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17 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.1
In an alternative Britain, zombies are being rehabilitated into society by the government. These sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome who can be saved are given flesh-tinted make-up and contact lenses to mask their situation though the vigilante Human Volunteer Force is anxious to do away with them. Young Kieren Walker, one of the sufferers, returns home to Roarton for rehabilitation, whilst his sister Jem is a member of the HVF led by fanatical Bill Macy and hate preacher Oddie. Even driving Kieren home his loving parents Steve and Sue risk an encounter with ...
24 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.2
Following the fate of a Partially Deceased neighbour Steve hides Kieren from callers but the boy feels stifled and goes to the cemetery where he was buried, meeting Amy Dyer, who is in the same position as himself but fun-loving and determined not to let it get her down. Macy's soldier son Rick, with whom Kieren was very close, returns from Afghanistan, severely scarred. He too is a 'rotter' but, as Macy's boy, has some protection. Amy persuades Kieren to attend Rick's homecoming party but it is interrupted by a call for a zombie hunt. A father and daughter pair of ...
31 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.3
Kieren returns to the supermarket where he and Amy killed their victim Lisa Lancaster, and he recalls how Jem spared him when she could have shot him. Sister and brother consequently reconcile and together visit Lisa's parents who have her down as missing but they do not have the heart to tell them their daughter is dead. Amy leaves Roarton to join a PDS commune but Kieren declines to go with her. Bill Macy, unaware that his wife Janet is, like Sue, attending Shirley's support group for PDS relatives, orders Rick to kill Kieren but the boy refuses and pays the price. ...

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