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  • Sam and James go to Manila to find Christine. James approaches a former SEAL who lives there for help. A Chinese envoy arrives and offers to provide Marcus with supplies. Prosser who's been nursing his injury and has become addicted to pain meds, returns. And Marcus is forced to resort an unusual tactic to discipline the men.


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  • "Last Resort" - "Blue Water" - Dec. 13, 2012

    In tonight's A story Sam and James head out to save Christine. They deduce she was taken to Manila. Luckily, not only does James have an old Navy SEAL pal there named Wes-- who's gone off the grid with his Filipino wife and son-- but he's got a whole ton of money stashed there as well. (Seems when he'd do both official and side jobs he skimmed a little from the druglords and what not, retirement-plan style.)

    Wes is skittish that James has brought Public Enemy No. 2 to his house in broad daylight but seems to want to help anyway. He gives them the name of a shady dude who runs the show who will know what's. Sam and James find him in a gambling den and show him the money to get Christine's whereabouts which turns out to be a warehouse on the outskirts of town. While they get the info, Sam is made by an old SEAL associate fo James' who is now a mercenary for hire. This is very bad news indeed.

    Because after they liberate Christine from her captivity and she and Sam share dreams of disappearing and raising a family on a tropical island-- just not that one-- Sam realizes she's in danger with him because there's a $5 million bounty on his head that some mercenary will always be looking to collect. He decides to ship her off to Geneva instead with the help of Kylie Sinclair so she'll be safe. Only trouble is, as they're saying their tearful goodbyes, several carloads of bad guys screech up and a firefight ensues. Wes grabs Christine, presumably to take her to the airport but the van won't start. As we see him grab her hand and say "we have to get out of here" we cut to Sam's perspective and see the van blow up. Sam is gutted and James says there's no time to mourn they've got to skedaddle. So even though James had planned to disappear as well they head back to Ste. Maria, dejected.

    But then we cut back to Wes's house where he's making dinner with his family. He grabs a plate and brings it to another room where he's holding Christine with duct tape over her mouth. He takes it off and tries to explain that he's not a bad guy, he's just trying to take care of his family. Then he tells her she has to eat and he feeds her.

    Back in D.C. Kylie is frantically trying to get information about Christine and coming up short when suddenly Hopper appears in her kitchen. She tries to fight with him even though he says he isn't there to hurt her. He then tells her he has the helmet cam video and for a mere $6 million he'll give it to her. He says half is for him and half is for James so they can disappear. They meet at a diner the next day and as she's about to put the video card in her laptop her weaselly ex-boyfriend/senate aide shows up to inform them they're both in danger--especially since Hopper passed several traffic cams from which he was ID-ed-- that there's about to be a coup and he sincerely wants to help them but they've got to hustle.

    And back on the island things are getting testy in the brig. It's overcrowded, the sailors resent that the prisoners are getting a free ride and nobody is happy.

    Additionally, China has decided to send an envoy to get Marcus to align with them in exchange for supplies and support.

    And the COB has finally returned telling almost the whole truth in that the island thugs jumped him and ditched him, leaving out the drug addiction part. He's still shooting up to deal with the pain of his burnt feet.

    Chaplin meets with the Chinese envoy who talks a convincing game about what a symbol Marcus has become around the world and how it will be beneficial to both parties to align. He seeks Shepard's advice and she sees no upside to the alignment. Ultimately, he turns it down, sorta, saying the envoy will never be allowed on the Colorado but he can stay on the island, where promptly plants his flag.

    Speaking of symbolism, Chaplin solves the brig problem with a seriously painful variety. He has the prisoners draw straws. The men who drew the two shortest straws--including Hawkes who abandoned Shepard in a firefight and is considered a deserter-- are to be lashed in front of the whole crew. All of the other prisoners are to head back to work. Chaplin says there are no criminal on the island, only crimes and this is how they will be dealt with. Brannan steps forward for the other short straw person and volunteers to be lashed for his role in putting the boat in danger a few episodes back. COB steps up to perform the lashing, viewing it as his own punishment for his "forced walkabout." (After a collapse earlier in the episode the COB came a little cleaner to Shepard about what happened to him but still didn't full confess about the drugs. Later we see him sweating it out.)

    When Sam and James return they see the Chinese flag flying and are understandably confused. Sophie sees the visibly stricken Sam. He just sort of shrugs at her and walks away.

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