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  • The accident leaves Rayna in a coma. Deacon takes the blame for the accident and is sent to jail, but a fierce lawyer is set to find out the truth. Juliette decides to make the best out of the situation for herself. Gunnar moves together with Will while Scarlett prepares for her record deal.


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  • "Nashville" - "I Fall to Pieces" - Sept. 25, 2013

    In the aftermath of the crash Rayna is in a medically-induced coma and Deacon is in jail. with a broken hand, his guitar playing hand. Apparently, in claiming it was "my fault" it was assumed that he was driving drunk. He is angry, sad, and in clear pain and whenever Scarlett comes to visit him or to talk about raising his bail he tells her harshly to forget about him.

    As Rayna lies in her coma and Scarlett tries to raise bail money from Juliette and cleans up Deacon's place, we flashback to an earlier happier time for Rayna and Deacon. We see Rayna buy them a house, flush with new success and her first CMA nomination. She has sent Deacon to rehab and he is grateful. So grateful that he proposes. Unfortunately, he was drunk when he asked and falls back off the wagon, hard. So hard that when Rayna discovers she's pregnant, at Tandy's advice, she decides not to tell him.

    Back in present day, Juliette is taking full advantage of the Rayna situation to boost her album sales. (She doesn't want to be kept from number one by Rayna whose albums are resurgent since her accident.) She stages a live, free concert at which she sings one of Rayna's biggest hits and then leads the crowd over to the hospital for a vigil.

    Her crass commercial instincts are melted when she actually sees Rayna and then sits down to talk with a troubled Maddie. Maddie confides all that she knows to Juliette, who softens at the girl's tale and gives her her private cellphone number to talk whenever she needs to and appeases the girl's guilt, and clearly her own about Jolene, who was a huge Rayna fan. Juliette also informs Scarlett, who she had previously denied, that she will help with Deacon's bail.

    As it turns out bail isn't necessary because Deacon's tenacious court-appointed attorney uncovers that it was in fact Rayna driving and she was not drunk even though Deacon was. So Deacon is released.

    Elsewhere in Nashville, Will and Gunnar have moved in together. In an effort to get Gunnar out of his funk-- Scarlett turned down his proposal-- Will throws a party and invites lotsa hot chicks. Unfortunately, a dude he used to hook up with also shows up not knowing whose party it is. They go to argue in the laundry room and Will grabs him and throttles him (with self-loathing) they then are about to kiss but when Gunnar opens the door Will slugs the guy and says he made a pass at him. And then he goes to get it on with a woman and can't. Gunnar might be able to but he turns down his option.

    Later, when Scarlett has her goodbye party at the Bluebird-- she's quitting since she got a record deal-- Gunnar turns up and Avery is also there. Scarlett calls Gunnar up onstage to sing a song they wrote together "Why Can't I Say Goodnight." (This is a beautiful song by an artist named Kim Richey, check her out!)

    In Teddy-Peggy news, she tells him she is pregnant. He says he can offer financial support and nothing more. She goes to get her first ultrasound and learns that she has miscarried. She, however, tells Teddy that she heard the baby's heartbeat, because she's crazy.

    At the end of the episode, Rayna awakes and, mercifully, remembers her family.

    As Tandy is going about her business, she is stopped by an FBI agent and told that they think Lamar may have been involved in his wife/her mother's death.

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