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Strong delivery of funny and honest material
bob the moo14 September 2013
Like most of the world, I love the comedy of Louis CK, even when his sitcom is difficult and not funny in the least, I am normally held by the ideas within the episodes. The third season perhaps didn't work quite as well for me as I would have liked but his standup remains consistently funny and clever and it remains so with this special/ Louis talks about aging, about living in the moment, about how great it is to simply be alive and off the food chain and several other topics. As subject they do rather fit within the subjects you would expect to hear from a standup, but Louis delivers them with a view and a conviction that leaves you in no doubt that he is speaking from his own experience and that this is more than just a funny bit.

This sense of honesty and realism helps a great deal to get into the material, because often you cannot help but agree, even when some of the things he says are pretty dark, it comes from a place of truth but not often spoken out loud. Of course this isn't enough on its own though and it helps that the things he put forward are delivered with imagination and timing, so the phrasing and delivering of the material is consistently funny. I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to the round stage but it works very well and the camera never loses Louis even though he keeps moving and engages well with the crowd – even sitting he is careful to talk over his shoulder at times. His easy delivery makes it look easy but of course it is not.

More accessible than his TV show, this special is dark, honest and very funny throughout.
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HK Auteur Review - Louis C.K. Oh My God
hkauteur19 April 2013
I have no intention of going through and naming each comedy bit, that would ruin the surprise and fun of watching this new hour from Louis C.K..

The core of C.K.'s comedy is not the material itself. He is not reliant on comedy mechanics for laughs. Nothing he says ever feels like a joke in the traditional 'setup, punchline' sensibility. No, the humor is sourced in his energy and inflections, where the audience is experiencing the world through his point of view as if we were in his body, thoughts or fantasies. Sometimes it's all three.

Often I find myself laughing at his word choices and visual descriptions. At times, he's merely just stating the obvious. But the way C.K. utilizes a metaphor or simile is artful in how he can conjoin two separate ideas together, where he can wormhole the audience's minds to some unexpected grotesque places for comparisons. And then he builds on it by acting out these ridiculous thought trains. There was also one improvisational moment where he accidentally spills water and he comments on it that had me aching in laughter. The bit he did as his closer was truly the climax of this new hour.

C.K. makes a point that being older makes a more intelligent and interesting person. He is the living embodiment of his own point. We're watching a comedian who has grown into himself, and we're intrigued not just for the laughs, but because he has something to say. A voice with true gravitas that he has earned from living a life.

And for that, Louis C.K. seems eternally connected to the grotesque and the morbid, but it's all enwrapped over a positive message: appreciate life and what you have. That's how he gets away with saying very horrible things on stage. As an audience member, I rather enjoy watching him get away with it.

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The most consistently funny thing Louis C.K. has done
clonicx14 April 2013
Louis C.K. has gone from strength to strength in the last 12 years, on an escalator to the top of the pile of stand-up comedians struggling to be relevant. And Louis C.K. is arguably the most relevant of them all. By discarding his material for each tour, he gives his fans exactly what they hope for every time he steps into the limelight.

Although much of his material doesn't tread new ground, it doesn't matter - his arsenal of jokes about growing old and waving goodbye to youth with a sigh are always fresh and bleakly hilarious.

His material comes from thoughts that most people have every day but never talk about, and the audience's secret familiarity with the subject matters makes laughing at them all the more relieving.

This is the one stand-up show that comedians everywhere would work their entire lives to emulate. But it's not made for comedians. It's made for you and me to join in laughing at the misery of the average life, and be completely comfortable with it.
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Keeping George Carlin Alive
simonmichel14 April 2013
In 1987 George Carlin filmed his special at the exact same theater. When I watched Louis CK enter the stage, I had to think about Carlin's special and it felt in a way as if a part of George was still there. They even look a little bit alike.

Louis CK shows us in this amazing special that he is in every way worthy to carry on George's legacy. His jokes take you into the darkest places, and make you see the nonsense and humor behind it.

Louis is probably not even aware that he himself became an idol for a new generation of directors and artists, showing us with his special that even if the most horrible things take you down during your career, someday you will stand on your former hero's stage.

Thanks Louis!
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Got better and better
Red_Identity19 April 2013
The first third of this didn't seem to be as great as his other shows, but the last thirds, especially the last third, were pretty incredible and non-stop hilarious. I just have a blast hearing CK in pretty much everything he says, and this was no exception. And it's still sort of weird seeing him doing stand-up and seeing his brilliant, brilliant series, a series that is quite often melancholic and dark in its approach. Regardless, he is my favorite comedian at the moment and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Definitely a great show as expected and cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us later on in his career.
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Louis C.K. Oh My God
dalydj-918-25517514 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Louis C.K. in my mind can do no wrong between his yearly standup specials and his FX comedy show that everyone including me has fallen in love with. This special was on HBO and it is another example of how great he can be and this special gives him the chance to be even more funnier with some great jokes that are offensive and great. Some highlights in the special included his jokes about women and children because they were quite funny. My only complaint is it was too short only because I could listen to him doing standup all day long but still I was glad about the special and love that HBO let him do his thing the way FX does not stopping him from being free to say what he wants to.

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Hilarious Comedy From A Very Flawed Dude
TheAll-SeeingI6 September 2019
I reserve the right to still be processing, but at this moment, I'm leaning toward thinking we should err towards separating a great piece of art from its creator's shameful social behaviors, and judge each as separate entities as best as we individually can. With that hunch in mind, as a free-standing product, Louis C.K.'s "Oh My God" is truly hilarious.

From start to finish, "Oh My God" keenly points out the absurdities that sit right under our noses, yet go unnoticed. It's side-splitting stuff.

We need laughter. Perhaps the argument is that we can find something else from someone else whose character is more worthy of our composite approval. But if "Oh My God" is where you're inclined to look for laughs, it is truly a hysterical ride.
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How did I only learn about Louis C.K. so recently?
lee_eisenberg8 July 2017
It was only in the last few years that I learned of Louis C.K. Fortunately, I've seen some of his material, including "Louis C.K. Oh My God". In this special (also released as a comedy album) he discusses things like how lucky humans are to exist outside the food chain, and what would happen if murder were legal. I'd say that C.K.'s humor corroborates what Lenny Bruce, George Carlin and Richard Pryor proved: the problems in the world make for some great humor. Admittedly, C.K.'s humor isn't usually as edgy as Sarah Silverman's, but I've liked everything that I've heard from him.

In conclusion, I recommend the special. It deserved its Emmy win.
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Louis C.K. at it again
SnoopyStyle21 December 2015
Louis C.K. does his HBO special in Phoenix. The stage is 360. He does his highly inappropriate material as usual. He's a 45 divorced New Yorker father of two girls.

His brand of observational comedy is brilliant. He is lovable. The crowd is into it. It hits all of his various hot spots. He's growing breasts. There's a lot of jerking off, getting off of the food chain, dating and so on.

Comedy is always a matter of taste. No two people have the same funny bone. This is not for the easily offended. His fans will love this. It follows his many other specials.
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Louie's laziest/worst special.
maclethalzzz14 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I must preface this review by stating that I love Louis CK. I've seen him in concert, own Lucky Louie AND Louie on Blu-Ray (though I didn't care for Louie season 3, and didn't buy it.) I love all his stand up specials, save for the footage of his really old stuff, where he basically sucked.

I don't want to give out spoilers, but I will say, that this is without a doubt his weakest special since he called his daughter an a**hole. Some will get that reference, some won't.

He seems to be resting on his laurels. People are so willing to laugh at him at this point, that he isn't forced to sharpen his material to the caliber he is capable of.

I watched this 5-6 times when it first came out and decided to take a few months, then try again. Maybe it would hit me harder or something? I'm listening right now, and still, absolutely, can't get past the fact that these jokes are half-baked, and some of them are simply effing stupid.

The penguins/walrus bit is one of the dumbest, lamest jokes ever. Not sure if Louie noticed or not, but literally NO ONE was laughing at it.

C'mon Louie. Don't fall off. George Carlin never fell off.
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