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It never could make up it's mind
scocope-654-77116527 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What could have been 3 different documentaries got thrown together into one without much purpose. For some reason what could have been several distinctive stories lost themselves when put together no matter how connected they were together. We start with the Lennon and Priestley families and what could have been an interesting exploration of their rise to almost royalty in Branson was barely touched and when it was, it wasn't chronological, showed how they grew in prominence or even showed how they and their shows evolved; it was just jumping back and forth from past to present randomly. Then we are treated to the "newcomers" I guess to contrast (and that likely was the original idea behind all of this), but without actually showing contrast other than success and the impending failure. But at least they also had the added benefit of the contrast of "wholesome" established shows and a potty-mouthed performer in unguarded personal moments. The third story-line was a homosexual relationship and how difficult it was for one of the gentleman who had joint custody of his children from a prior marriage. That one could have actually had been a very interesting all by itself, (even a whole documentary could have been done about it) but it was as if the producers had just chanced upon it and just could not help themselves and decided to include it. They also decided that the viewer would find interest in a medical emergency, Republicans vs. Democrats and tourism dollars; semi-interesting footage but just because one has it does not mean you have to use it. That is what does not work with this, I'm pretty sure the idea was to contrast a successful show and the "glamor" that a established families had in giving them then show a contrasting story about a struggling show, however they got bogged down with subplots and footage that they loved but should have never included.
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