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Complete Waste of time.
rubelraf2 September 2014
DO NOT even bother to watch. this is a Complete Waste of time.

surely the script is written while on Cannabis.

Storyline is not consistent.

Characters are poorly created.

Fighting scenes are lame.

Low grade Actors and Acting.

This is a crime against the film industry.

Watching the movie was a complete torture.

One of the worst movies ever made.

It was so slow paced that I had to watch this with 3x speed.
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Don't bother to watch
Singaporean947 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Couldn't make it through 20 minutes of the movie. Gun fire is so fake, Barbie is jealous. Plot is not that great either. Movie and explosive effects are so bad. I don't usually write reviews but when I do, it's either the movie is too awesome or the movie sucks to the core. Wounds are fake as well. Can't stand the fake explosions and the drone scene was abused through the movie.

Low budget movie. A good military rescue movie would be Black Hawk Down. The director of Sector 4 should learn from the director of Black Hawk Down. But I understand that sometimes it maybe due to the lack of capital, however I would like to politely request future directors to NOT make movies if you have a low budget especially military movies. I was so happy initially as I thought it was going to be another awesome military movie. Do not be fooled by it's awesome poster/cover. Follow the saying "Don't judge a book by it's covers" how true!
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Awful movie
danielrjt13 December 2014
After reading the write-up of this movie, i thought it was going to be pretty good, but i wouldn't recommend this film to anyone.

Acting is way below par, it just gets really annoying

Casting is totally incorrect, i could have found more suitable actors myself!

Storyline isn't too bad once you think about it, but the way its executed onto this film is rubbish, they seem to drag the film out with pointless montages that is also really annoying!

For an action/war film,there isn't much action! And when there actually is, its all choreographed terribly

This is probably the worst film i have ever watched.
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Not a bad little movie
DukeOfMarshall9 December 2014
For a low budget movie, they did fairly well.

Definitely not the best of movies, but most definitely not the worst.

The CG could have been done better.

The military tactics could have been improved. But actually quite decent.

The acting was decent, but could have been better.

The story line was fairly decent as well. Not boring, but could have been better.

Given that it's a low budget film, the picture was actually kinda good.

I'm not fluid in Arabic. So not sure if that dialog was accurate or not, but the general concept of the jihadis was portrayed correctly.
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nogodnomasters4 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers

The film opens with a monologue with the most annoying French accent since "Tracy, I Love You." We discover that mercenaries are now called PMCs...oh the political correctness. 4 PMCs who work for Eric Roberts go into "Sector 4" to assassinate the number 3 Al Qaida. Although this was made in 2014 some guy named Bin Laden is still number one.

As it turns out, they have unexpected air support as they get captured. Nash (Olivier Gruner) manages to escape to return to his ex-wife (?) and kid who he hasn't taken to the Grand Canyon. Instead he does the Rocky thing at the gym. When he discovers his mates are still alive, he opts to return to rescue them. Having seen Eric Robert's films before he suspects there is something he is not being told and doesn't care if he spoils the plot for us too.

Before he goes on to rescue his team of 8 years, he has to go get specialized training from an Israeli, stuff that I would have expected he would already know like how to disarm a man with a banana. We watch two men swap a gun back and forth for several minutes. In one scene, where Nash uses his gun swapping experience to get a car, we get to see a large microphone in the upper right corner. Retakes cost money and God knows how much they had to spend to get a name like Eric Roberts.

Jillian Alysse plays the disagreeable wife who manages to deliver poorly written lines in an unconvincing fashion.

Not worth watching for free, except for maybe some MST value.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity.
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