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in the least expected moment, guy thinks he has finally met the love of his life!..But it seems this will not happen
bettyweisz6 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Just a few lines to say this is a very fresh and entertaining film! The acting is so natural that more than one will identify themselves with any of the characters (specially the main guy in it!) and the situations... The film also has some very beautiful shots of Toronto's skyline... It is an easy comedy but, if you look into it, it has a lot of truth in it....

I loved the creator's fresh approach to the subject he developed and the cast is good at sending the message. You never know if true love is waiting for you just around the corner... You just have to really keep your eyes open !
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Awkward. Very Awkward.
Rockeezy31 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Very well deserving of it's "Most Awkward Sex Scene" award from Canadian Film Fest. This film puts the spotlight on people who probably would not get attention in real life, awkward people, so I appreciate that. However, I found myself cringing with each and every moment in each scene. There is definitely truth in that these characters exist in real life (the Loner, the Single Skinny Awkward guy, the Hippie, but putting them all together did not ring any sparks for me. There is also truth in the theme that in romance, you have to learn who and what you like to get the most out of your relationships--something that the main character Benny encounters. All he wants is to be more confident and connect with other people, but he doesn't (until the very very end) and it was cringing and uncomfortable to watch. Only redeeming aspect is Zoe Kravitz, love her spirit and energy.
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What it looks like when we don't get out of our own way.
dh201531 July 2015
At first blush, this Canadian Indie movie may seem like the narrative that runs parallel to romantic comedies, the piece that we never see, like Lion King 1 1/2. That is, the awkward dance we play, whether in our heads, or with each other, about courtship. PWK is, in one respect, about that. And had it only been about that, it would have been very satisfying. But whether on purpose or not, it also is about how to be when you're aware that trying to get someone to like you can turn you into a blundering fool, and unfortunately, maybe make you appear to be something of a narcissist, or worse, just a douche. If you're too busy trying to impress someone, either by over-thinking, under-thinking, or just pretending something you're not, it can end disastrously. Some people never learn this lesson, and PWK is a solid exploration of that. The question for the viewer is, then, are you OK with squirming in your seat knowing that either a) you're that guy, or b) you're so glad you're not that guy and watching someone be that guy is, well, disconcerting bordering on eye-roll. For me, personally, it was a good reminder how not to be. Awkward's fine, and as this movie presents it, awkward in its less critical moments can be charming. Our foibles are our most revealing traits -- I love you most when you're not trying at all. But when we become self aware, and trip over our foibles in an effort to impress, we lose our intended's respect and attention, because we just look like ass-clowns. It's a good lesson, and well-taught here.
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This dude has an interesting life
cekadah1 January 2020
Dov Tiefenbach (Benny) is that type of actor who can play to perfection a role of the homely yet masculine and sexy dude!

Here Benny has two women in his life - one he wishes would leave and one he has the hots for. But unknown to him there is a third woman. Eventually Benny gets what he wants but the consequences take an unexpected turn on him. I felt sorry for Benny because he's really a nice guy. But all isn't lost for him!

Fine script, good acting, and the story flows evenly. And it's not too long!
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Realistic Toronto based romantic comedy.
danielri26 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Exceptionally realistic dialogue and acting. The main female lead is wonderful, sweet and authentic. The male lead has an awkward way with women, is too nice with another attractive young woman who uses him to crash in his apartment.

He makes a modest living by pasting posters for bands he designs himself.

The second scene of love making is so real, it may make you feel quite uncomfortable.

The protagonist does some voice overs that are well crafted.

The final scene ends in an upbeat manner as he engages with the young Asian women at the grocery store he usually shops in.
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Excellent and Depressing
dansview5 April 2016
Well, another Indie about young urbanites who have no connection to God, parents, country, or purpose. I find this theme extremely depressing. Having said that, it is not the film industry's role to make me feel good about life. There are loads of people who live the way characters in Indie flicks live. It's reality.

The best scene distinguishes this film from liberal crap in other small movies. It's when the main character spews a verbal tirade about his hypocritical slacker roommate, who lives off of his compassion and hard work.

Like in most of these hipster movies, the characters treat sex as an ordinary part of a date. You have a good conversation with someone in a park and then unzip. You have a good meal at the other's apartment and then climb aboard. If you do it well, there may be more. Otherwise it's probably over.

Obviously the choice of an extremely Jewish actor for the lead role made the whole thing weird. Because he had the sensitivity in his eyes and a soulful approach to life that would better fit a Rabbi. Yet he was totally Godless and living like a grungy concert-rat. You got the sense that this guy was meant for a higher quality life and better friends. Ultimately he found one.

Also, it was either weird or encouraging, depending on how you look at it, that attractive ladies were noticing a scrawny, pale, neurotic guy with glasses, a beanie, half a beard and no confidence.

All the actors were superb. I kept thinking that the roommate was Lisa Bonet, but way too young. Turns out it was her daughter.

The writing was spot-on, and the Toronto setting refreshing and attractive. They didn't try to pretend that it was N.Y. There was no obnoxious soundtrack.

To the makers' credit, they threw in some stuff about the awkwardness of eating on dates, bathroom habits, etc., because in real life these things play a major role.

In fantasy movies people eat a big messy meal and then have exquisite sex. But in this movie, the girl notices spinach stuck in the guy's teeth and that his kisses taste like the sauce they had for dinner. Also, the naked roommate is said to use loads of toilet paper. Real life is not as sexy as fantasy films, and this picture acknowledge that.

Watch it and accept if for the good dialog and characterizations. Don't let it influence you to live as lost as these people were and don't let it depress you.
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Super annoying, super boring, Here's a generous 1
paparas115 December 2019
Sometimes I wonder what drives people into getting involved in movie making. Or acting. Is it a racially related thing? I mean the main character looks extremely disturbing on the eye. I dunno folks, I really dunno....
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Bomb Dialogue
djgollymolly31 July 2015
This film was a must-see for me as soon as I watched the trailer on my list of recently released films on my cable network's on-demand feature. I was not disappointed! The scenes flow well. The costumes suit the surroundings. The dialogue fits the scenes. The acting was flawless. The cinematography was on point. There's a subdued melody unsung but felt by the web created by the interactions of Benny. The female lead had on- screen composure that surpasses what I have seen in theatres recently and not to say she was holding matched the actions of her character well. The set design was so realistic you would think you were actually there in contrast to what Hollywood does with the whole imagery that the character affords an apartment with the latest and greatest furnishings from Crate and Barrel.
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Really authentic - quality flick
alice-buckley30 July 2015
This is the kind of movie you'll stumble across and wish you had found sooner. Authentic characters, real life laugh out loud humour, relatable awkwardness, well produced, well directed awesome movie. Nothing flashy or phony, just a well written, fun movie.

Both actors in the leading roles gave great performances. I rarely watch a movie more than once and I have so far watched this twice.

Pro: It's set in Toronto, and Toronto is awesome. Con: Zoe Kravitz' character could have been played by a better actress.

9/10 (only because it is not Shawshank Redemption and ya know.. Zoe Kravitz)
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