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Hot in Cleveland Method Man
dalydj-918-25517514 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Melanie and Alec share some wine in his office. Melanie believes they should get Victoria to be a celebrity investor. When his girlfriend texts him she fakes that she has a new famous boyfriend. He is surprised by this and that they should use him for the campaign. Victoria has never met her new co star that Melanie wants to be the person for the wine. Victoria wants the wine in exchange for getting the famous actor. Joy comes down the stars with clothes from Forever 21 that she try's to make her look younger. No one is really impressed but she thinks it is the fashion of the day. Victoria meets her new co star who turns out to be a fan of hers. He was a fan of her lifetime movies instead of her daytime series. Melanie comes in a sees the gift Alec got for his girlfriend then she mentions that she will be naked with her new boyfriend. Melanie is made to bring in her fake boyfriend again and finds out Victoria and her new co star are friends. When he comes to the door he is mean towards her compared to the last time. She then figures out that he may be acting treating her bad but she is not completely sure. Victoria decides to write a new scene so she can find out if her new co star actually likes her. Joy try's to impress the girls but they make fun of her. Victoria's co star comes in not to work on the film again because of the new scene that he thought Woody Allen wrote. She tells him the truth and he seems OK acting with her. The two seem to have a strange chemistry being friends on the movie. Elka comes in saying Joy should not worry about being unaccepted by the socials in college. Joy tells the young girls that she should not go over to the boys house because she has been through all these things before. All the girls start asking her questions but it seems to much for her. Emmitt comes by Melanie's work acting like he is in love with her only acting. He then accepts to be the face of the wine. Alec then hears all that Melanie said about him and she finds out when Victoria is able to hear through the door. OK episode but the obvious relationship parts just do not interest me at all and I hate watching it every week.

EPISODE GRADE: C (MVP: Wendie Malick)
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