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  • After a major fire, Oliver decides it's time to eliminate real estate developer and slumlord John Nicol, another person on his father's list. He's beaten to the punch when another vigilante, The Savior, who kidnaps Nicol and ultimately executes him - broadcasting the whole thing over the Internet. The new vigilante is identified as a man whose wife was killed in a bodega robbery in the Glades district. When he kidnaps Thea's new boyfriend, Roy Harper, Oliver decides to stop him. Meanwhile, Laurel is upset to find that her father has come around to her mother's belief that her sister may still be alive. In a flashback to his days on the island, Oliver learns why Yao Fei refused to leave.


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  • Open with Queen preparing to go after John Nichol, an area slumlord. But before Arrow can get to Nichol he's grabbed by someone else. Queen has Felicity look into possible suspects, because he's uncomfortable with another vigilante being loose in the city.

    Back on the island Queen and Wilson are working out an arrangement for Fyers to get them a boat.

    Roy and Thea's make out session is interrupted by a guy bringing Roy something and referencing an upcoming meeting with someone named Joe. Thea sees that Roy was brought a gun. He tells her "I owe people" but she storms out.

    Laurel notices that Lance and Dinah are fully engaged in the hunt for Sara. Laurel clearly doesn't think her sister is still alive.

    Digs thinks Queen is "scary calm." He doesn't think his friend is leading a real life at this point. Felicity calls Queen with word that a live video is being sent around. It's the new vigilante. He questions Nichols for his crimes against the community, and then shoots him. The voice says more people will answer for their crimes.

    Felicity is having trouble tracking the new vigilante's website. Digs shows up with word the new vigilante is The Savior, a former resident of the Glades. The next Savior video features a district attorney. The Savior references a dead wife, which points Felicity to a former city worker named Joseph Falk.

    Moira meets with Frank. They talk about the fact Malcolm doesn't yet know they are responsible for the assassination attempt. Frank thinks Moira should send his family away for their safety.

    Thea asks Laurel for advice about Roy. She tells her to "run." Laurel speaks with somebody at the Chinese embassy, looking for information about the picture her parents think could be Sara. She's told the women is in the U.S.

    Felicity finds the Savior's wireless signal. Queen rushes to the scene in an attempt to save the DA but can't get there in time. Felicity was out-smarted by the Savior's tech-savvy.

    Queen returns to HQ and tries to reassure Felicity that what happened wasn't her fault.

    Another island flashback: Queen and Wilson meet with Fyers. He changes the game, telling them to give him the circuit board or he'll kill Yao Fei's daughter.

    Laurel shows her parents that she's found the woman from the picture. It's not their daughter and Dinah is despondent.

    Thea drops by to see Roy. While she's there a person injects him with something and takes him away.

    Cut to the Savior's next video. This time it's Roy. Thea tells Queen and Tommy she has a relationship with him.

    Malcolm calls Moira with word that a member of the Triad has been arrested. He's agreed to reveal who tried to have him killed for a reduced sentence.

    Dinah isn't ready to give up looking for Sara. Lance tries to convince her to give up. Dinah admits she knew Sara was going to spend time with Queen and blames herself for Sara's death.

    Felicity has found the sound of a subway car on the video. The Savior has been moving around underground in the city's old subway system.

    Back on the island Fyers order that Yao Fei's daughter be killed. This leads to a huge fight. Queen, Wilson and Fei's daughter get away, but are forced to leave an injured Yao Fei behind.

    Arrow breaks into the subway system just as the Savior gives Roy ten minutes to make a case for why he should live. Roy counters that he doesn't care if he lives or dies. Just before the Savior can shoot Roy, Arrow shows up. He thinks the Savior should give Roy a second chance. Roy turns to shoot Roy. Savoir misses his first shot and Arrow put an arrow in his back.

    Dinah is leaving town. Before she walks out Laurel makes it clear she'd like them to keep in touch.

    Thea is reunited with Roy. He looks in his pocket and finds an arrowhead.

    Queen and Laurel talk about Roy and Thea. She tells Queen about Dinah and the search for Sara. Queen asks her if she'd like to grab coffee sometime, saying he doesn't want to be on an island anymore.

    Wilson and Queen return and find the circuit board is gone. Fyers was playing them all along.

    Moira tells Frank she had no choice but to turn over what she knew to Malcolm. Frank is killed by the Dark Archer, who thanks Moira for her loyalty. She asks him to spare Frank's family and he agrees.

    Queen tells Felicity she can lean on him if she ever needs someone. Queen realizes that the map of the decommissioned subway station is in his father's journal. Everything that is going on with the Dark Archer and his mother involved the Glades.

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