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Season 1

24 Mar. 2015
Episode #1.1
Politician Mario Chiesa's arrest ignites a nationwide scandal: Italy's Tangentopoli ("Bribesville"). As the political fallout spreads across the country, we follow the intertwining lives and ambitions of six main characters.
24 Mar. 2015
Episode #1.2
Showgirl Veronica's TV career is on the verge of a major breakthrough, but the Tangentopoli affair seems to stop her in her track. Pietro, a Gulf war veteran, takes on the challenge of politics.
31 Mar. 2015
Episode #1.3
Luca, a policeman, obtains the revenge he is seeking, but justice is another matter. Advertising man Leo finds himself under the threat of blackmail: someone has dug out some murky truth about his past.
31 Mar. 2015
Episode #1.4
Death rattles the conscience of many of Milan's most powerful and forces them to re-evaluate their own agendas and ambitions.
7 Apr. 2015
Episode #1.5
Leo is tormented by his twisted past, Pietro is forced to consider his decisions regarding Veronica, Luca's path forces his secrets to the surface.
7 Apr. 2015
Episode #1.6
Pietro is presented with a cause that he wants to pursue and finally show some parliamentary gumption, Leo takes a calculated risk in order to further his ambitions.
14 Apr. 2015
Episode #1.7
Has Leo finally found solace? Luca begins to operate in the edge of the law and risks the wrath of the inner circle.
14 Apr. 2015
Episode #1.8
As prosecutor Di Pietro finds out, a spy hides within his Mani Pulite ("Clean Hands") investigation team. Leo is close to fulfilling his political hopes and dreams, but he undergoes a crisis of faith.
21 Apr. 2015
Episode #1.9
Luca is ready to put everything at risk to get his revenge: his position within the Mani Pulite task force is compromised. Pietro has to renege on his own self to save his relationship with Veronica.
21 Apr. 2015
Episode #1.10
Di Pietro and the Mani Pulite team involve PM Bettino Craxi as a prime suspect in their investigation. Extreme choices confront our 6 characters on the final judgement day: he who is willing to pay the most terrible price will win.

 Season 1 

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