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  • Gunnar is blaming himself for his brother's death, and sleeping with Scarlett didn't help. Scarlett turns to Deacon when Gunnar goes after the killers. When Gunnar doesn't show for their label audition, Scarlett has to play solo. Deacon is at his wit's end dealing with the puppy, so he takes it to the vet (Stacy) and promptly starts dating her. Dominic tells Avery that he owns him, and Avery will play what and how Dominic wants. Avery torches all the master tapes of the music, signs a publishing contract, and gives Dominic a cheque telling him to take a hike. Rayna's crisis manager books her on the Katie Couric show. Rayna deals with (Maddie) her eldest daughter's disrespect, and ends up giving Maddie the first guitar she ever played to help her deal with her feelings. Juliette tweets her small concert location and six people get hurt in the mob that shows up, including Maddie. Juliette continues dodging her mother's counselling sessions until she overhears one.


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  • "Nashville" -"When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts" - March 27, 2013

    The show is back and there's a lot of action tonight.

    First off, Juliette is still working without a manager since she fired Glenn. Now she's getting uppity with Marshall at the record company, scorning his roll out campaign for her new album which she thinks is boring and lacks vision. It involves intimate fan club shows, TV appearances, and print and radio interviews. She decides, idiotically, to take matters into her own hands and tweet out publicly the location of an appearance in town later that day that is supposed to be just for the fan club.

    Predictably, a mob scene ensues as she plays as fans push towards the stage. One of those fans is Maddie-- who is there against her mother's wishes-- who gets injured when shelving falls on her. Luckily, Deacon sees this and gets her to the hospital. Six other people are also injufred.

    Meanwhile, Juliette doesn't understand why this huge crisis is her fault as she screams at her assistant and security guy to fix things. It takes a tearful Rayna calling to yell at her about Maddie being hurt for Juliette to realize her responsibility.

    In addition to that epiphany, Juliette realizes she hasn't really been an active participant in her mother's recovery, which is being overseen by her sober counselor Dante. She comes around on that as well and apologizes and invites them both out on the road with her. She then heads to the hospital to pay the medical bills of those injured.

    Avery is in Atlanta with Marilyn and Domino and is deeply unhappy. Domino plays him new mixes that have transformed Avery's songs from alt-country to dubstep. Avery is so mad he takes the masters and burns them, returns $75,000 of his $100k advance and gives Domino the keys back to the Mustang he gave Avery tells them both to kiss off. Domino warns him it's not that simple and that he will ruin his name in the music biz. Avery says he feels free for the first time in a long time. He heads home and cleanses himself by going to the Bluebird for open mic night and playing a simple piano ballad about grieving. (Best part of this storyline? When the emcee announces him as "Avery Barksdale." Hee hee. "Close enough," says Avery to himself, the only person who cares.)

    Meanwhile, Gunnar is seriously struggling with his brother's death and the fact that the police don't seem to be investigating it very deeply since his brother was a recently sprung felon. After falling into bed with Scarlett, which he cruelly says doesn't have to mean anything, he takes up day drinking and then totally skips out on the showcase they had with Rayna, Bucky and Marshall for Rayna's new label.

    Scarlett decides to go by herself and slays accompanying herself on guitar. Unfortunately, the whole situation is fraught because at first Gunnar didn't show and Marshall was getting antsy and then Rayna got the call about Maddie while Scarlett was performing and rushed out.

    Later, Scarlett confronts Gunnar who is drunk and unapologetic. He then decides to take matters into his own hands and go to the biker bar where his brother was last seen. Scarlett and Deacon put a stop to this and Deacon explains he actually does feel Gunnar's pain and guilt. He tells him that he once forced his best friend to drive drunk and they wrecked and his friend died. Gunnar and Scarlett head home. With a clearer head he apologizes. She tells him their night in bed was a mistake. But later they both toss and turn and go to each other. He says it did mean something and she says it wasn't a mistake. They kiss and head to Gunnar's bed.

    The next morning Scarlett gets a call from Bucky, he offers a deal with Rayna's record label.

    Deacon's storyline is the night's most lighthearted. He's having trouble with the puppy Juliette gave him so he heads to the vet, who basically tells him in the unnamed puppy is...acting like a puppy. Then, as it often goes with Deacon, they fall into bed together. It ends awkwardly with the vet, who is named Stacy, telling Deacon to name the dog. In a conversation with Coleman, who figures out that Deacon slept with Stacy, he says he thinks Deacon is subconsciously keeping himself available for Rayna and wonders when the last time he went on a proper date was. So Deacon heads back to the vet and asks her on a proper date. She accepts. He also names his male dog Sue. Stacy, who doesn't like country music, doesn't get it.

    Meanwhile, Rayna is spinning plates. Trying to soothe the kids through the divorce, work on her new label, and handle the tabloid stuff by going on the Katie Couric show.

    When Maddie is rude to her, as tweens with divorcing parents can be, Rayna grounds her. She then calls Teddy and they discuss their agreement-- they will take turns living in the house as opposed to having the girls move. Noting that he has appointed Peggy to his special projects team she asks him not to do any special project-ing at home.

    Later that day, Teddy announces Coleman as his deputy mayor. Lamar shows up and he is not amused, talking about who put him there. He points out that Coleman didn't back his stadium plan. Coleman says he backs a stadium, just not Lamar's and then Teddy pulls out a drawing of a prospective new stadium -- Subway Park-- on a different parcel of land. Lamar practically has steam coming out of his ears. And then Teddy gets a call from Maddie lying about wanting to go to her friend's to study and he okays it. She heads off to the doomed Juliette Barnes show.

    Then everybody gets the call and Teddy and Rayna head to the hospital. At first she tries to blame him for letting her go out while grounded. Teddy is annoyed that Deacon is there. (Deacon points out that Rayna got up to mischief at that age as well.) When Rayna tries to say she wants to come home that night to be with Maddie, Teddy stands firm pointing out that Rayna missed plenty of sprains and stitches that Teddy took care of while she was on the road and they need to stick to the agreement.

    Rayna does, but can't hold off completely. She arrives at the house for a quick visit with a gift. She gives Maddie the first guitar she ever tried to play telling her to use it to work on music to help her get through these hard times. She and Maddie hug and she tells Maddie that she's also grounded for life.

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