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Season 4

7 Jan. 2014
Honest Action - Home Alone
Have you ever wondered how many lives your favorite action hero would really need to survive a movie? We asked an actual doctor to answer that question for us in Screen Junkies' new series "Honest Action." Next up, The Wet Bandits in Home Alone.
9 Jan. 2014
2013 Screenies Awards! - The Best & Worst in Movies & TV
It's the second annual Screenies Awards where awarded are the best, worst, weirdest (and basically whoever else) in Film and TV, as well as remembering the careers and dignity that were lost in 2013.
16 Jan. 2014
Oscar Nominations 2014: Snubs & Flubs!
The Oscar nominations are in and, as always, there was lots of drama. A star-studded panel is brought in to break down the snubs, surprises, and sure things.
30 Jan. 2014
How to Fix MARVEL
Screen Junkie fixer Nick Mundy is back with a controversial topic - does the almost universally beloved Marvel cinematic franchise need fixing?
31 Jan. 2014
Superman vs. Jesse Eisenberg - Supercut
Jesse Eisenberg has officially been cast as Lex Luthor in "Batman vs. Superman." Here's a first look at what may be in store.
6 Feb. 2014
Our Robocop Remake
A Robocop remake was just released - but not the one Hollywood wants you to see! A talk to some filmmakers who took part in "Our Robocop Remake," a lovingly fan-made remake of the original 1987 "Robocop."
11 Feb. 2014
Back to the Future: Doc! And Marty! - Supercut
Marty McFly and Doc Brown are famous for two things: traveling through time and constantly repeating the other person's name.
13 Feb. 2014
Exclusive: We Confront Shia LaBeouf
When Screen Junkies heard that Shia LaBeouf was letting people off the street come talk to him for his #IAMSORRY project, they couldn't wait to go and give him a piece of their mind.
20 Feb. 2014
WTF Is Guardians of the Galaxy?!
Now that we've gotten a first look at "Guardians of the Galaxy," a panel is brought in to explain just who these somewhat obscure heroes are.
27 Feb. 2014
Celebrity Foreign Commercials
You've seen them before they were famous - now check out your favorite stars pitching products overseas.
3 Mar. 2014
Oscar 2014 Review: Academy Award Awards
Well, the Academy Awards happened. But who won the REALLY important awards?
13 Mar. 2014
Best & Worst Video Game Movies
Need for Speed is just the latest video game to be turned into a movie. A panel is assembled to single out the rare successful video game movies and figure out why most of them are just plain terrible.
18 Mar. 2014
Honest Action - Die Hard 2-5
John McClane made it through Die Hard in 4 lives - how many does he need to finish all five movies?! Closing out the Die Hard saga and asking a real doctor to find out.
20 Mar. 2014
Most F***Ed Up Movie Scenes
There are few things more memorable than a truly f***ed up movie scene. We enlisted the stars and director of the new movie "Cheap Thrills" to find out which ones stand out as the most disturbing of all time.
27 Mar. 2014
TMNT Trailer - Superfans Respond!
The world just got its first look at the new TMNT movie - and brought in are Turtles super fans Andre Meadows (aka Black Nerd) and Andy Signore (Creator of 'Honest Trailers') to break it down.
3 Apr. 2014
The Idiot's Guide to Game of Thrones 3
Season 4 of Game of Thrones is about to begin - what better time to catch up on what you missed in Season 3? Here to give you all the info you need for the upcoming season.
8 Apr. 2014
Spoiler Alert! - Supercut
Everyone loves a great movie twist ending - but with so many out there, how could you see them all?! This compilation will cover some of the greatest movie twists of all time.
10 Mar. 2014
Transformers: Age of Extinction is on its way to theaters, but the Autobots are showing their age. Nick Mundy has some ideas to get the Transformers franchise back up to Optimus Prime condition.
17 Apr. 2014
Best '90s Movies
The '90s were packed with awesome movies - but which ones were the best?! Recruited are Rachael Harris and Patrick Schumacker of Fox's "Surviving Jack" and resident fixer Nick Mundy to help us find out.
22 Apr. 2014
The Wolf of Wall Street: Just the 'F' Words - Supercut
Everybody knows 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is packed with 'f' words - but we decided to feature some that aren't getting their due.
24 Apr. 2014
Top 10 Summer Movies 2014
The hottest time of the year is once again upon us - summer movie season. Gathered are a panel of movie experts to predict which movies would burn up the box office in 2014.
1 May 2014
The Idiot's Guide to 24
Jack Bauer is about to blast his way back onto television. We have everything you need to get ready for the return of '24!'.
8 May 2014
Godzilla vs. King Kong!!! Monster Movie Showdown!
Godzilla is roaring back to theaters, so we decided to have an all-out movie monster throw down. Which one is the best? Who would win in a fight? And which ones aren't even monsters at all?
15 May 2014
Best Mutant Powers!
X-Men: Days of Future Past is hitting theaters soon. With so many awesome mutant powers on display, we decided to figure out which ones were the coolest and which ones we'd like to have in real life.
22 May 2014
Did Godzilla Suck?! MOVIE FIGHTS!!
Godzilla conquered the box office, but many movie fans can't agree on thing: was it good? The Screen Junkies team couldn't agree either, so they have decided to yell at each other about it for a few minutes.
29 Jun. 2014
Game of Thrones Stars: In Real Life!
With so many great Game of Thrones characters, it's easy to forget they're also real people. See what they look like in real life and revisit some of the other movies they have been in.
5 Jun. 2014
Movie Time Travel DEBUNKED
"Edge of Tomorrow" is only that latest blockbuster to deal with time travel - but could it happen for real? Hal Rudnick was talked about to real scientists to get the scoop behind his favorite time travel movies.
9 Jun. 2014
Happy Father's Day, Walter White!
In celebration of Father's Day coming up this Sunday, Breaking Bad's RJ Mitte (Walt Jr.) pays tribute to his television dad, Walter White.
12 Jun. 2014
How to Fix the EXPENDABLES
The Expendables return to theaters this summer, but are these the movies we deserve? Nick Mundy has some tips on how to fix this ailing action. Featuring a very special guest - Nick's father Dennis Mundy.
19 Jun. 2014
Most Embarrassing TMNT Moments
Summer's flying by, which means the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be back in People are already freaking out the new Ninja Turtles movie - but should Hal Rudnick really worry about the Turtles embarrassing themselves? Well, Hal was invited a panel to relive some dubious moments that the Turtles would probably like to keep in the sewer.
26 Jun. 2014
Best & Worst Movie Robots
With the Transformers rolling back into theaters, Hal Rudnick decided to break down the best and worst movie machines of all time.
3 Jul. 2014
Independence Day is the greatest July 4th movie ever made - and in two years, we're getting a sequel! But what do we REALLY want to see in ID4 2? We mapped out our ideal cast, plot - and even made the first trailer!! Check it out!!
10 Jul. 2014
Craziest Cult Movies!
Sharknado 2 is on the horizon, and it's just the latest b-movie to be hailed as the new generation of cult films. But is it a cult movie? And which ones are the craziest of all time?! Well, Hal Rudnick was assembled a panel to get to the bottom of it. Oh hi, Mark!
17 Jul. 2014
The Idiot's Guide to SPOILER ETIQUETTE
It's high time that America had a Spoiler Bill of Rights - so a panel has been assembled to talk spoilers and finally set the rules.
24 Jul. 2014
The Rock Smacks Down High School Bully
It's The Rock vs. Nick Mundy: Round 2!! This time, Nick had Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson call the people who bullied him in high school. Things, predictably, didn't go as planned.
14 Aug. 2014
How to Fix Ninja Turtles 2
The Ninja Turtles have conquered the box office - and divided their fanbase. We brought in our resident fixer Nick Mundy (and friends) to give some tips on how to make a radical sequel!!
18 Sep. 2014
Summer Movies 2014: Hits & Misses!
Summer 2014 is in the books, and while it was a down year for Hollywood, there were plenty of hits (and bombs) to talk about! We assembled a panel to break everything down and announce the winner of our box office contest!!
25 Sep. 2014
Game of Thrones Kids' Books with Bran Stark!
Westeros needs bedtime stories too, so we recruited Bran Stark himself, Isaac Hempstead Wright, to help us come up with some Thrones-themed kids' books in honor of Isaac's role in The Boxtrolls!!
2 Oct. 2014
Superheroes on TV!!