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Completely irrelevant and grossly disappointing
moviebuffchick24 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm shocked at the amount of good reviews thus far. There's the first 10 minutes of this film... then there's the last 10 minutes... NOTHING in between contributed to an acceptable origin story of Leatherface. We got a brief look at his childhood (first 10 min)... eventually we learn how he became disfigured (last 10 min)... but how he became this giant, semi-mute, monster... there's NOTHING about this story-line that explains this or gives us ANY additional insight. For the most part we find out what we already knew (in the first 10 min)... his entire family is sadistic and insane... THAT'S how he became Leatherface... not anything you're going to see here.

This was nothing but an attempt to tell a story that ultimately has nothing to do with the origin of Leatherface. The leap from how this guy became Leatherface is astronomical and nonsensical. What we already knew was sufficient and should've been the focus of an origin film.

THIS was just an opportunity to take advantage of a successful franchise with a story that was FORCED to tie into the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Complete with a bunch of forced twists and turns in attempt to appear to have more depth than it actually does. This was pure garbage and the only thing good about it was Lili Tayler, who wears "psychopath" very well.

Look for me on Twitter and YouTube for audio reviews. MovieBuffChick1 https://youtu.be/XwrSFnaEymA
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Dull and underwhelming, not directly bad, just barely OK.
Finfrosk8624 September 2017
This movie in itself is not exactly bad. It looks alright, has some OK gore, decent acting for the most part, some slightly interesting characters. It doesn't suck. But as a origin story to one of horror's biggest icons? Eeeh, yeah. It's not great.

Actually, right off the bat the biggest problem with this movie strikes me. When you're making an origin story to such a famous character, you should make sure that the story you make up and make into a movie is really awesome. Unfortunately, it's not. We see Leatherface's family and stuff, and it's just meh. The opening scene is just not very interesting. What follows though, isn't bad. They have some kind of story to tell here, not relying too much on TCM- lore, and I thought it was somewhat entertaining.

You wouldn't have to cut a lot here to make this movie totally unrecognizable as a Leaterface origin-story, though. That's a shame. And it's also pretty tame, I'm sorry to say. Actually really tame. Like I said initially, the origin story to such a gruesome character should really be a lot more horrific, gruesome and ghastly. It's not. It's pretty watered down. I think the die hard fans of Leatherface will be disappointed with this. But who knows, I may be wrong.
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A prequel that doesn't hold much value! [+33%]
arungeorge1324 September 2017
When the directors of 2007's gore-spectacle 'Inside' (Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury) took over the reins of a supposed prequel to 1974's Tobe Hooper classic 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', expectations had indeed sky-rocketed. But what we get isn't even worthy of being called a tribute to the TCM franchise, let alone be regarded as its worthy canon prequel.

The screenplay offers very little in terms of the surprises it throws at the viewers (and TCM fans), thereby ending up strictly ho-hum. We see a bunch of eccentrics creating a riot at a mental health facility and escaping, with tidbits of the Sawyer family thrown in to engage the viewer. In fact, the makers are trying to sell this movie around the mystery of which character amongst the the leads ultimately evolves into 'Leatherface'. Well, much to our dismay, even this stretch appears annoyingly contrived (and to be honest, the poster kinda spoils it already!).

What we're subjected to for most part, is literally a lunatic couple shotgun-killing their way to notoriety on their supposed escape (even the big chainsaw-kill comes in too late) with a helpless nurse named Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse) who has unnecessarily been dragged along with them while also being accompanied by a duo of brothers (the somewhat compassionate Jackson and the bulky Bud). Lizzy is the character we're supposed to root for, but sadly this does not work. We know as little about her as we know about the rest of the zany troupe.

The directors who're known to stage horrifically-exciting set- pieces, resort to cheap tricks here (like a partial necro scene) in order to augment the shock-value. The shot of a woman's derriere walking into a barn surrounded by badlands (during one of the opening segments, clearly reminding us of previous TCM films including the Michael Bay funded remake) had just about raised my hopes a teeny weeny bit before everything came crashing down.

With no real thunderbolts in store for fans or non-fans, this prequel falls head first into a pit of quick-sand, the real difference-maker in the story being the weapons (shotguns, knives) that the characters possess and not their personalities. You're bound to forget this movie as soon as the credits roll.

Verdict: Terrible!
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If you're a fan of these characters, stay away. Far away.
cyberray197622 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Leatherface (2017) Review. Will contain spoilers so read at your discretion. I really don't know where to start with this movie. I honest to God really tried to give it a chance. I tried to give Leatherface the benefit of the doubt. Sadly I was disappointed due to a number of factors. I'll start with what I liked because there isn't that much to cover. I enjoyed how they recreated the farmhouse. I think it's cool anytime we get to revisit the Sawyer farm. I'm happy that they were able to tie elements of 3D into this movie with the inclusion of Verna Sawyer Carson, her lawyer Farnsworth, and Leatherface keeping the name Jedidiah. It was neat to see the original Sawyer Clan again and I thought we'd see more of them. That being said, the few positive factors did not save this movie for me. Leatherface turned out to be the skinny kid that was talking as a teenager. I could possibly see Leatherface being skinny in his teenage years but he absolutely does not talk. Maybe he talked a little as a child but at the age he was at during the majority of the movie he shouldn't have been able to talk. Leatherface is not a cliché buff slasher, he is a large heavy set guy. If you want to make Leatherface skinny that's one thing but don't put him right next to someone with the exact same looks, and mannerisms that Leatherface should have. It's not a neat twist, it's a "fuck you" to the fans. Possibly the worst thing they did is say he wears the mask due to a facial disfigurement. Saying that a killer wears a mask because of a disfigurement is the laziest backstory ever! I have given credit where credit is due. It was neat seeing Leatherface come out of the basement with his chainsaw brutally killing Hartman. The classic chase through the woods with the chainsaw was lazy and played out and was not satisfying at all. Despite the cool nods to the original I don't think it's worth the watch. It is absolutely the worst film in the franchise (I don't count the remakes) This movie was unnecessary and absolutely lacking in character development. It's a desperate attempt to make a profit doing what they want with only some nods to the original to keep it somewhat afloat. I'm very disappointed because I don't see the franchise bouncing back from this atrocity unless they do a sequel to 3D. I wanted to enjoy any Leatherface movie but I just couldn't enjoy this one. 3 out of 10. Not worth the watch. Spare yourselves the disappointment.
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horizon200823 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Oh dear oh dear. Many people were excitedly waiting on this one given it was coming from the directors of the brilliant Inside, but now that its here it seems their slide has continued because that films greatness has never been echoed (particularly after the terrible Among The Living). Leatherface lacks any ember of dread, menace, tension, or thrills and an attempt to have us connect with just one character (the nurse) fails badly. I just didn't see the point of this film, I at least expected to get some kind of simmering, disturbing, sweats on the level of (say) Girl Next Door but there was none of that. The movie has an entirely overproduced mainstream feel to it (completely unlike the original) and while it has some punctuating gore (I guess they thought it was shocking) its done so matter-of-fact it has no impact whatsoever leaving this viewer sighing an unaffected meh. The inclusion of a cheap necro scene was both pointless and silly (another failed attempt to shock) and while I often love Stephen Dorff acting his attempts in this stinker made me cringe. The huge leap in the development of the character who becomes Leatherface also felt forced. One minute hes offering some kind of negotiable humanity and the next hes a brainless loon for the rest of his days apparently. I wont be watching this again, which speaks volumes given I've seen the original at least 6 times. Featherlace.
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The Origin of Leatherface
claudio_carvalho22 October 2017
In 1955, in Texas, the teenage daughter of Sheriff Hartman (Stephen Dorf), Betty (Lorina Kamburova) and her boyfriend Ted (Julian Kostov) are driving along a lonely road kissing each other when Ted almost hit something on the road. He stops his truck and Betty realizes that is a child is asking for help. She follows him and is trapped in a derelict barn and killed by the dysfunctional Sawyer family under the command of the matriarch Verna (Lili Taylor). When Sheriff Hartman learns that he beloved daughter was killed, he sends the boy Jed Sawyer to a mental institution called the Gorman House Youth Reformatory as avenge. Ten years later, the idealistic nurse Elizabeth "Lizzie" White (Vanessa Grasse) is hired by the Gorman House and soon she befriends the teenagers Bud (Sam Coleman) and Jackson (Sam Strike). But Verna comes to the institution with a lawyer bringing an injunction expecting to see her son Jed that had his name changed. However the director Doctor Lang (Christopher Adamson) rejects the document and Verna leaves the security doors open to let the patients to escape. There is a havoc in the mental institution and the violent Ike (James Bloor) and his girlfriend Clarice (Jessica Madsen) steal a car and bring Bud and Jackson and decide to abduct Lizzie as hostage. Hartman learns what happened in the Gorman House and hunts the escapees down with his men, following the crime spree left by Ile and Clarice.

"Leatherface" is a horror film that explains the origin of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. The film is underrated maybe because its release timing more than forty years after the release of the original "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974). But the storyline, screenplay, direction, performances and makeup are remarkable. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Availale
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Another disappointing horror origin movie.
BA_Harrison1 October 2017
As a child, Jed Sawyer is taken from his murderous hillbilly family and put in the Gorman House Youth Reformatory, where he spends the next ten years with a new identity. When the prisoners revolt, a small group make a bid for freedom with pretty nurse Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse) and fellow inmate Jackson as their hostages.

Tobe Hooper's original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ranks as one of the scariest films ever made, its iconic killer Leatherface its most frightening creation. With this latest film in the series, they've gone and done what Rob Zombie did with his godawful Halloween remake: give the killer a back story. In humanising the character, they have lessened his effectiveness as an object of fear. Once an emotionless, uncontrollable monster, impossible to reason with, he is now someone we can identify with and feel a level of pity for. It didn't work for Michael Myers and it doesn't work here.

The origins story-line also makes much of the film seem frustratingly unlike a Texas Chainsaw movie, at times even reminding me of a Tarantino flick (the escape from Gorman House made me think of Natural Born Killers while the BBQ stop massacre was redolent of both NBK and Pulp Fiction). Only in the film's closing moments do things actually feel like they belong to the franchise, with Lizzy trying to escape the Sawyer's charnel house, a chainsaw wielding Jed (soon to become Leatherface) hot on her heels. Directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury don't hold back on the brutality and blood, but even so, I can imagine many fans of the series being disappointed with the level of splatter (too much for some, not enough for others).

5.5 out of 10, rounded down to 5 for that really dumb scene in which three people (including one really fat guy) hide from the law by climbing inside the festering carcass of a steer. A really big steer. Also, minus half a point for the unbelievable necro sex scene. And another half point subtracted for Jed's sudden (and also completely unbelievable) transformation from rational human being to hulking homicidal maniac.
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A prequel/origin showing the proper descent into madness n explaining the story of the young Leatherface's evolution into a deranged killer.
Fella_shibby6 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this recently on a DVD. Having enjoyed Bustillo n Maurys previous works (Inside, Livid n Among the living) n having seen all the seven parts of TCM, i was looking forward to this. Well, i wasn't disappointed. Surprisingly i got more than i bargained for. As a fan of road horror/thriller movies, this movie turned out to b a perfect combo. The film is suspenseful, tensed n at times brutal, the film will keep u guessing who's Leatherface. The movie succeeded in paying homage to: 1)There is a psychotic couple on the run who kills people mercilessly a la Natural born killers. 2)There is a bonding between two boys in which one fella takes care of the other deranged fella a la Of Mice and men. 3)There is a cop who is hell bent on revenge from a deranged family a la Devils rejects. 4)This is indeed a befitting prequel a la Hannibal Rising, explaining the story of the young Leatherface's evolution into a deranged killer. 5)It does have shades of One flew over the cuckoos nest. 6)There is a scene which is similar from the Revenant n another brutal scene from another film.... The previous prequel showed him as a mentally n deformed face fellow who just kills but this prequel showed a proper descent into madness n the trauma at a young age which does make for a more entertaining origin story. While the 1974 original will forever be a classic without showing on screen violence, this film does have some very brutal violence but not the kind of gore which is there in the remake n the its prequel. Surprisingly good star cast n solid acting by Dorff n Taylor.
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A terrible movie
Schuriken24 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Another useless installment in the TCM story. Lame special fx, even worse and confusing story. Does absolutely nothing to the viewer except just sitting there waiting for this dog excrement of a movie to end.

Just fire the guy who thought it would be a good idea to have less human bones for back rounds and even less disturbing scenes altogether.

Did they make Toby Hooper the producer in this movie after his death ?

Sweet baby Jesus now I know for sure they will never match the original even if they use a potato for a camera and cows blood filming in the same house as the original. Shows that whatever you budget may be high or low you will never make anything interesting to watch if you have no talent or respect to the original work you are trying to remake, copy, reboot...whatever.

Maybe the creators never watched the original...who knows...

Skip this one even if your head is under a running chainsaw.

Thanx but no thanx.
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My Thoughts On 'Leatherface'
bsthorrortownusa23 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Please just STOP already! Let me start by saying I did not like this movie.. Leatherface has more in common with Bonnie and Clyde than TCM..

The story centers around a teenage Jed aka Leatherface escaping from a mental hospital with two Bonnie and Clyde wannabes and another inmate, also kidnapping a young nurse. From there, the trio and the nurse take a incoherent road trip into hell..

This movie is not good at all, and in the process sinks TCM brand further in to mediocrity.. I didn't have high hopes going in to it, but the flick did have director Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury going for it.. The duo behind one of my favorite horror films of all time INSIDE.. So I did have at least some hope..

But it was not to be, I don't know what went wrong.. Maybe to much studio meddling? Who knows.. Anyways Leatherface offers absolutely nothing when it comes to good story telling or likable characters.. I'm not going to into spoilers, but when things to come ahead.. It some of the most (all of a sudden) bullshit I've since, ugg.. Never mind..

Positives: some good gore effects, we do get a little bit of boobies.

Negatives: Terrible story, mediocre acting, awful characters.

I hate to say it, but I had more fun with Texas Chainsaw 3D and that is saying a lot.. grrrr
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Why was this made?
jmbwithcats22 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Okay this movie sucks so so very much... two scenes stolen entirely from other movies... and a script that makes absolutely no sense on any level...

Right now I'm finding it kind of stupid that there's this frail pretty girl working around the criminally insane with no security around her, it's completely out of control and unrealistic right off the bat. I don't think the criminally insane would have such open access to cigarettes and things that could be used as weapons... it's really taking me out of the movie right now.

Poorly written characters, script, damn... I was really hoping this would be good.

rofl OK OK this movie just made the biggest movie making mistake you can make... holy crap... so a girl is running, gets her leg caught in a bear trap... she doesn't even scream, she just looks back like... hey why can't I run anymore?

The original is genius... especially when he comes out in the morning light at the end, when she thinks she's safe, cos it's daytime... that was such a profound moment for horror, maybe the first time horror said no, daytime does not mean safe anymore.... brilliant...
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Gotta rant, as a lifelong fan of the original.
DodsworthMcgillicutty23 September 2017
Number 1 rule of Horror! No origin story. What's this? An origin story. As many said before, and I've said since seeing the amazing 1973 version at a 80's re-release drive-in, it worked because of the mystery, atmosphere, and NO GORE. So basically, Leatherface 17 basically does every single thing the original didn't do to make it the film it was.

Are the filmmakers aware of that? Do they care? Do they know origin stories are bad financial decisions for horror properties? If I were credited exec producer Tobe Hooper (RIP), I would have made sure to pass away before seeing this too. It is a better option. No, really, die before seeing this.

As Scorsese says as he continues to sell out "cinema is dead". This is a mean, inept, nasty, badly overacted at every breath. It has more production value than the 1994 version. Haven't seen all the TC films, but somehow this makes the Matthew Mcconaughey film look like a gem. In an attempt to be relevant, they added forced shock as there is a sex scene taking place on top of a dead body. Lame. And this is a no-no to say subjectively in a review, but there is definitely something wrong with you if you like these kind of movies. And I've seen Henry/Cannibal Holocaust/Serbian Film - don't condone those, but there's a point to them, at least. These statements will make people outraged, but the real fright is, nobody will be outraged that film content like this is normal these days. Worst part is, all the imagination this property can offer is fully drained from this Bulgaria filmed outing.

Lili Taylor tries to underact. To think, she and Stephen Dorff had respectable careers at one time in the 90's, and before. It doesn't get too much lower than ending up in a Z-grade version of a 40 year old horror classic, that goes direct to streaming and forgotten in a few days.
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reb20141 November 2018
If there's one thing that I hate, it's a blatant cash grab.

The next thing I hate is explanations.

Why do we need to know how Leatherface came to be? Is it SO bad, to have an evil character with no explanation as to why? Can't a character just be pure evil? Like Dr Loomis refers to Michael Myers in the Halloween movies, "purely and simply evil."

Hence, the cash grab. While I realize that there are a finite amount of stories that can be told, I would much rather see another good blood spattering adventure of Leatherface and company, than a prequel where so much has to be shoehorned in to the Leatherface history and continuity. Especially when it changes how we, as the audience, view the character.
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Great Prelude to the original 1974 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. Don't miss it!
Ricky-5023 September 2017
I just finished watching 'Leatherface' hoping it would be be a great prelude to the original 1974's 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. I was not disappointed in the least. With an approximate running time of 1hr and 24 minutes, it managed to fit all of the main characters into the film. I believe the gore hounds will be a bit disappointed. There is not an abundance of explicit violence. By that I mean the bloody scenes are not dwelled upon, which in my opinion is a plus. We even get to see how Leatherface achieves his deformed looks, as well as his muteness. Please don't listen to the naysayers, or the so called 'professional' movie critics. This is a great film as a prequel. I hope they do not attempt to remake the original again. This 'Leatherface', as well as the original from 1974 should stand as they are, and if another TCM movie is made, it should continue from when Sally Hardesty escapes in 1974. Watch this movie. It has action, gore and suspense. Again, you won't be disappointed .
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Don't bother
johder23 September 2017
Horrid. That is the best word to describe this 'prequel'. It completely destroys every previous time line and makes a complete mockery of the original films. Why it even got made in the first place is a mystery to me. Don't waste your time. Hopefully you didn't actually spend money to see it.
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A solid entry after decades
germeric24 September 2017
Honestly though I was stoked about this, knowing that the last movies have been total garbage, I didn't lose hope.

This definitely has the original TCM vibe in it. The colours, cinematography. While it lacks the gore, it's still a solid movie showing how it all started. Probably the biggest flaw is that it lacks the silent tension the original had.

However still more effective movie than the Beginning, 3D. Recommend!
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5 Stars for Lili Tayler
Darkside-Reviewer25 May 2019
The only thing this movie has going for it is Lili Tayler as the mother of Leatherface she gives more emotion to her character with the short screen time she had than the characters on the end of the chainsaw give throughout the movie.

The movie is meant to be a backstory for Leatherface but really all it tells us is his family made him the way he is and literally put the chainsaw in his hands before the movies end he shows no interest in sawing people in two but by the end is wearing a face as a mask they try to make the character more human but by the end hes just a grunting idiot which makes anything we learn about his past pointless and boring.

There's a few good kills in the movie and some disturbing scenes that are just thrown in there for pure shock value the effects are passable for a modern Slasher.

I'd recommend this to fans of Slasher movies just don't expect to much from this movie it's worse than original reboot and it will be quickly forgotten about in the franchise.
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A decent prequel
csharpforevermore6 June 2018
I do not know whether it is because I did not see the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre first, or simply because I am a huge fan of horror movies, but this film is one of my favorites. The narrative is hugely entertaining, and the gore is believable and not over the top. This rates has one of the sickest films that I have seen, due to its over the top sex scenes and horrific violence. I would certainly advise anybody of a nervous disposition to avoid this film, but if you're like me and are never tired of being jump-scared by horror movies, then this is the film for you.

I never quite understood the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, but I certainly understand this one. I feel that a lot of other reviewers are too harsh with their criticisms as being "completely irrelevant and grossly disappointing". This film was a lot better than many other horror movies on IMDB that have higher ratings, in my opinion.

The character's dynamics are succinct and well-acted. There are some gratuitously violent or gory scenes but what do you expect from horror movies these days?

I feel that if you approach this film without any expectations, and without contrasting it against the other films in this series, then you will be able to get a satisfactory amount of entertainment from Leatherface.
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Decent prequel
TdSmth529 April 2018
It's little Jed's birthday and the family celebrates by giving him a chainsaw as a gift. They expect him to put it to good use on a pig thief they caught. But Jed fails the test. That's no to say the thief doesn't meet and unpleasant death. Next, Jed is dressed up in as and in a pig's corpse and lures a teenage girl to a barn where his brothers will kill her gruesomely. But this girl is the daughter of a cop so he takes Jed and has him institutionalized.

10 years later we meet a bunch of kids who at the mental institution as new and lovely nurse Lizzy starts working there. The good old doctor subjects the patients to electroshock therapy. When Verna wants to visit Jed, the doctor refuses, so Verna decides to explore on her own just as all hell breaks loose. Staff are killed and 4 kids escape taking Lizzy hostage. Among them are the crazed Ike and his crazier girlfriend Clarice, the more levelheaded Jackson and the fat kid Bud. It takes a while till we find out which one of them is Jed. Why all of the kids let Ike abuse them is not clear when all he has is a broken bottle. In any case, they make their escape, end up in a diner, shoot up the place and make off with a bunch of guns. Now the cops are on their trail.

Eventually the kids will take on Ike, Jed is revealed when he makes it back to his family ranch and the family takes on the cops. We learn also why Jed starts wearing a leatherface.

Leatherface is a pretty good horror movie, but it's not that good of an entry into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. That said, it's much better than some of the other disasters that have been made. It's somewhere in the middle I would say. Direction is good, acting is strong overall and the movie looks very nice. It's definitely a return to form for Bustillo and Maury who've had a hard time recapturing the spirit of Inside. It could have used more gore and nudity but it's worth a watch.
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Useless movie but very good lots of gore
kaefab29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie could not have been made and it would not have made any difference honest, it brings absolutely nothing new to the Texas chainsaw legacy.

Its far better then the last 2, i was very surprised at the graphic violence and the gore, this is the most gory TCM of the series.

Now i don't know who writes these movies but they should get there act together, Leather face went from wearing human skin mask because of 2003 skin disease, 1974 he was mental and now 2017 because he got disfigured by a bullet......

Also where was the family cop that we see in all the movies? they sort of edited him out, and last but not least the family always changes with new member so its kind of weird from one movie to the other.

This movie should be seen as pure entertainment if you like gore and graphic violence this as it all the people in this movie are all sick and as expected no one survives and the justice is never truly seen.
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The Texas Shotgun Massacre... Annoys
pedroquintaoo23 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers

My hype about this prequel was high. I loved the idea of follow 4 inmates spreading out the chaos in Texas and making the viewer trying to guess which one of the protagonists would be the famous serial killer. Although Leatherface gave us an ambiguous taste! In a good way we have a movie about 4 lunatics characters trying to escape from the police, but in the bad way we have a movie without the typical vibe of the Texas Chainsaw films.

Forget all the things that made you liked the previous movies, I thought was watching a spin- off instead a prequel, Leatherface only turns in a lunatic killer during the last 5 or 10 minutes (and he only dress the skin mask in the last 2 seconds), the Sawyer family development was far way of what we have seen in another films, they weren't so crazy or creepy, they were just a sadistic family. Even the sequences about the inmates spreading the madness could be better, they go to 2 places after escape from the asylum, take a shotgun and then the final act begins, the producers could put them in more scenarios and doing a lot of crazy stuff.

Leatherface isn't so bad, has some potential but is very far away of to be a good horror movie as also I can't call it a Texas Chainsaw movie, because even a shotgun has more screen time than the chainsaw, hasn't the typical insane vibe and sometimes looks more a spin-off or a thriller based on the story that we all know.

Rating: 4.5/10
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This is about as TCM as 10 Cloverfield Lane was Cloverfield...Forget it
MickandRorty20 October 2017
It is not Texas Chainsaw Massacre, doesn't even feel like TCM.

This is basically a completely irrelevant movie to TCM, call it "Texas Lunatics", and the ending was basically a TCM easter egg.

Not what I was hoping for.

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This is a worst TCM movie.
borpofa26 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The story of the family is not explained. -Where is Drayton's gas station? -Where is Grandma corpse? -Why are hillsides around the Sawyer's farm? In the original 74' movie, the farm lies on a flat area. -In the Texas Chainsaw 3D, Verna's gravestone is that is was born in 1937. This is a film place in 1955, and in 1965. If Verna's was born in 1937, then this film should be 18, and 28 year's old. Lili Taylor, who plays Verna's, is 50 year-old. -The barn is not similar to the barn in the 74' original movie. -At the beginning of the film, Jed's cake has 5 candles, so 5 years old. Boris Kabakchiev, who plays Jed's, at least 10 years old.

Even the TCM Next Generation is better than that.
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A pile of crud
jackcwelch2327 September 2017
The only good thing about this movie is that it is exceptionally fast paced. The many bad things include

  • Zero subtlety

  • Generic and by the numbers story

  • terrible acting

  • no actual scares

  • not much of a point overall.

And a chainsaw is seldom seen. Snore.
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Leatherface: This franchise needs time off
Platypuschow14 November 2017
I've not been a fan of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, they've had their moments but have never impressed me. This latest outing is no exception and I feel the whole thing needs to be put on the shelf for a while.

With a couple of familiar faces in Stephen Dorff & Lili Taylor we see an alternative origin story for our antagonist as it tells the story of young Mr Sawyer and his early run ins with the law.

It starts strong enough and exceeded my expectations (Which were low going in) but it quickly spirals into mediocrity and covers the content we've seen already for the past 40yrs! It's time for Leatherface to hang up his chainsaw and go on an extended vacation. Somewhere nice, to recuperate and come back reinvigorated in a decade or two.

The Good:

Starts strong

The Bad:

Predictable twist

Falls apart a tad near the end

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

It takes approximately 1 minute 20 seconds to get over a murdered child

The franchise is badly burnt out

Leatherface should have kept the cow mask!
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