when it's interrupted by extraterrestrial beings. Filled with energy, humor, scares, and incredible suspense, it's the most fun segment to experience. I was legitimately scared. While the previous segment is filled with dread and a sense of impending doom, this segment is more lighthearted and will make anyone giddy in their seats. It's like "The Goonies" with aliens, and boy will it have your heart racing. 9/10

Overall, I enjoyed all the segments, although the last two are easily my favorites. I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack. It's clear the filmmakers are having fun and want to entertain the audience, and they've succeeded on that level. V/H/S/2 is a step up from the first, and if you just want to have a fun time in theaters, I highly recommend it.
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S-VHS Improves In Chills And Thrills
godzillatokyos-o-s16 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
S-VHS is the follow up to last year's V/H/S, and features a new compilation of horror shorts from different directors. The main story is about two private investigators who are hired to find a missing college student. After breaking into his house, they find it empty, only with a pile of TV's and VHS tapes, which have "WATCH" written on them.

This movie is shorter than the first one, but it's for the best, and whereas the first had 6 tapes, this one has 5, but each of them are better than the one's from the original.

The tapes are shot in a POV style, and all of them include crazy things like aliens, zombies, demons, etc.


TAPE 47: Two investigators search for a missing student, and after breaking into his house, they start watching the VHS tapes that they find. The story still can't explain how the tapes ended up there, but you have to just forget about that, so it get's a 6/10

CLINICAL TRIALS: This short is about a man who has replaced his eye with a cyborg-robot eye, and, for quality measures, the company of the eye decides to record what it sees for "quality checks". Things go very, very wrong when the eye starts recording ghosts of people around the house. This tape relies on jump-scares and is fun and scary at the same time, and includes a good underwater scene, so it get's a 7/10

A RIDE IN THE PARK: This one is definitely the most innovating one and is about a biker that's riding his bicycle with a GoPro helmet, which has a camera. Soon, a zombie outbreak occurs and trying to rescue a woman, the biker gets bit and falls to the ground. He then "wakes up" and the rest of the tape is the zombie biker chasing and killing people, along with the rest of the horde. This one has a very cool scene where the biker storms a birthday party and starts biting the crap out of everyone, so it get's a good score of 8.5/10

SAFE HAVEN: Alright, so this is the tape that you payed to watch. It is about an Indonesian film crew who is shooting a documentary about a mysterious cult that lives in the country side. The cult leader allows them to record, and soon, s*** hits the fan. I'm not going to tell you much about this one, because you just have to see it for yourself, because not only is this tape the best in S-VHS AND V/H/S, as it's one of the best short, modern-horror films that has been made. You may be thinking that this is just my opinion, but if you go read the critics reviews, they all say the same. Safe Haven constantly makes you feel uncomfortable and disturbed, as through the film, more gore and hideous creatures are shown, including a monster than will be burnt into your brain for years. Safe Haven is the longest tape in S-VHS, running through 40 minutes, but it's definitely worth a watch, and it's probably the reason the Blu-Ray will be bought for. Safe Haven gets a 10/10

SLUMBER PARTY ALIEN ABDUCTION: Alright, if there was an Oscar for "Best Movie Title", this one would win. Not only is the title of this tape awesome, as the actual tape has some pretty spectacular scenes. SPAB is about a group of 13-year-old kids that are left alone with their big sister and her boyfriend at their lodge while their parents are gone for the day and night. This tape is the most spectacular. This tape is shot through a very uncommon way: the kids strap around a camera to their dog, and he records the kids doing things like building skate ramps and provoking their sister. Things go bad when creatures from outer space storm the lodge and everything gets noisy and crazy, with the creatures chasing the kids, while the dog is barking and going crazy. This one is easily the coolest and had the most "WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT?" moments, so it get's a 9/10


S-VHS improves so much on the first one, not only on the quality of the tapes, as it removes most of the uninteresting stuff like the stupidity of some characters of the first movie. This is an anthology film, so character development can't be fully explored, but it's a good mix of adrenaline, fear and just pure fun, so make sure you watch this movie with a couple of friends, and not people that are snobs to this kind of films. You may think that I was overreacting with the "Safe Haven" segment, but trust me, I'm not. It is the best short horror film, and is the segment that you would think "Damn, I wish that was an actual feature film", so I'm pretty sure everyone will buy the movie just for that 40 minute film that's packed with scares, disturbing scenes and an incredible atmosphere that will make chills run through your spine.

S-VHS gets an incredible score of 8.5/10
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Nice Sequel with Twists and Gore
Michael_Elliott27 October 2013
V/H/S/2 (2013)

*** (out of 4)

Gory sequel to the 2012 film has a pair of investigators breaking into an apartment where they find an assortment of videotapes. The first story involves a man who receives a mechanical eye transplant that soon allows him to see dead people. The second story has a biker with a camera on his helmet getting bit by a zombie and soon he turns into one. The third story takes place at a strange cult school where the leader is being interviewed when "it" happens. The fourth and final story deals with a group of boys who keep playing a prank on one's sister when something joins them. I enjoyed the first film in the series and this one here is actually a tad bit stronger thanks in large part to the first two stories. The majority of the camera work comes from the camera being placed on people head's and I must admit that this gave me a headache at times but I will give the filmmakers credit as this did allow some familiar stories to be told in new ways. This is especially true for the second story when we get the POV shots from the zombie as he goes searching for people to eat. This was a rather unique spin on the genre and it really worked. The first story was also quite good, although this mechanical eye thing left some logical issues. Still, the episode is a good one and features some nice ideas. The fourth episode is one I won't ruin but there's a nice little twist along the way and I think it manages to be quite ambitious. The third film is without question the weakest but it does contain some very twisted scenes and a high level of gore. V/H/S/2 has the same look of the first film as the quality is quite different from one story to the next but this gives the film its own unique feel. Fans of gore will also enjoy that there's plenty of that going on here and especially in the third story, which is a downright bloodbath and even the second one contains a lot of the red stuff. For the most part the performances were just fine and at 95-minutes the film goes by fairly quickly. V/H/S/2 is a nice little gem that has a few flaws but for the most part it works well and I look forward to future installments.
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A Rarity: A Horror Sequel That Outdoes Its Predecessor in Every Way
Simon_Says_Movies7 July 2013
We've got a rarity, folks. More than 2012's solid horror short amalgamation V/H/S which was primarily an assault on our primal fears (and descended into emotional bleakness at times because of it) this follow-up, while still hitting the right nerves, is also funnier, more self aware, more emotionally potent, and unafraid to venture into the far reaches of the genre. Instead of just ghostly tales presented in the found footage format we get infinitely clever approaches to zombies, aliens, demons and, for good measure, spirits as well.

It is such a rarity because everything about V/H/S/2 is superior to the original even if I would have loved to see the veritable Ti West (who directed a segment as well as feature fare House of the Devil and The Innkeepers) return for another go I can't raise any other grudges. This sequel is leaner by a good 30 minutes, as I mentioned the segments are more varied in their sub genre, the framing story (i.e. the context as to why we're watching these vignettes) is scarier and lastly the film is more effective and as a whole because, simply put, the segments are aggregately stronger.

Also for round two, behind each story are better known directors, though of course notoriety isn't always an indication of talent, their experience behind the camera and in the genre is certainly on display. Returning for another go are Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard who contribute the wrap-around entry and Phase I Clinical Trials respectively, and are joined by Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale (The Blair Witch Project) with A Ride in the Park, Gareth Evans (The Raid) with Safe Haven and lastly Jason Eisner (Hobo With a Shotgun) with the wonderfully titled Alien Abduction Slumber Party.

By far the two strongest stories are A Ride in the Park and Safe Haven. Though I may be biased, my personal favourite is the former. Why you ask? One word: zombies. With my affinity for the flesh chompers through the roof, any unique take on the genre wins my affection to an extent and when it is as fun, gory and bittersweet as A Ride in the Park my heart belongs to it indefinitely. This segment follows a mountain biker with a helmet cam running into a hoard of the undead, is subsequently bitten, and then gives birth to zombie vision (by far the best type of vision). The camera work, dark humour and understanding of the tragic, damned nature of these creatures gels to truly wonderful effect.

Safe Haven on the other hand is just balls-out insane, taking the kinetic blood letting of Evans' The Raid and blending it with the sensibilities of Rosemary's Baby and Martha Marcy May Marlene. When Evans isn't directing the hell out of his short, he's presenting us with some truly unsettling imagery before going all Cabin in the Woods and setting us down in a completely different place then when we started. One scene in particular that showcases his filmmaking prowess comes during a sequence involving a car crash. How anyone could pull off such a shot is beyond me but to do so with no budget is another achievement entirely.

The other two main segments aren't quite as strong but what they lack in sustained ingenuity they make up for in straight up efficiency. Phase I Clinical Trials is essentially a mechanized blend of The Eye though the scares are certainly present. There is a sense of déjà vu in how a number of the sequences unfurl but if they can still make you grip your own fingers, then something is going right. Alien Invasion Slumber Party is a fantastic exercise in the use of sound as a force of Greys terrorizes a group of teens at a lakehouse. Anybody versed in horror will be no stranger to how important sound and musical chords are (and how often they're abused) and their significance is literally amplified here. Eisner's contribution may not be as scary as some of the others, but its urgency and sense of dread make up for it.

I already iterated the upgrade that was the connecting material (featuring a pair of private investigators looking for a missing college student) though it suffers from the same inherent fault of that from the first film, that in having to break it up, tension is lost along the way. But far less then the original does it feel like a slog or burden – a watch-watcher while we wait for the next installment to begin.

Horror fans should ultimately love what V/H/S/2 is dishing out, if not for its startling competency for the fact it has something for everyone. Not only that it uses its found footage format not to pander to fans of the popular gimmick but to both enhance the experience and approach it as a barrier – one that needs to be overcome using creative means. This anthology is a blast from beginning to end and the rare sequel of any genre to recognize the shortcomings of the first and not only fix them but freshen everything else up as well.
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Worse than the original and a complete waste of time.
stcanard58 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
One night, my friends and I were discussing the V/H/S series, and one of them happened to mention thinking about streaming the sequel. Having seen the first one (and being left unsatisfied with it), I decided to check this one out so I could give her my opinion on it. I haven't been more repulsed and let down by a film.

To start, the story line outside of the tapes is pretty much the same as the first movie's. There couldn't be another way for someone to discover the tapes? There's still not a way to connect all the tape stories together? That aside, my biggest problem with the movie is that the horror is not smart. There's no real psychological manipulation or realistic monsters. It's all just jumpscares and blood splashing around, because some filmmakers are still under the impression that abrupt loud noises and bodily injuries are scary.

The detectives in this film discover four tapes. One guy gets an eye transplant that lets him see ghosts...the only thing cool about this one was the POV being just like a first-person view. He meets a woman with similar abilities, and then they have sex to techno music and that's never explained properly. The next tape is about a guy who gets turned into a zombie in the woods, then he eats some people, then they eat some people at a child's birthday party, then the guy kills himself. A pattern in these tapes is that a normal person encounters something weird, pokes it instead of fleeing, and then everybody dies. Every tape ends the same, so there's absolutely no element of fear from not knowing what to expect. What's to expect? Everybody's going to get murdered, just by a different monster.

The next tape, I was absolutely enthralled by for the first while...it focuses on a group of documentary filmmakers who enter a cult accused of child abuse. I was so hooked to this one, until the first jumpscare. Then it escalates into a bizarre series of events, starting with children drinking poison, to people turning into zombies, to a really bad goat suit bursting out of a woman half its size. I've never seen so much potential completely immolated halfway through.

The last tape at least had one funny bit where a group of kids burst in on a couple making out, but before I could even finish laughing, the Monster of the Day made a foghorn noise. (These aliens also looked like Slenderman with a cartoon alien's face, pincher hands, and chest hair.) This short features ten-year-olds saying the f-word, a child almost drowning, a preteen boy masturbating on screen, and a puppy falling from a great distance that dies slowly while gazing sadly into the camera. That wasn't clever, that was needlessly sick. The maker of this short was probably trying to assert how daring and edgy they were, but it just made me want to noogie them and shove their head in a toilet.

The main tape ended with a woman turning into the girl from The Ring and a guy had an obviously fake dislocated tongue. I've got nothing.

As a final film fart, the credits end with the same thing the first movie did...a choppy recap with obviously manmade glitches set to something that sounds like early 1990s punk rock. After that, the technical credits are a way creepier text-on-black set to tape hiss. As I thought after the first movie, you couldn't just keep up the creepy mood and use the black credits? You thought the obnoxious not- quite-dubstep really added something?

What a complete disappointment. There was so much feedback on the first movie that the filmmakers could have learned from in this instalment, but they just did the exact same thing before, with old and new faults. This is one of the top five worst movies I've ever seen. If you liked the first movie, don't watch this. If you didn't like the first movie, don't watch this. If your sense of horror and humour are completely distorted, watch this, and then make an appointment with your doctor.
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My head is still spinning long after I rewound VHS 2
MayhemPaul2 January 2014
There is one amazing segment of VHS 2 that has to do with a Cult. It is frenetic, gory, has a great story and makes the most of the "found footage" format. If the rest of the film had lived up to this one sequence, we would have had something special. It's better than Part One in most aspects, though I did like a few moments in that film.

Timo Tjahjanto really blew me away - his segment is imaginative and has some real shocks crammed into it's short running time. Some of the camera work is a bit too shaky as people run around, but I was able to get around that due to the intensity of the story. Out of the remaining short films, we get a return to full on Shaky Cam with Edwardo Sanchez (Blair Witch Project). Truthfully, Edwardo has ALWAYS got to shake the camera like he's in a runaway car or something. He seems to think this is a STYLE. I must argue the point. True artists do not need to shake a camera like a fool to get an image to move someone. Argento, Carpenter, Bava. Masters of the art. Dean Cundy would never run around like a fool, shaking his camera at every object he can find, disregarding the basic rules of directing at will, and no real professional should allow camera-work like this. What an artistic stretch for Edwardo. Next time just throw the damned thing on the ground and drag it around with a rope.

There are a few other sparks. Jason Eisener makes the most of his segment by having some real fun with it and throwing in an Alien Invasion that is both scary and funny. And I really enjoyed the basic idea and most of the execution of Adam Wingard's segment. Still, too damned much shaking here.

I am not sure I understand it really - why so much shaking in these "Found Footage" atrocities? I mean, the old camcorder videos that my family made at Holidays and on Vacation never looked like this. Grandpa tried to keep the camera still. I never actually have seen a home movie like these. Not even on old Super 8. Have you? Eyestrain central. For part 3, maybe they can just go to an old amusement park and give us a POV of the rides or jump out of a plane while filming. At least there'll be a legitimate reason for it being so damned shaky. I think I'd rather watch "HI-8" again.
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V/H/S 2: More of the same disappointment
jordan-allen171020 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
V/H/S 2 is mediocre horror at best. It feels to me like a rewrite of the first as it follows more or less the same pattern of attempted "Horror".

Let me start of by saying the i really enjoyed the the first tape, I felt it started the film well and gave me high hopes for what was to come. It outdone anything in the first film in the ways of horror and i actually felt fear (Something not obtained easily in this day and age of horror) Sadly though I had already made this same mistake with the first film.

The second segment seemed to take a very comedic twist, which from a horror film like this was unusual. Already i felt this film was on a slippery slope. I applauded the attempt at sympathy created towards the undead but this scene felt like something from Shaun of Dead not a Horror film.

The Third tape was probably the most interesting and certainly seemed like an idea that could and should be expanded on. This segment started off strong with the atmosphere being set with some reporters interviewing the leader of a cult, straight away i thought this may be the films saving grace until towards the end segment where bad acting, cosmetics/props and over the top story lines causes it to take a severe nose dive.

The final tape add anything additional to how i already felt about the film. Again poor cosmetics and props let this section down. The whole thing has a modern day take on "The Mcpherson tape" feel about it. Although even that having being filmed in the 80's looks better than this.

To sum up, I would not classify this film as horror. Each section is good in it's own right and each segment has the potential to be great if they were their own film but combined they make for a terrible film.
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An improvement on the first VHS film!
Mr_Shine7421 June 2013
Wow, what a contrast this film is with the first one! Most found-footage films I've seen have always had me wondering why the hell the people in the films are bothering to carry video cameras around and record the events that are unfolding around them as they run for their lives, this one is different, every use of a camera has been cleverly thought out and explained, from a camera mounted on a mountain bikers helmet to a documentary crew with button cameras, and even a bionic prosthetic eye, the intelligence that the film makers put it into this has made this into one of the best ff films I've had the pleasure of watching.

In comparison to the first V/H/S film I thought this one was a whole lot more mature, the stories were more believable and well written, the excellent sequence from a zombies perspective was hilarious and gory and by far my favourite, I'm not sure if it was meant to be funny, but if it was it worked brilliantly.

In V/H/S 1 there wasn't much said about the video tapes, only that they were found, someone wanted them and that they contained some pretty freaky stuff, this time I think the film makers have realised that they could have a gold mine hiding within the urban legend of the tapes, and have started to play on this legend a little more, and I think if they continue down the path they have ahead of them, expanding on the legend, keeping the intelligent use of cameras and smart reasons behind the tapes discovery for each film, then they could have a franchise as successful as the Saw franchise.

Here's hoping! More reviews at http://stuarthine.worpress.com
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Perhaps one of the best horror sequels ever.
kyle-domination28 February 2013
VHS 2 is a sequel to my favourite horror film, VHS. It is a compilation of terrifying short films which, first of all, are very well made and are all insanely scary.

Entertaining, intense. These are only some of the words that describe VHS 2. The directors (Brad Wingard etc.) do a fabulous job at the helm and they deliver a horrifying feel to the genre and do a successful job at making myself and others uncomfortable and scared!

Great found-footage film, impressive amateur acting and a daring view at what horror films should be. k For a great horror night out with either you or with your pals, VHS 2 will make you horrified.

See it!
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Crackles With Originality and Witty Gore
slasherstudios10 June 2013
When the first V/H/S came out, my expectations were through the roof. I adore horror anthologies and this seemed like the shot of adrenaline that the found footage genre needed. To say that I was disappointed with the film would be putting it mildly. I flat out hated two of the five segments and I put the film down as having the WORST wraparound story ever assembled in an anthology horror. When it wasn't terrible, it was predictable and trite. Now, less than a year later, we have the rushed found footage sequel "V/H/S 2″ (original title being "S-VHS" which is more creative than anything found in the first film). Does the sequel avoid the mistakes of its predecessor or does it belong on a shelf need in a horror fan's basement away from all humanity?

"Tape 49/frame narrative" In the wraparound, we follow two private investigators as they search through an abandoned house looking for a missing college student. Without giving too much away, I will say that this segment, like the wraparound in the original, is completely pointless because it is predictable from the moment they enter the house exactly what is going to happen. Unless the original, at least the characters here are likable even if they aren't given much of anything to do. Overall, the weakest segment of the bunch and I'd advise the filmmakers of the next sequel to do away with the wraparound altogether. It feels lazy and just a way to add some minutes to the running time.

"Phase I Clinical Trials" A man is sitting in a doctor's office after having had eye surgery. A camera is placed into one of his eye sockets to work as a functioning eye for him while he recovers. He is told by his doctor that everything the "eye" sees will be recorded and monitored for research purposes. Little does he know that he this will not be an experiment that will end well. He begins to see the undead as well as other strange visions at night. He is joined by Clarissa as she explains it all to him about his condition as she knows exactly what he is going through since she had a somewhat similar operation done. A bit predictable as it follows the typical "new body part comes to life" horror cliché but it works thanks to some nifty special effects and an "operation" scene that had me cringing.

"A Ride in the Park" A biker goes for a ride in the park (hence the title) only to be attacked my blood thirsty zombies who want to eat him for dinner. I'm going to leave the description at that in order to avoid giving away the bloody treats of this segment. Want to see a killer birthday party attacked by zombies with more blood and guts than in just about any zombie movie of the past few years? Dig it! This one is deliciously warped with a twisted sense of humor (I love seeing the zombies try to eat things that are obviously not meant to be tasted). One of the few segments that I honestly wished was a little bit longer. Zombie fans, eat your heart out.

"Safe Haven" A news crew is sent to investigate and do a piece on a strange Indonesian cult that is ruining their "family" out of an abandoned warehouse. This "family" is unlike any you have ever met and while they are friendly at first, they have a surprise for the head of the news crew as they have special plans for her in the immediate future. Do they plan to use her as an offering or something much, much worse? An interesting segment that is loaded with some creative death sequences and some solid acting by its leads. What prevents it from being a favorite is a running time that is far too long (at 30 minutes at least 5 of those count have been cut) and an ending that made me laugh out loud. No, it is not meant to be funny.

"Slumber Party Alien Abduction" A few months ago, I picked Detention as my favorite film of 2012. I had many readers write in calling me a "moron" for picking such "mindless trash" (their words, not mine) as my favorite film of the year. A dozen watches later and that film still puts a smile on my face for its sheer audaciousness and originality. Much like "Detention," "Slumber Party Alien Abduction" plays as a big FU to the conventions of the horror genre. A group of kids are having a sleepaway when some weird things begin to happen through the camera on their dog. No, I am not making that up and I am also not making up how much fun I had with this segment. Creative effects and lighting go a long way here and while the ending seems a bit too mean spirited, it definitely didn't wreck my enjoyment of this slumber party.

Overall, "VHS 2″ is a much better all around experience than "VHS" was. The characters are more likable, the stories are better paced, and the concepts and ideas are stronger with some creative execution. Not all segments will hit home with all viewers but you gotta appreciate the effort. I'm ready for VHS 3!
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Towers Above The First With Harrowing Stories & Imagery 9.5/10
Chaosmetal697 June 2013
I don't often hand out high ranks to found footage movies unless I really was impressed and to say I am impressed is an understatement. This film is nothing short of a treat to horror audiences everywhere

I'm going to briefly review each title with 0 spoilers, a quick synopsis, and why it was good or bad.

Tape 47: This is the generalized tape that leads the investigators to the house, They're searching for a boy gone missing. I thought it was a much needed improvement over the first generalized tape in V/H/S. I'll leave it at that and say that the end result of their journey to this house leaves the audience to decide what happened

Clinical Trials: 7.5/10 This is about a man who gets a cybernetic eye attached to his eye but its on a trial period because it is new technology. He begins to experience strange hallucinations and other weird things that happen to him. Overall this one was the weakest link of them all for me, The effects though and scares were excellent but the whole story to this one just didn't seem to fit too much. It was still highly enjoyable though.

A Ride In The Park: 9.5/10 LOVED this one and probably one of my new favourite zombie shorts ever. The synopsis: A man riding his bike that becomes infected from some campers. The camera on his bike helmet slowly unfolds the chronology of what happens after he is infected and how the plague spreads. MAN if they could do this idea in a big city or something...wow it was so well executed, the effects, acting, and how it developed had me glued to the screen.

Sacred Haven: 9.7/10 This was about a documentary crew that sets out to film a religious place that supposedly involves a lot of controversy. The guy that directed the segment "L is for Libido" in ABC's of Death did this one and that segment in that other movie was the best of the alphabet so I was amped about this one. This one probably had the strongest story of the bunch and was probably my favourite. It was scary, disturbing, yet insanely intense at the same time. As this one unfolds it gets quite unsettling very fast

Slumber Party Alien Abduction: 8/10 Well the synopsis for this one is pretty much in the title. I felt like they could have approached this one in a different manner but it still really impressed me. You'll get a few chuckles out of the story in the beginning in this one. You'll also get a few hints along the way before the storm hits that something very bad is going to happen. This one felt really disturbing at the end but it was extremely well done. My only qualms with it was I felt that they shouldn't have jumped to the action so quickly and built it up more gradually instead. STILL very good though

Final Thoughts: This film is a huge tribute to horror fans everywhere and is top notch quality. I really hope this film takes off and more people see it because it is just too good not to see in my opinion, ESPECIALLY if you love horror and hand held footage. I feel extremely satisfied and very grateful that the directors made this piece of artwork for us to all enjoy.
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An Improvement Over the First
buchhol211 July 2013
V/H/S 2 manages to fix the faults of the first. It's shorter and takes the grungy, exploitative snuff film tone of V/H/S and adds more excitement and humor. The quality of the shorts this time around are much more consistent, but they are still a mixed bag. The first short "Phase I: Clinical Trials" is average at best, but it mixed in a bit of humor which I liked. "A Ride in the Park" was fantastic and incredibly unique in it's use of the first person POV. It was my favorite of the four segments. "Safe Haven" is a close second with countless WTF moments. I would have loved a feature length version of this one. The weakest entry was the last, "Slumber Party Alien Abduction". It ineffectively used loud noises and bright lights to generate scares and it just didn't work for me. The wrap around story "Tape 49" was good, but I liked the ambiguity of the first films "Tape 56" better. V/H/S 2 added fun to the series and I hope these films continue.
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This is waaayyyyy better than V/H/S ...MIND BLOWING !!!!!!!
I wont be dramatic or a 'drama queen ' here..I'll be 100% frank...

My rating is 9.5/10 in terms of a horror movie .

All my worst nightmares that almost killed me are in this movie...


Well here are my rating for the 5 stories in it..

TAPE 47 : I wont tell you about it much but I'll rate it 9.5/10 . I think this one was the best of all.

CLINICAL TRIALS : It will give you chills for sure . 9/10 . It will torture you till the last moment . LOL..

A RIDE IN THE PARK : Well even though of all the creatures/monsters , zombies are my favorite. but still this one is my least favorite . i ll rate it 7/10 , was kinda emotional though .

SACRED HEAVEN : This one wont give you chills but it will torture you with its gory/violent ways..I ll give it 8/10

SLUMBER PARTY ALIEN ABDUCTION : Well for me aliens are never that scary but this one really made them look like scariest things alive . This story might give you chills but it has 80's feel to it . 9/10

If you really want to watch something really scary this one is for you... For the first time in my entire life I watched a movie with my hands in front of the eyes for more than half of the time.. it is not for the faint hearted though... :/
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Attempt to mainstream? -_- Disaster.
xrawford313 June 2013
Having been anticipating the sequel to VHS (finally a horror movie that truly disturbed me, rare!!) I knew it was going to be a disappointment from the first scene. The reason VHS was so good (a reason of many) was that every segment seemed like it could actually be real, created by not rushing the horrors to unravel, a delicate art-form.

VHS2 started off almost immediately "explaining" itself. Visually, it didn't sync. The high-def cameras diminished any sort of authenticity to then entire point of the movie. The make-up/costuming was laughable.. zombies, aliens// ::sigh:: actually not.

I'm honestly only writing about it to calm myself from the.. rage? ignited from this.. slopped together, "school project."

The writer, Simon Barrett from VHS, thought he could keep it going into this nightmare continuance, and even attempt directing. Fail. The other directors/writers from VHS were smart quitting while ahead.

Why does this have more stars than he original? Incredible. Sheep will flock.
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Bigger budget doesn't always equate to better quality
calsinic12 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I read a few articles about this sequel that indicated the respective directors felt rushed in getting the movie made, which does show a little. It seemed instead of thinking thru plots & trying to create stories that keep viewers up all night thinking about them, they focused on trying to create creepy imagery (in fashion of the plague of remakes of Japanese movies centered around ghoul-like children suddenly appearing where they weren't before) & loads of gore. The charm of the first one seems lacking & even the wrap-a-around story just feels like they couldn't decide what should happen but felt like SOMETHING needed to happen. The stuff about "watching the tapes in a specific sequence does something to you" was cliché horror sequel, half-brained re-inventing "the rules" stuff. So how does everyone know what sequence to watch a bunch of randomly scattered VHS tapes in? Honestly the original's "plot" regarding the tapes actually makes sense in retrospect as it seemed implied it was just something about these traded real-life horror tapes alone.

The stories themselves just didn't have the same punch either. The best was probably the zombie bike rider one as it actually told a fully developed story in the time allotted. The cult short could've been the sequel's saving grace, but completely unraveled at the end & in a way so disappointing & silly that it becomes impossible to take seriously.
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1st one good, this one awful
Purplewalrus0724 July 2014
i was extremely impressed with V/H/S 1, so much that i made it a plan to watch V/H/S 2 the night after.

i'm an open minded guy, loves horror and is of the clan who consider exorcist a creepy classic rather than the ilk who consider it "not scary/ funny"

however, this was just no good to me. it seemed to really lack the originality of the first one, (which seems to have mixed reviews mainly due to people not liking found-footage in general) and was venturing more into the humorous and silly rather than creepy and frightening. which if pulled off right possibly could have been OK.

its hard because these segments are all done by different directors etc, so consistent quality is probably more challenging for this franchise.

and i suppose its not the worst thing in the world *changes my score from a 1 to a 3* but it just astounds me and evidently others on IMDb that the first one was rated so low and this one so high when it should really be the other way round.

this is probably my biggest point before i wrap this up:

for a found footage film to work, we need authenticity. but this film unwittingly wanders into two dangerous areas for these kinds of films, the first being the "why would they be filming this at this point?" factor is heavy in some segments, weighing down on the believability of the whole experience and the second being the "if they've dropped their camera/lost their camera, why are we still seeing their point of view?" area again in a few of the segments.

i wont spoil anything but there are segments involving film crews who have a camera each, but when the story climaxes we seem to seeing far more different points of view than there is cameras, including people shown to not have a camera, then the angle switching to their point of view as if they are filming. thats cheating i'd say, and again ruins the experience.

a couple segments are OK and scary, one particular one in Indonesia with subtitles was fascinating up to a certain point.

i just hope the 3rd is more like the first than this one, but from what is available to read it doesn't seem to be the case.
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Intense, Fun, Horrific
CertainlySocrates10 October 2018
I had low expectations going into this and the movie hurdled over them by a leap and a bound. I won't explain the plot(s), because I think it'd be better to go in blind, and I can't think of a way to do it well, more importantly. In any case: this was a fun ride. I definitely wasn't expecting it to be funny, but it was; but never in a way that broke the flow of the horror -- I feel like some horror movies take breaks to crack jokes.

And there was a lot to be scared of here. The violence was shocking and stunning (and disgusting); the plots were very clever; the acting was a lot better than most horror fare; and the camera work was clever and convincing. The shorts had a feel that many found footage movies don't have; I never questioned why something was being filmed and people mostly acted realistically.

I liked some of the entries in the anthology better than others, which is to be expected, but none of them were complete misfires. I heartily recommend this one. The movie made me feel bad in the pit of my stomach, which is the highest praise I think I can give.
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Like the original film except even a little better!
Hellmant10 June 2013
'V/H/S/2': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Anthology horror film sequel to the 2012 hit about a house containing a collection of tapes each telling it's own grisly tale of murder and mayhem. This sequel revolves around two private investigators who enter the house in search of a missing college student. They of course watch the tapes and this film tells five different stories (counting the central narrative) instead of six, like the original. It's of course once again all told in the 'found-footage' format. The short films in this movie are made with higher production values and better quality filmmaking but they're also a little longer and more drawn out (making the film slower paced overall). For a sequel that was rushed into production it's surprisingly good. I'd say slightly better than the original (which I loved as well).

The short films we're directed by Simon Barret and Adam Wingard (returning from the first film) as well as Eduardo Sanchez (the co-director/co-writer of 'THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT'), Gregg Hale, Gareth Evans (who also wrote and directed 'THE RAID: REDEMPTION'), Timo Tjahjanto (who directed the infamous 'L if for Labido' segment in 'THE ABCS OF DEATH') and Jason Eisner (who also directed 'HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN'). They were written by Barret, Eisner, Sanchez, Evans, Tjahjanto, Jamie Nash (a usual writing partner of Sanchez's) and first time screenwriter John Davies. Two of the shorts 'A Ride In The Park' and 'Safe Haven' both had two directors and two writers and multiple filmmakers also did shorts in 'THE ABCS OF DEATH' anthology horror film from earlier this year. The stories revolve around a guy who has a special eye with a camera transplanted in it that allows him to see the dead, a bicycle rider that's attacked by zombies, a news crew visiting an Indonesian cult and a slumber party attacked by aliens.

The films all range in style and quality and while they are mostly longer and slower paced than the original films they're also better made and just better movies (for the most part), overall. My favorite segment is 'A Ride In The Park' because it's about a man turned into a zombie, all from the zombie's point of view (through a Go Pro camera on his bicycle helmet). I don't think it's ever been done before and it's pretty unique and interesting. It's probably the best film Sanchez has made since 'THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT'. The films are all once again extremely violent and gruesome (sometimes overly so, especially 'Safe Haven') but I didn't really have a problem with any of them and enjoyed them all to a certain extent. If you're a horror fan (especially the found-footage type) you can't go wrong here. It's like the original film except even a little better!

Watch our movie review show 'MOVIE TALK' at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGpMUj20Xx4
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Glitches to riches
StevePulaski6 June 2013
"Clinical Trials Phase 1:" 8.5/10.

"A Ride in the Park:" 8.5/10.

"Safe Haven:" 8.5/10.

"Slumber Party Alien Abduction:" 5/10.

It seems like only yesterday I reviewed the horror anthology V/H/S. The film was a likable little horror flick that focused prominently on showcasing independent filmmakers that have made noise in their respected field recently and gave us the first horror anthology film since Chillerama. It was gory, pleasant, and nostalgia thanks to its choppy aesthetic. Not even a year after the release of the original film we have V/H/S/2 (originally titled "S-VHS," referencing the improved upgrade of the traditional VHS tape released in the late eighties), a slicker, broader, and a more brutal take on the idea of anthologies showcasing more talents from the independent circuit.

The only returning director from V/H/S is Adam Wingard, who shot the wraparound story that encapsulating all the shorts in the original. It was only wise to overhaul the old directors in favor of newer ones to give the new franchise a broader reach. Wingard returns manning the camera and starring in the first short, titled "Clinical Trials Phase 1," where he plays a man whose eye has just been replaced with a glass eye housing a camera, being one of the testers of this new technology. The doctor warns him there may be glitches in the software that will be reviewed when he submits the "eye tape" to the programmers. The entire short is shot through this eye camera, and shortly after he gets home we see the camera welcome in a slew of demonic entities. The story is elevated by a girl who enters the man's life, telling him he is not alone in the regard that his technology welcomes in new frights in his life and that's what gives this story the leverage it needs to succeed. The terrific POV perspective helps too, and this is a recurring theme in the film as we begin to see.

Following Wingard's short is "A Ride in the Park," directed by Eduardo Sánchez (The Blair Witch Project) and Gregg Hale, focusing, at first, on a biker traveling through the woods before being victim to a bunch of what-appear-to-be zombies lurking in the woods. The short, shot entirely using a Go-Pro camera mounted on the biker's helmet, shows the biker evolving into an inhuman creature, eventually attacking a birthday party and the party guests. The perspective, again, livens up a seemingly drab idea. Sánchez still knows how to utilize a woodsy setting, and the ending warrants a nice jump and a quick-shriek. Very solid piece all around.

I have a feeling Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto's "Safe Haven" will be the fan-favorite of the lot and it very well should be. This is a smart, intense thriller that could've easily been broadened and expanded to feature-film status. The short, which occupies the longest runtime at about thirty minutes, focuses on a gang of investigative journalists who explore a shady, Indonesian cult. Reciting the plot any further doesn't do much justice, as this is a short that relies heavily on tone, editing, and plot. Evans, who directed the ever-so popular The Raid: Redemption last year does big things with the atmosphere and the possibilities with "Safe Haven," consistently making it taut and terrifying. It's a fan-favorite for a good reason.

We end, unfortunately, on a sour note, with Jason Eisener's "Alien Abduction Slumber Party." Most of the short is shot from a camera mounted on the back of a small Yorkie dog (who is killed at the end for good measure) and centers around a group of friends having a party at a lake house after the parents take off, with the gang being victim to an alien invasion. An easy summation for the short is chaotic, as the editing is scrambled, shots are astonishingly disjointedly cut, and Eisener has almost no sense of placement or cohesion with the videography occurring here. Directors are usually at piece with their material and what they're shooting; Eisener is wrestling his to the point where it seems to be no fun for him or for us.

The wraparound story shows two private detectives in search of a missing male college student. They enter his home, find a slew of VHS tapes, and get to work private investigating. The wraparound - like the first film - is pretty lame and sterile. There are no real scares to be found, no real jollies to be had from the characters or the events, and all it really serves as the connective tissue to three very well done shorts and one lukewarm one.

V/H/S/2, as a whole, is a thoroughly amusing one, and certainly one of the better horror films of the last year. It's an exceptional rarity, as well, seeing a sequel come out less than a year after its predecessor that is equal parts more efficient and more effective. I can see this film getting better reception from viewers and critics alike, as the film follows a more quietly subversive style in terms of videography and directing, rather than the original film, which was more concerned with blunt force scares. I suppose the biggest compliment one could pay to an anthology is that the stories could be made into feature length films, and in this case, all but one passes the test.

Directed by: Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard, Eduardo Sánchez, Gregg Hale, Gareth Evans, Timo Tjahjanto, and Jason Eisener.
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Review: V/H/S/2 (2013)
TheDelusionist9 June 2013
Like most anthologies I've seen, except for maybe Three… Extremes (2004) that is consistently good, these types of works tend to be pretty uneven. V/H/S/2 is no exception. Much like the first V/H/S (2012) the sequel features a rather basic "frame narrative", which involves people finding the infamous VHS tapes and playing them for us, the audience. Unlike the first film, the narrative here only gets interesting towards the conclusion, but ultimately ends up feeling rushed and a bit forced. The found footage angle is pretty much used in the same way, while inventing some new justifications for why there is a camera taping everything at all times.

The first short titled Clinical Trials is about a young man that gets an artificial eye implanted after having an accident. The new eye seems to be seeing more than he bargained for. Scary and intense, this first short directed by Adam Wingard is a good way to kick off the anthology.

Next up is A Ride in the Park directed by the guys that brought you The Blair Witch Project (1999). This short is about a guy getting attacked by zombies while riding his bike in the park. There's nothing special about this short. It feels uninspired and by the numbers. It's nothing you haven't seen before and the ending is as unimaginative and standard as you'd expect. For a brief moment there's a glimmer of hope the filmmakers might take a certain interesting direction, exploring if there's any humanity left in zombie, but sadly that never happens.

Moving on to my favorite short of the anthology, and what makes V/H/S/2 worth watching, is Safe Haven the segment directed by Timo Tjahjanto. The Indonesian director is surely one of the most interesting new voices working in horror today. Timo's tribute here is a story about a group of filmmakers trying to expose a crazy Indonesian cult leader. After agreeing to be interviewed in his lair the crew is lured inside what has to be the nuttiest place on earth. What happens is so insane and jarring you won't believe it's actually happening. If you don't try to make sense of it and just accept it, you'll have a good time. I highly recommend Timo's breakout debut feature Darah (2009) and his genius L is for Libido segment in The ABCs of Death (2012).

The last short, before concluding the mostly uninteresting frame narrative, is Slumber Party Alien Abduction directed by Jason Eisner from Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) fame. Basically the title perfectly resumes the story: Teenage kids get abducted by aliens. What the title doesn't tell you is how annoying these teenage kids are and how you want them to die, and not survive. The aliens, traditional Roswell Greys, fail to be scary. So does the loud and distracting sound design. Overall probably the worst segment of the lot, but maybe that's just because it comes right after the best.

All in all V/H/S/2 is better than V/H/S in that it tries to go for scares instead of "fun". The third short clearly stands out as the best, but for a die-hard found footage fanatic like myself there's some enjoyment and entertainment value in every short. It's also better than the first V/H/S, because there's less, but longer segments which allows for the story to be more fully developed. Presenting four different sub-genres is a smart move: The film is never repetitive and there's a little something to be appreciated for everyone.
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A lot of fun, much more enjoyable then the first
atinder8 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First one to me was like, just okay decent found footage movies and some of of those stories to be a little to short and little to boring.

However in this sequel, I found that segment had enough time and I didn't find one of them boring at all.

Tape 49

The movie start of with two investigators looking got a missing male student, so end up searching the home and then enter find a number of tapes just like first one.

Male looks around and lady then who see laptop and recording of boy is tell her how the stranger the tapes.

So she puts the tape one

Phase I Clinical Trials

A man just had his eye installed with a camera after a car accident took his sight in this eye and it more of POV kinda of think this one.

But soon everything fine, until it was about go to bed and stranger things start happen first and then he start to seeing the dead.

This segment did make me jump and I did find this one to be really creepy at times and the make up effect for the ghost were very good and they did look scary.

I really enjoyed this one and I really liked how the story came to a end ,,

8 out of 10

A Ride in the Park (The second segment)

THis shot entirely with a "Go Pro" camera mounted on a helmet, while this man riding his bike and then suddenly he see a women covered in blood screaming for help, not know what wrong she get sick and then she attack him and What ever she had , he had passed to him and now as also become a Zombie.

I didn't find this boring but there was some very gutsy scenes in this segment and I didn't really like how this segment came to end.

The zombie make up effect was really decent and I think this one could I have been a bit more bloody.

6 out of 10

Safe Haven

This segment was the best of the a lot and it's the longest one as well, there segment had subtitled in most of it and the most Craziest segment I have Ever seen!

New crew who wanted documentary and they allowed to go in, they take r hidden cameras on buttons of the crew's shirts.

It's start of normal and I didn't like the whole drama of crew, which ends up being part of the story but then it fitted in with the rest of cult think.

This one of very strange and very creepy and really gory in this segment and one of the most bizarre scenes you will ever see in this segment.

This one will creepy you and then grossed you and then it will make up laugh your freaking head off like you never have before.


Slumber Party Alien Abduction

As not good as the last segment but it was still really good and this a lot better the whole movie of Unware (2010) should have been like this.

This start with Camera on a dog and while mum and dad going and family get up silly pranks for first part of the movie.

Until they see a blue flashing light that blinds them and soon are be terrorised by Aliens and some Aliens attack here really well done.

This some really good tense moment as well and Aliens do look really good and effect in this one was really good.

I loved it! 9/10

Back to Tape 49

I didn't really like how they ended this one, they try to go go for shock factor but I don't think worked.

8 out of 10
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Can't Watch this. Hammer time!
paulnonnis2 September 2013
I truly enjoy a good horror movie. I truly enjoy short stories. I can endure found footage movies. I could not endure VHS 2.

I understand that because these are short stories corners are cut story wise . And if executed properly that's okay. Bu there is truly no dept whatsoever. And I know VHS 2 isn't going for dept. Neither was I. But it bothered me. Especially in the first short.

The main problem I had was the hand-held camera 'work'. Although they were creative in setting up the camera's it was too much. Especially the last segment. I couldn't figure out what was up, what was down, left right... Or what was happening for that matter.

Furthermore an explanation by now would by nice. What is the deal with set up in the house with all the television sets and VCR's? It looks cool and mysterious but what or who is behind it? Maybe it is explained after the last short but I 'missed' out in it because I didn't finish till the end.

I gave VHS 2 a 3 out of 10.

VHS 3 is three times a charm? I hope so...
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One of the BEST Horror Anthologies out there!
Michael-Hallows-Eve9 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well I may be biased (because I like 'found-footage' movies) but this is one of the best, if not the best, Anthology style horror movies I've seen. The stories in this are as follows:

Part 1, Act 1; (Main linking story) 'Tape 49' is about two private investigators who are looking for a student who went missing. They break into his house and find lots of VHS tapes. They start to watch them and what they see is unexplainable. > I liked how this starts off and gets you ready for what you are about to witness.

Part 2; 'Phase I Clinical Trials' is about a guy who has just had a camera placed where his left eye used to be. He lost the eye in a car accident, and now with the aid of the camera eye he can see. But he starts to see things that he can't explain, they can only be explained as being ghosts or something like that. But they start to make him rethink having the eye, and he wants rid of it, at any cost. > This was pretty good. I liked the camera in the eye thing. I was quite scared in some parts of this, and I LOVE that. 8 out of 10.

Part 3; 'A Ride in the Park' is about a guy who fits a camera to his bike helmet and one to his bike as he heads off to ride along some bike tracks. But he runs into a woman who is scared and running from something. He soon finds out what she was running from, zombies! What happens next is caught on camera. > This was one of my favorite stories. The zombie thing has been done to death (pardon the pun) but this is one of the best short zombie films you'll see. And the ending is almost tragic. Makes you rethink how zombies feel. 9.5 out of 10.

Part 4; 'Safe Haven' is about a film crew who meet up with a supposed 'cult' leader. They want to delve deeper in to what is happening at the compound, so they fit button size camera's to themselves and go into the compound to interview the cult leader. But they soon learn that there is more to this "cult" than they had thought, and what they thought was a routine interview turns into a struggle to survive. > WOW! This story has it all, intrigue, shock, horror, emotion and pure carnage. This is the best of all the stories in my opinion. Left an impression on me and that is a hard thing to do as I've seen some great horror. 10 out of 10!

Part 5; 'Slumber Party Alien Abduction' is about a group of kids. Their parents go out and leave them to enjoy the night with their friends and siblings. But while filming their antics they attach the camera to their pet dog. Then they unwittingly film things in the background. It all starts to get noticed as they get further in to their sleepover, and then they are attacked by some Alien looking creatures after a huge burst of light and sound. What happens at the end is a bit gut wrenching.... > This short was pretty good. I liked the hidden little glimpses of what is about to happen as you watch this (keep looking in the background). Although probably the weaker of the shorts, it still had me gripped, and that ending, horrible. 7 out of 10.

Part 1, Act 2; The movie finishes with the two private investigators and what happens to them. This part is also quite graphic, and it may put a lot of people off. Thats all I can say. > This finished off the film quite nicely. With shades of a few possession films of late in it, it was well done. And that one scene which will shock most people near the end, wow! Wraps up the movie nicely. 7.5 out of 10.

WOW!! This was one of the best horror films I've seen in a while. I will have to watch it again as it was a total pleasure to see horror wise. The directors did a great job here. Very graphic (which I liked) and very well done. Top notch viewing and better than the first movie, and I gave that a solid 9 out of 10. So I give THIS movie (overall) a solid 10 out of 10!! It was that good!
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