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  • Meet the Murphys, a family with never ending bad luck. "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong," it's Murphy's law! Over a century ago a witch put a magical curse on their great-great grandfather and the whole family has been jinxed for generations! After Meg Murphy (played by Big Time Rush's Ciara Bravo) and her family's house is destroyed in yet another freak accident, the family moves into their grandfather's house in Harvest Hills. In a not-so-strange case of bad luck, Meg's nemesis Ivy is also spending the summer in town. But things start to look up, kind of, when Meg meets a local boy named Brett and he casts another spell on her, a love spell that is! With help from her brother Charlie, Meg more determined than ever, must break the hex on her catastrophically cursed family! Watch this doomed teen try for a normal existence in a world full of hijinks!

  • This drama is about the Murphy's and their never ending magical curse which came about when a witch casted a curse on their great great grand father which made everything go wrong. After their house collapses, they go and live with their grandfather in which their daughter Meg Murphy (Ciara Bravo) is bent on breaking the curse then she meets a boy she likes who is related to Ivy who is her nemesis then soon she breaks the curse but realises that she didn't break it but transferred it to his family then she eventually realised on taking back the curse that she didn't need the curse to be happy.


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  • A young girl sets off on an epic journey to overcome a curse that has been plaguing her family for 100 years.

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