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Season 2

4 May 2014
Episode #2.1
A violent group calling themselves the Undead Liberation Army start committing atrocities, butchering train passengers which brings newly elected MP Maxine Martin to Roarton to declare that she will stamp out all PDS sufferers. After killing a rabid who has attacked the owner of the hotel where she is staying Maxine meets with Vicar Oddie who shows her a register of all the local PDs sufferers. There is a tussle and he collapses and Maxine takes the book for herself. Meanwhile Jem has an admirer in PDS sufferer Henry, whose mother claims he is psychic and Amy returns ...
11 May 2014
Episode #2.2
Kieren's plans to leave Roarton are put on hold as Maxine tightens her grip. Jem is forced to confront her demons when a rabid appears in the school. Simon reveals he has feeling for Kieren; meanwhile disaster strikes in the woods.
18 May 2014
Episode #2.3
Despite Gary's efforts to dissuade her Jem feels she must admit to Maxine that she killed Henry though Maxine does not condemn her and when Henry's mother reports him missing Maxine suggests that he may have gone to join an extremist ULA group. Meanwhile PDS sufferer Freddie Preston has returned from the dead to find his wife Haley has a new boyfriend, her boss Amir, and though they let him live with them Amir wants Freddie out, leading Freddie to ask Haley to run away with him. Kieren is working with Simon as cleaners at the sympathetic Dr Russo's surgery, where they...
25 May 2014
Episode #2.4
Philip, Maxine's second in command, is questioning the strictness of her regime so when a video shows him visiting the PDS brothel she sees the chance to oust him. Sylvia Lonsdale is making noises about the lack of interest in Henry's disappearance so Maxine offers Philip a chance of redemption by silencing her but Philip actually tries to stop Maxine from raiding the brothel and ends up in bed with Amy, who is aghast after seeing Simon kissing Kieren. Kieren's parents invite Simon to Sunday dinner, where he is very restrained but Jem has also invited Gary, now her ...
1 Jun. 2014
Episode #2.5
As Amy, who suspects that she may be turning human, continues to date Philip, Kieren's acts of defiance in not wearing his lenses or make-up lead to his being wrongly accused of freeing the rabids and placed under house arrest with a view to returning him to the Treatment Centre in Norfolk unless he confesses. With no support from the family he seeks out Simon, but Amy tells him that Simon has gone to the city. Simon was, in fact, the First Risen at the Rising, where he unwittingly killed his mother, and was the subject of horrifying experiments by sadistic Dr John ...
8 Jun. 2014
Episode #2.6
Kieren awaits transfer to Norfolk but, with Simon returning to lead his followers in a Second Rising, Maxine allows Gary to force Kieren to help find him. At the village fete it is noticed that Amy is transforming into a human by her ability to eat solid foods and the militant PDS sufferers have a stand-off in the graveyard against Jem and her rabid hunters. Kieren's father Steve stops Jem from killing her brother but an increasingly deranged Maxine, whose brother Danny was slain, announces that she wants a Second Rising to revive him and murders Amy, who is the true ...

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