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  • A fallen warrior rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master.

  • A fallen warrior rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master in a sword-clashing adventure of loyalty, honor, and vengeance.

  • When the corrupt minister Geza Mott demands more taxes from Lord Bartok, he goes to his castle with Commander Raiden and his knights. He challenges Geza Mott and tries to kill him but the Emperor sentences him to be beheaded by Raiden. Further, he deprives the castle and lands from his family. Geza Mott asks his commander to follow Raiden and builds an iron gate in the entrance of his castle expecting revenge, but Raiden prefers to drink instead becoming a drunkard. One year later, the knights want to seek revenge against the dishonor of their Lord. Geza Mott has neglected his security since Raiden is an alcoholic bum. What will happen to Raiden?

  • Burdened by the unbearable guilt of what he has done, Raiden--the battle-scarred swordsman and the once-proud Commander of the Seventh Rank--still drowns his sorrows, one long year later. However, as Geza Mott--the corrupt minister responsible for Raiden's fall from grace--fortifies his castle for fear of being targeted, Raiden's insuppressible values of duty, loyalty, and honour demand immediate action. Can Raiden confront his inner demons to finally reunite with his old comrades in arms, for one last battle for justice?


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  • Bartok watches over his estate, a vassal kingdom to a great empire. Protecting the Bartok clan is Commander Raiden and his elite soldiers, who serve and protect Bartok. Raiden is surprised when Bartok tells him he is to be his heir, and gives him a sword. The empire has become corrupted and the evil minister, Geza Mott, humiliates Bartok by beating him with a stick for failing to provide an adequate bribe, until Bartok retaliates which is treason against the crown. Bartok is put to trial where he speaks openly of his disdain for what honour has become in the empire. He is sentenced to death and Raiden is ordered to execute his own master. Bartok's estate is divided and Raiden and the Bartok clan is disbanded. Geza Mott suspects Raiden will demand vengeance, and has his trusted warrior, Ito, watch Raiden to ensure there is no possibility of revenge.

    A year passes and we find Raiden is now a drunk. Geza is still highly fearful of Raiden's wrath and demands half his father-in-law's troops to safeguard him while he completes construction of his newly fortified estate, more soldiers than the emperor's own security detail. Raiden's wife, Naomi, couldn't bear to be with him as he had fallen so low, with Raiden even selling his sword for more drink. When Bartok's virgin daughter is offered to Raiden in a whorehouse he shows no concern for her, but leaves the premises. Geza finally relaxes and stops watching Raiden. It is now revealed that Raiden and the Bartok clan soldiers sacrificed everything for the illusion of a complete defeat, and have been waiting for the right time to gather together and regain the clan honour by avenging their master's death.

    Raiden's men have been working in secret, building up contacts and connections, and gathering intelligence about Geza's estate - even secretly altering his estate to help them in their cause. As Raiden's men infiltrate the estate, we find that Auguste secretly made a pact with Raiden to help him, in exchange for Raiden's help to free his daughter from her marriage to Geza Mott. Geza has always mistreated Auguste's daughter which, along with Bartok's execution, causes Auguste to see that his vicious son-in-law has no honour. Raiden and his men successfully infiltrate Geza's estate, are discovered, and Raiden's group has to face a large number of soldiers.

    Raiden's men fall one by one as they enter deep into Geza's estate. Ito took responsibility for his complacency and duels with Raiden, but unfortunately Ito's sword fails and Raiden kills him. Raiden breaks into Geza's bedroom and decapitates him. With Geza dead, Raiden's surviving group rescue Bartok's daughter and tell her that Bartok's honour is restored. The Emperor discusses with his council how to deal with Bartok's soldiers, and they caution him against the risk of turning the people against the crown. They realise that the public view Geza's death a righteous one, and widely support the Bartok clan. The council strongly suggests that any judgement should restore their honour, rather than make them martyrs. Raiden asks that he be the only one executed for Geza's death.

    The crown publicly admits the righteousness of the Bartok clan, but also reminds the crowd that killing a high council member is still the same as an attack on the emperor and Raiden will be executed. Before his execution, Raiden charges Lt. Cortez to take control of the surviving Bartok clan. Once inside, he sees Naomi one last time to apologize for her suffering before making peace with his own life. Raiden lowers his head with his eyes closed, and as the executioner draws back his sword, Raiden's eyes suddenly open wide and the screen goes to black . . . leaving hope that he survived.

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